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Ever wish you just had one more area such as a two story building that would be good for additional living space on your property? Upgrading the Everest shed as a two story storage building with stairs will save you thousands in comparison to adding onto your home. The Everest storage shed is the perfect addition to your home when it comes to having guests. For your convenience, our two story storage buildings can be installed right in your backyard. The Everest is the perfect addition to let that extra person live nearby, while still maintaining some happy boundaries for the whole family. To go with the man cave idea, our garage sized shed is also a great addition for that manly man, who loves cars. The average sized shed is great for the average uses, but our two story storage buildings give you room to grow and are easily customizable. WorkPod by Ecospace is a gorgeous, contemporary backyard office would definitely appeal to design addicts. The OfficePOD creates an environment that supports productivity and provides the user with an efficient use of space. This small recording studio designed by Piet Hein Eek for entertainer Hans Liberg is a modern spin on a log cabin.
The customizable Garden Studio by UK company is insulated and can have heating, lighting, power outlets and even a bathroom or kitchen! So: very cool to look at in pictures and fantasize about, but traditional custom construction is still way more economical.
We have a pre-fab modern backyard structure for sale right now it is very handsome and is a roomy 204Sqft. I had my shed customized into a backyard Blog Cabin.Probably spent less than $6500 for everything you see in my Home Tweet Home. I personally know a few artists [one Sound Engineer, and a Sculptor] who have their studio’s on their own property. The sculptor owns a huge house in the Perth, Western Australia hills, which is surrounded by plants and animals, with a creek bordering the land. They have four models, the studio, cabin, shed and play, and come in several different sizes depending on how much space you need. It would be great if the second one pictured, the nearly spherical one, could have its door voice-activated. I saw somewhere a BUS that was cut into 2 pieces, the front one(cockpit) was office, and the second one living room.

Currently working in one of these from Ecospace at the end of my bosses garden, it’s beautiful!
I would love to have an office outside of my home, but not too far away.These are inspiring! August 22, 2007Wall building proves a slow process, but the shed begins to show itself as a worthy addition to Three Dog Lodge. Each coop has a roost, nesting boxes, functional windows for proper ventilation, a side access door, plus a ramp and door for your chickens. Shut your eyes and envision yourself tasting an invigorating mixed drink, maybe one produced using your most loved solidified margarita formula, while getting a charge out of a warm tropical breeze in your face. At 16 X 24, with an option to upgrade to a two story storage building, the Everest barn style shed is the perfect solution for your spacious needs.
If the wife is getting you down with complaints about your projects taking up space, the Everest is perfect for your man cave. If you enjoy long-term stays with family and friends, consider installing the Everest to make their stays more comfortable for everyone.
Other than its great looks, the space is built-in the office technology you need to get your work done.
It looks small, but it’s actually bigger inside than you think and it fits in with the backyard landscape very nicely.
All look very contemporary – would like to see something in keeping with UK housing stock? Anyone who has tried to set up an office inside a busy house will know that there are far to many distractions around which does put you off your work.. The Sound studio is, intelligently, before the house, but he still owns all the relevant land.
Has been featured in The Age several times and the beautiful design earned it an Australian Design Award.
I would say that a lot of peoples are not aware that log cabins is one of the best way to meet our requirements for resident and commercial buildings.
Beautiful yet very practicla – just what I need to keep my work and home life separate. Underfloor heating and massive sliding door really connects the exterior and the interior. The shot was taken a few years ago, not I have an iPad, makes things much more easier out there. I think I can build something like the workpod office for less than $15k (mind you, this would be in Vancouver Canada).

Not sure you would be convincing a potential a potential client they are signing up to a fortune 500 company whern there being reminded not to knock over the garden knome!!!
Now I want to share another great 6 backyard landscaping design ideas and ornaments that will be inspiring you. Rather than putting folks up on the couch or running into them at the bathroom, having your own guest house makes it like having a hotel in your backyard.
The Everest storage shed can be the perfect storage unit for car storage while you fix them up, or just to keep classic cars in tip top shape. Folks who are thinking outside the box when it comes to storage uses for sheds are the ones who need our Everest, garage sized shed.
Check out these backyard offices that allow people to get away from the house without really getting away and save the hassles of dealing with traffic, commuting costs, or space rentals. It is also eco-friendly and can be used for housing shops, offices, show rooms, temporary structures. I’ve recently been house hunting and saw some interesting self-built spaces in backyards that really caught my attention and now looking at these I feel an urge to make my own.
Here I’m spending a couple grand a month to lease an office when I could be working out of a work of art. But I do believe that working this way tends to make you a bit reclusive and you see less and less of people the more your workload builds.
So even scorching heat or rain, you and your family member can freely enjoy your relaxation. You can do any relaxing activity on your patio, such as take a nap, reading favorite books, and so on.
If you wish to give your man cave all the added comforts of the perfect getaway, add a second story and set up your entertainment area.
Then if you have 4-5 employees that you work with from your back yard office then it might be ok. After a quick brainstorming session, we came up with these five backyard patio ideas that will surely please. Regardless of what style you choose, either building would make the perfect guest cottage with little customization. Who needs to go out to the bar when you can just invite your friends over to your man cave?

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