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This entry was posted in Pricing Guides and tagged in asbestos removal costs, asbestos removal prices. Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, all asbestos removal companies and asbestos removal contractors have to be licensed with the HSE (Health & Safety Executive). It only takes a few moments to book an asbestos survey or to compare costs for testing, removal or disposal of asbestos. We can provide professional asbestos removal Oldham for all types of asbestos, garage, domestic, industrial asbestos removal.
Your asbestos removal Oldham contractor may not be aware of these facts, but they will be aware of the dangers. Miners have contracted illnesses in Western Australia in the 1980s after working asbestos mines in the 1950s and 1960s. There are countless other horror stories related to asbestos because it is a common constituent in so many building materials. As the asbestos content within any asbestos cement product is relatively low, the dangers to occupants of buildings which contain asbestos cement is minimal. Where buildings contain asbestos cement products, such as roofing sheets, which are in good condition, the risk to employees should be relatively low. By encapsulating any asbestos-containing material, the risk of any exposure dangers to employees present within the building should  be kept to a minimum.
For more information on EduFoam for encapsulation, please feel free to call us on 0161 876 8040 or click here to contact us directly.
Asbestos abatement is typically performed by licensed, certified contractors who use specialized equipment to ensure that no asbestos fibers escape into the surrounding air or areas of your home. Airborne asbestos fibers are very small so it takes specialized equipment and procedures to ensure that no fibers are released into your home when asbestos is being removed. If the asbestos is confined to one area of your home, asbestos removal will also often involve sealing off that area from other parts of your home, in order to guarantee that no asbestos fibers escape. Most asbestos abatement and removal projects are beyond the average homeowner, although some such as removing asbestos siding can be safely managed.
Asbestos abatement is a very specialized service offered by a relatively small number of contractors.
If you’re worried that your home may contain asbestos, the first step is testing for asbestos, as not all older homes contain asbestos. What may look exactly like asbestos siding could in fact be cement siding, as asbestos was an additive to cement and drywall and other products to make them more fire-retardant, making it impossible to tell simply from looking at it if it contains asbestos. Depending on the state you live in, you may also be able to tackle the asbestos removal job yourself, but be warned that you’ll be taking on a certain amount of risk if you decide to do so with any asbestos abatement efforts. Some states allow homeowners to legally remove asbestos from their home without a license (or even any training) as long as they’re only working on their own home and not offering services to others. You’ll also need to check about disposal of asbestos siding and other materials, as the process differs from state to state.
Some allow you to dispose the material in landfills if properly bagged while others classify it as hazardous material that must be disposed of in a different more costly way. Unfortunately that question is next to impossible to answer, as many factors impact final asbestos removal costs: where you live, what type of asbestos you have, state laws and regulations, and the availability of licensed asbestos removal companies and contractors. The information provided on this website as is and is not legal or professional medical advice.

This course provides Asbestos Removal Contracts Managers or Directors with knowledge and understanding of the management, control and planning of the removal of asbestos containing materials. The aim of this one day course is to make Managers and Directors aware of changes to legislation, working practices and current Health and Safety Executive live issues of enforcement on site.
It’s not difficult at all to paint asbestos siding, as one of its benefits is that paint easily adheres to it and it is very durable and can last for decades without chipping or cracking.
That said, you’ll still need to take some precautions if you decide to paint your asbestos siding. The biggest concern is that you should avoid power-washing asbestos siding, as it can chip or damage the siding and release dangerous asbestos fibers into the air. If you do power-wash, use as gentle a touch as possible and quit if you find that you’re knocking pieces of siding off. This means that you’ll have to take some extra time cleaning and prepping the siding before painting and rely instead on a garden hose, sponges, and good old fashioned elbow grease. Once the surface is prepped and cleaned, there’s really no difference when it comes to painting asbestos siding than any similar fiber cement or Hardiboard siding.
If your decision is whether to paint or tackle siding removal and replacement, keep in mind that it’s almost always more affordable to keep and paint old asbestos siding.
Removal or abatement can be very expensive, in addition to the significant cost of installing new siding once the old siding is removed and disposed of.
Regardless of the type of siding involved, painting is always a more affordable option as replacing siding on a home is one of the more expensive home remodeling jobs that one can tackle. On the general risk scale of dealing with materials that contain asbestos, siding ranks very low and is far less risky and dangerous than asbestos in insulation, sheetrock, or pipewrap.
Pick a good quality exterior paint from a company like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams and you’ll be fine. Avoid the temptation to go with the cheapest paint you can find, as painting asbestos siding is no different than painting any other exterior surface that’s exposed to the elements.
Many homeowners have been pleasantly surprised to find out that what they assumed was asbestos siding actually contains no asbestos whatsoever.
The cost for asbestos removal is based on the amount of material to be removed so it’s also possible that you may be quoted on a square metre basis.
Asbestos removal is a dangerous business so it’s essential that you hire licensed removalists.
To obtain a license all companies and contractors, involved in the removal and handling of asbestos materials, have to be able to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, expertise and requirements to remove and handle asbestos safely.All asbestos removal contractors must have a license that you may verify by going to our HSE page and entering the license number. Just choose an option below and we will put you in touch with local asbestos professionals who will be happy to provide you with FREE quotes for the service you require.
It is used in acoustics for soundproofing, in insulation for keeping heat in, and in cladding for pipework a€“ to name just three of its uses.
It will usually be in a safe form and implementing a risk assessment plan when it comes to asbestos may not seem like a a€?plana€? at all, and it may be a simple matter of noting that the asbestos does not pose a threat in the form in which it is found. Asbestos cement is weatherproof in that although it will absorb moisture, the water does not pass through the product. However, if any work is carried out on the asbestos cement sheets, especially where the use of power tools is involved, this can release asbestos fibres into the air.
However, over time and where the asbestos sheets are disturbed, the risk of fibre release becomes greater.

By reducing any risks in this way, rather than a full removal and replacement of the material, the costs and disruption to the business should be kept to a minimum as well.
While asbestos siding is often the most visible source of asbestos in older homes, it’s important to note that asbestos was used in a wide range of products used in home construction in the past, including floor tile, pipe wrapping, shingles, roofing felt, insulation, drywall, and joint compound.
Due to the licensing, training, and specialized equipment involved (as well as disposal fees to properly dispose of any asbestos removed), it’s a relatively expensive service, and easily runs into the thousands of dollars for most jobs. This website is not a lawyer or doctor referral service, and no attorney-client privilege or relationship nor doctor-patient relationship is or should be formed by the use of this website. Rolling can sometimes be difficult due to the grooves and texture in the asbestos siding and the coverage is about the same as far as how much paint you’ll need. If they do, it’s typically outside in open air which minimizes the risk even further.
Not all siding had asbestos added to it and the only real way to be certain is to have any suspicious material tested. However, it is likely that for many, asbestos was a cheap material and the costs associated with noting its detrimental effects on the health were outweighed by profit and greed a€“ in much the same way that those in the tobacco industry downplayed the ill effects of smoking. It was used for corrugated sheets, slates, moulded fittings, soffits and undercloak, water cisterns, rainwater gutters, down pipes, pressure pipes, underground drainage and sewer pipes, sills, copings, chalkboards, fascias, infill panels, etc. In situations where larger buildings contain asbestos containing materials, complete removal of these products can be extremely costly and disruptive.
If you are considering any work on asbestos-containing materials, or are unsure on the risks to your workplace, it is always advisable to contact asbestos specialists. Asbestos siding information is provided as is with no guarantees and this website is not responsible for how any information contained within is used. The inventor of a cement and asbestos fireproof shingle a€“ patented in New York in 1858 a€“ died of asbestos related illness at the turn of the century. Such is the case in 1929, when the first successful asbestos related law suits were being settled, and lawyers entered into an agreement with those in the asbestos industry not to pursue further cases a€“ in America at least. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an asbestos cement product and a low-density insulation board. An easier solution to this problem is to encapsulate the surface of the asbestos containing material, meaning that fibres cannot be released into the air.
Should you wish to explore the option of encapsulation with EduFoam, we will be happy to discuss this with you or any contractors you employ. All refresher training will be subject to ATL Safety Limited bespoke training needs analysis which will dictate the subjects to be covered, taken from Chapter 4 Modules 1 – 19, 24 – 27 of HSG 247. Where the product has been used as a roofing or cladding product, open to the weather, you can be confident that the product is asbestos cement. Spray foam insulation is applied directly to the internal surface of the asbestos cement sheets, where it cures to form a rigid insulation barrier which will also encapsulate and seal the asbestos cement sheets preventing any unwanted fibre release.
Manufacture of all low density products was stopped in the late 70’s and since they were not weather resistant, if they had been fixed outside they would have broken down long before now. If the product is moulded it will be asbestos cement as low-density products were not moulded, except as half rounds for pipe lagging.

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