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All of our bolt down anchors listed below come with security ball inserts and hex Allen key. A question that constantly pops up in Motorcycle and Bicycle forums alike, is how to secure a bike that is stored in a wooden shed. Designed to offer the strongest anchorage possible whilst cutting away the smallest amount out of the shed flooring.
The attachment bolts on to the ground anchors main body allowing the anchor to be used on soft ground such as earth, gravel, tarmac etc, SEE INSTRUCTIONS. The main body is manufactured from heavy 10mm x 100mm flat bar, it also has a further 5mm x 50mm reinforcing bar increasing its strength against cutting and shock attacks. The large 80mm x 85mm chain access will accommodate the largest of the security chains that are out on the market today.

The longer 1.2M backing plate means almost the whole length of the shed floor would have to be ripped out to remove the anchor plus when a motorcycle is parked above it makes it almost impossible to remove without cutting a large section of the floor away with a circular power saw. For assembled sheds the shed has to be tilted at one side, enough to hold the underside security bar in place while a second person fits the bolts from inside the shed. This question is from Storage Shed Eye Anchor Kit 0 answers Rust resistant or rust proof? One answer is to attach a wall anchor to the sheds framework, another is to fill a large plastic storage box with concrete and with an anchorage point buried into the concrete mix. Also it comes with a steel plate that covers the cut out area and in addition the plate reinforces the shed floor. The long 250mm chain housing has an internal access of 83mm which can easily accommodate 19mm chains, the largest of the security chains out on the market today.

Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. They are ideal for anchoring trees, pool covers, tents, canopies, boats, airplanes, fencing, playground equipment, carports, awnings, outdoor decorations, storage sheds and antennas.
You may need additional anchors, cable, wire clamps or other forms of anchor attachments to the shed to meet local or state requirements.

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