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The Storage is a series of rooms that can be accessed via a side tunnel from the Back Hall.
The Storage contains the Trinity Rod and Four-phase Amplitude Rod, which are needed in the Machine Room to activate the Elevator. The flashbacks reveals that this is the place where Daniel killed the little girl (Zimmermann's daughter) who was trying to escape the castle. In the room to your left where you find the first drill part, three tinderboxes can be found. In the tiny room where the note describing how to create the explosive can be found, one tinderbox can be found.
In another room to the right of the explosive liquids, where another drill part can be found, two more tinderboxes can be found. In yet another room close to the explosive liquids, where you find the third and last drill part, two more tinderboxes can be found. At the blocked off area that you need to blow up with an explosive, another tinderbox can be found. In the area immediately afterwards, two tinderboxes can be found in a chest behind some barrels on the left of the shelf-like structure, and another one on the right side. One oil container can be found in a smaller sub-room of the room where you find the explosive liquids. Another oil container can be found in the northernmost part of the large room you get to after blowing up the debris blocking your way. In a chest located in the small room you get to after blowing up the rocks blocking your path, hidden behind a bunch of barrels. After obtaining the first drill piece, go to the second expanse you can access, which is the chemical storage. It is now possible to progress all the way to the furthermost room in the Storage, where the rods can be found.
Although the two massive barrels have a rusted valve, they can in fact be spun if Daniel were to smash a box or barrel sideways onto the knob, it would begin to rapidly spin.
As Daniel enters the final area where he actually killed the girl, the fire in the middle of the room will ignite by itself, a terrified cry will be heard, and Daniel will lose some sanity. After clearing the rubble blocking the corridor with explosives, an area above that looks very similar to  he Back Hall comes into view.
Upon returning to the food storage area after collecting two rods, the door to the "Grain" room will be open as if the Servant Grunt who had been there earlier has left. Upon Daniel successfully retrieving everything needed from Storage, the Shadow will foul the Back Hall with its fleshy deposits and the Back Hall's fountain with blood.
The explosive is not required to get past the rocks as there are barrels nearby, and barrels explode when destroyed by a Gatherer. The developers say in the commentary that the darkness of the level is not only meant to scare the player, but it's also meant to be symbolic of the dark parts of Daniel's past that the flashbacks of this area allude to.
Once all above tasks have been completed, all that is left to do is to pull the lever on the machine.
Daniel kept the room locked and the key hidden in his own room, which nicely explains the lack of grunts here.
The castle's history is again shrouded in mist up until the 19th century, when the events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent took place. For the first part of the game, you will not run into any monsters, as the Old Archives and the Main Hall serve as a tutorial of sorts to familiarize the player with the controls. There will also be a Grunt appearance in the Guest Room, before or after you go to the Storage (depends on your actions). The Castle is said to be located deep in the woods of Eastern Prussia near Konigsberg, as the name was mentioned in one of the Notes found in the game. The Castle's interior bears a strong resemblance to the castles built by Teutonic Knights in early medieval times. The location of the castle Brennenburg might have been inspired by Brandenburg; A German state located in Eastern Prussia with possible Brennenburg location highlighted. Nave, Choir, Transept and Chancel are all terms used to describe various sections of a traditional Cathedral.[4] This might or might not be a reference to the medieval era inquisition made by the Roman Catholic Church, as there are torture devices found in these sections which were used by the church to punish the criminals. In the Revenge Ending, the fate of Brennenburg Castle, while not directly shown, is audibly heard falling apart as the entire structure collapses — once Daniel has left safely.
As Daniel flees he does not encounter any Grunts, Brutes or otherworldly monsters, the entire place is deserted. It is unknown how Daniel managed to escape the castle as some parts of the way were either blocked or crumbled, especially the elevator section, but it can be assumed that there was another way to get back to the surface.

It appears that Oswald Mandus is well aware of the castle's existence and location as he was able to procure a body of a gatherer to use as template for his manpigs. In a deleted note in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Oswald Mandus states that local peasants set fire to the castle some time after the first game, badly damaging it.
Black Forest Castle V2 was released in progress back in 2010, but has since been refined, updated, expanded and completed in mid-2011. I would like to say that the maps' design comes close to that of Frictional Games' due to the attention to detail and realistic cluttering.
However, this is not an easy task, as a heavy darkness has consumed the area (which makes the Lantern most needed), and many Gatherers wander around the Storage. However, two barrels in the vertexes of the room (they look similar to the oil barrels and are marked as primary and secondary) contain volatile chemicals and need to be used to create an explosive.
It should be noted though, that a Servant Grunt hides in one of the smaller rooms that can be reached from the large, open area you end up in as you follow the hallway. As the room is entered, the torch is suddenly lit for an unknown reason, probably a hallucination.
However, this isn't technically possible because the storage extends away from the Back Hall and there is no hole to be found on the ground of the Back Hall to show the Storage. The first is triggered when Daniel picks up the drill part in "Old Tools" (see map to the left), the second is hiding in the room marked "Grain", the third when he picks up either of the two Machine Room rods in the final storage room, and the fourth shortly after he walks over the rubble he cleared with the explosive on his way out of Storage. However, DO NOT enter the room and close the door - the door will become stuck and you will lock yourself in.
Oil can be found in the "Meat" locker hidden among several barrels, in one of the rooms in the "Equipment" area, and behind the long table in the "Food Storage" area.
You should find yourself facing a console with six levers with roman numerals above and below them. In a small room adjescant to the one with the machine, pieces of coal can be found scattered all over the floor.
If you've done everything right, the machine should start, and the elevator will function properly. It is heavily damaged, and some portions of the castle are crumbling as the Shadow chasing Daniel makes its presence known.
Brennenburg Castle was rebuilt centuries before the game takes place by Alexander of Brennenburg in the late 16th century, after it was consumed by a fire. With Daniel 's arrival and Alexander's acquisition of an intact orb his centuries long plan to return home is put in motion. However the experiments of Oswald Mandus, which are based on those from Brennenburg might imply that the castle was not entirely forgotten and that the ruins were excavated and explored. As expected of the time period, it is lit by candles and decorated with paintings and tapestries though, as mentioned before, the castle's wards have fallen into a state of decay and ruin. The only instance when the outside is glimpsed is in the Study, when the player jumps outside from window to window.
A hub is a large, safe area with doors leading to several other rooms you will have to traverse to to reach your goal. However, in the Archives and Wine Cellar, you have the possibility of seeing your first Servant Grunt without actually having to risk being ripped apart, as it is walking away from you and is not scripted to attack regardless of your actions. However, it's not a forced encounter with the Grunt in the Guest Room, you can choose not to go to the right (after you enter the closet room), then the monster won't appear at all.
Brennenburg may be inspired by Malbork Castle, a fortress of the Order of Teutonic Knights, which is called Marienburg in German. Although the word "Schloss" is more common, "Burg" can also mean "castle" in German, making the use of "castle" after the name redundant. Alexander's servants and the Kaernk most probably died after direct contact with the Shadow passing through or cave-ins. Either Daniel found the way out by himself or the Shadow provided him a hidden path to escape is unknown.
However, Oswald was able to recover Alexander's travel journals, which inspired his own hunt for Orbs in the America. Examples of this are the cella vinaria for the Wine Cellar and the fabrica eliquatoria for the Refinery. It has been on the Frictional Games forums for a long time and has been quite well received - but it is just now coming to Moddb so that others can enjoy it! Daniel even notes that the darkness feels "strange and unnatural," and the player will likely use up a couple of oil bottles in this area. The taps are rusted shut however, so one will have to use the hand drill on each barrel to obtain the liquid with the chemistry pot from the Laboratory.

Be careful though, as the blast radius is very large, and standing near the explosive when it goes off can result in significant health loss. To avoid this encounter, simply skip opening the door to the far room in the big, open area with the large working bench.
However, ignoring the event, you will find the rods in a small room that can be reached from this area. Thankfully, the player should have enough oil by now to get through here since this is the first really dark area that requires the lantern since the Refinery. The trick of stabilizing the steam pressure is to arrange the levers in an order that add up to 8 at the top and 8 at the bottom.
After having gathered all three rods from the Study and Storage, the machinery can be powered from here using them. To fuel up the machine, three of these will have to be added to the burner found at the side of the machine. It is also implied that Oswald had the body of a Gatherer sent to him, which was most likely found in the remains of Brennenburg. When the immense Shadow arrives, it causes parts of the castle to collapse entirely forcing the baron's servants to reinforce weaker structures. There is also a concept art depicting the castle as having numerous, large towers and walls.[2] The castle is perched atop a forested mountain with Altstadt below. An audible sound of a Servant Brute can be heard in these areas which cannot be seen, only heard. Therefore, "Brennenburg" can be roughly translated to "Burning Castle", which makes sense since the castle, considering its history, was in fact rebuilt after a fire had caused the castle to burn down to the ground.
In addition, many areas have their sub-spaces divided by Latin terminology, such as the instrumenta for the equipment room in Storage, or the Historia Loci and Libri Rari for specific rooms in the Archives. Once all three drill parts have been retrieved, all that need to be done is to open the inventory and combine them to create the Hand Drill.
Be wary though, for as soon as you obtain them, a Servant Grunt will spawn outside and patrol the area. However, as soon as you reach the top of the stairs, you need to be wary as there is a Grunt that spawns ahead. This also may be the place where the Servant Grunt went after looking around the first room, as he is not found in the chemical storage or past the rocks. A correct configuration to accomplish this is (from left to right): Down, down, up, up, up, down. The Flow Cycle Rod found in the Study fits into the circle hole, the Trinity Stream Rod found in the Storage fits in the triangle hole and finally, the Four-phase Amplitude Rod found in the Storage fits into the square hole. The first wheel is found in the room where you insert the rods, on a small table in the corner. Once enough coal has been added, a message will pop up telling you that the burner is full. The castle is located deep in the woods of eastern Prussia (most likely in today's northeastern Poland or Konigsberg), near the town of Altstadt. Large portions of the castle which hasn't been tended for centuries begin to collapse as the Shadow consumes more and more infrastructure in pursuit of Daniel. While this means that many of the wooden structures are crumbling, much of the stone that makes up the walls and ceilings seems to remain intact, specifically in the back rooms as Daniel draws closer to Alexander.
The first dangerous encounter of a Servant Grunt occurs in the Refinery, and once you escape the water lurkers (Kaernks) in the Cellar Archives, you should prepare for a myriad of encounters in the Storage and the Prison Blocks. Another reason that might support this is Order of the Black Eagle; An organization Alexander is a member of was founded on January 17, 1701 by Elector Friedrich III of Brandenburg who later became Frederick I of Prussia. Hide behind the large crate in the far end of the room, as the beast is likely to break in, especially if it spots you behind the door. Finally after the confrontation in the Inner Sanctum the castle appears to have partially or mostly collapsed.
The Servant Brute is visible in both blocks of the Prison, but is not a threat until you reach the Sewer, and becomes a higher threat in the Morgue. Once all three has been obtained, you just need to attach each wheel to the empty spuds on the machine, and they will fit in automatically.
You can also dart straight past the monster - all that is left to do is escape the Storage, and the exit is not far ahead.

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