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Taiwanese electronics giant Acer has unveiled a top notch device for mobile users known as Acer Liquid E2. This Jelly Bean handset comes with quite a few interesting features nestled inside its plastic chassis. The display of Acer Liquid E2 is 4.5 inch and is equipped with wide viewing angles and IPS technology. The plastic casing of E2 cannot compete with the likes of HTC One or iPhone 5 but it still proves handy. Acer is applying similar techniques like its laptop market relying highly on spec heavy models along with average build quality to make its name in Smartphone market. The Acer Liquid E2 Duo is another great addition to the increasingly popular low-end smartphone market.
After releasing the Liquid E1 earlier this year, Acer has outed the Liquid E2 Duo, a higher-performance smartphone with a quad-core processor and an 8-Megapixel camera (the E1 had a dual-core processor and a 5 Mpx camera).
With fairly wide viewing angles, a relatively sharp image and (perhaps overly) flattering colours, the screen makes a good first impression.
The Liquid E2 Duo has 540 x 960 resolution over its 4.5-inch display, making for a pixel density of 245 dpi. Acer also included apps such as Polaris Office for reading and editing all sorts of Office documents on your smartphone. Despite the beefier processor, the benchmarks are pretty unanimous about the Liquid E2 Duo's performance: whether you're talking about computing speed (CPU) or graphics processing (GPU), this MediaTek chip can only do so much. But in practice it's adequately fluid and responsive—although it certainly could be better, as we did notice lags here and there.
Like HTC with Beats Audio, or Nokia with Dolby, Acer decided to join teams with a recognised audio brand, DTS. The two built-in speakers have fairly high volume and very little saturation compared to competing low-end smartphones. The Liquid E2 Duo's video player is as good as a high-end smartphone's, capable of decoding numerous file formats and playing them fluidly without choppy images. The 8-Megapixel camera performs well on the whole, with fairly consistent rendering and good colour management.

According to Battery Benchmark (an app that tests Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, web browsing, multimedia and various levels of brightness to provide a stress test that generally corresponds with what we observe in practice), the 2,000 mAh battery allows the Liquid E2 Duo to run for almost 11 hours straight. As for the GPS function, it often took a long time for the Liquid E2 Duo to pinpoint our location.
DigitalVersus is a team of some 40 experts who test dozens of gadgets every month right in the DV labs. As shown at Cowon’s Korean site, the company is preparing to launch the iAudio E2 portable music player. The E2 will be available in dual SIM or single SIM options and features a 2,000mAh battery and an 8 mega pixel rear facing camera. The price of this new device from Acer has not yet been revealed by the company but is expected to be quite affordable.
With a lasting battery, an effective user interface and a good camera, Acer's latest handset definitely offers good value for money.
It does not boast NFC or 4G connectivity, but it does have everything you expect out of an Android phone. We like the soft-touch surface on the rear shell, which prevents the phone from sliding from your fingers and doesn't make your palms clammy as a glossy shell might.
That's lower than any high-end smartphone, but there's enough detail to make the screen easily legible. There are some good ideas for apps and widgets, such as the notifications window, which has a handy shortcuts menu. DTS raises the volume to just about an average level for a smartphone, but in the process you lose the stereo image. The only problem is that they're located on the back, so any time you hold the phone from the back your hands block the sound. There's noise here and there, especially in darker tones, but photos look sharp enough for a smartphone like this. In everyday terms, the phone can easily last all day, sometimes longer depending how much you use it.

With a lasting battery, an effective user interface and a good camera, Acer's latest handset definitely offers good value for money.
Loves to take apart every piece of audio equipment that comes through our door to see what secrets lie within. I have the acer e2 single rom belgium, and I have a big concern, I do not have mobile data, it is as if I had no sim card! The dual-slide Huabo HB 778 features a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, a side sliding gaming keys, FM tuner, 1 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot. One of the striking aspects of this device is that it comes with an app, Moodagent which is capable of creating playlists based on the mood of the user.
But the manufacturing is excellent and the device exudes solidity and reliability (the 140 grams it weighs surely have something to do with that).
The Contacts app shows you all of a given contact's recent social network activity all on one page.
The sound is high fidelity and you can change the equalisation using presets, such as Jazz or Rock.
In fact, the picture quality is much better than the pricier Archos 50 Platinum or Huawei Ascend P6. This is quite good, if you consider that the Huawei Ascend P6 lasts less than 7 hours and the Archos 50 Platinum just 6 hours using the same size battery. The user-friendly interface makes the dual-SIM features all the more practical and effective.
We're glad they included the presets, but we would have preferred a real equaliser that lets you change the levels one by one.

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