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View detailsProduct Name:* FoxHunter Garden Shed Strong Metal Pent Roof Outdoor Storage Free Foundation New. This 4' x 6' building is small enough to fit into tight areas, but still provides 155 cubic feet of storage.
The shiplap provides the extra protection and build quality that sub-standard over lap cladding can't.

Made out of HDG Steel, this building is 15% thicker than other standard steel sheds and the hot dip coating provides additional corrosion protection. Wooden Pent Garden Shed Pressure Treated Shed With Door In Left Side Panel with Low Windows.
This basic wooden overlap garden shed can be used to store general garden equipment all year round. With extra tall walls and a 6" natural light window, you'll have both the visibility and the space that you need.

The Euro Lite series also features extra wide swing doors, providing 59" of clearance for storing large objects.

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