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When attacking other yards, Drull will quickly run to any building and chomp down on it with his amazing strength.
When defending your yard, Drull will get to an enemy monster very fast, and will greatly injure the enemy Monster. Drull can be beaten by the 4 champions by 1v1,except for a level 1-2 fomor Drull can easily beat it.

You can discuss games from any platforms like PC, Play Station, Nintendo, Gamecube, or even iPhone. However, Drull is not so high in health, so a good amount of attacks from Defensive Towers and enemy Monsters will send any Drull fleeing the battle. At the same time, it is a disadvantage to the attackers, in the sense that(and the fact that), bunkers monsters can co-operate to aim your monsters, while your own monsters ONLY attack them IF they are being attacked.

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