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Guardian metal sheds from Backyard World serve up a heavy dose of stylish looks, as well as a generous helping of dependability. Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Swimming Pool Design - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.
Before talking about where a pool should be fitted or how it should look like, you should always consider its functionality.
Probably the most important decision you have to make regarding your new swimming pool is where it will be located. First of all you need to study the amount of sunlight your backyard gets and where does the sun shine the most. The third most important aspect of your pools location is its relationship with the rest of the house. Such a major project requires a lot of pre-designing and, before you put your thoughts into action, there are several considerations to be made. These are the main types of materials for the interior of the pool: in-ground vinyl liner, pre-cast fiberglass and concrete. Vinyl lined pools are very affordable and, if installed properly, they will provide your yard with some nice esthetics.
Fiberglass pools have become much more popular over the years then when they first appeared because the technology and the materials are evolving very fast and constantly increase their quality and improving design options, strength and longevity of this product.
Concrete or gunite pools are the most popular especially because they offer many design possibilities and are the most durable of the three.
This part of the swimming pool design is all about the looks and the match between the deck and house, the paths and walkways. For buildings 16' and under, driver will level the building up to 8 inches with customer's blocks at no charge. If it takes our driver longer than 45 minutes to set the building, there will be a charge of $50 per hour. Deliveries are generally scheduled to be within 5 business days from date of order but may be effected by weather or other circumstances.
You will be redirected to our affiliate company, RTO National, to complete your purchase on their secure site. Serving the Upstate since 1988, Cox Utility Buildings and Backyard Structures is the leader in high quality, customized, affordable outdoor structures.
Standard building is wood constructed with vinyl siding, shingled or metal roofing with a 4ft door or 4ft roll up door entrance. For buildings over 16' there is a $150 leveling charge and buildings will not be leveled over 8 inches. Even if they sound a bit luxurious and probably unaffordable, the amount of relaxation and recreation achieved by having such an extension to your home will always outweigh the costs.
If you do, make sure that you can always keep an on them, unless you want to have to stay beside them until they finish swimming.

The first is the ease of access which is important because it can enhance or decrease your desire to use the pool and so its quality and its value (this also includes the materials used for the pathway to the pool which you should carefully choose so that it won’t be slippery and so reduce the probability of unwanted accidents). There are two main categories: pools that are placed near the house and pools that are placed farther out in the backyard. A great deal of importance should be given to materials, which should be chosen in a way that satisfies four major aspects: safety, comfort, appearance and durability, the order of which differs from case to case. Naturally, you can also choose an above ground swimming pool, which is the most economical choice but doesn’t possess the best appearance. This type of swimming pool is actually a precast shell that is then put into a previously dug site and then finished off with the decking; this means that construction measures and process are a lot simpler than for a concrete pool, offering similar advantages at the same time .
The construction process involves steel-reinforced rods that are sprayed over to create a smooth surface that is finished afterwards.
The matter of safety and obtaining a non-slippery surface is less important because almost every material nowadays is designed to comply with these demands (be careful though when choosing the color because it will influence comfort due the heat absorption factor and make sure that the deck won’t get slippery when wet). Our buildings can be customized to match the siding, roofing, windows, shutters and doors of your existing structures and back yard space. No one swims in a cloudy day because there is no pleasure to it and most people like to get a tan while or after swimming. Keep in mind that you have to decide upon materials for the coping, the interior of the pool, the pool deck and the water line.
They are also a lot cheaper to maintain than a concrete pool, costs being reduced to less than half, depending on size.
Plain concrete is the simplest choice which meets expectations in terms of safety, reliability and comfort but is very inexpressive and lacks that touch of flamboyancy. But, who knows, maybe you don’t want any sunlight or the area you live in is so hot that you want your pool to be shaded to cool off better. The best thing to do is to design in such a way that they can play safely but you can enjoy it too, and this means that the depth will vary and the kids will play and swim in the shallow area while the adults can relax in the deeper area of the pool.
If you carefully plan your pool so that you won’t have to move any existing utility lines, you will save some money.
Because if a pool is close to a construction, than it becomes its extension, an annex and should take after it, resembling its style and shape. But before you start doing that, you need to ask yourself some questions and determine your expectations from your pool, regarding all the aspects mentioned above. On the downside they are not very customizable and you are limited by the transportation process; the maximum width is just 18 feet. You can also finish off the concrete with an exposed aggregate (made from crushed pebbles) which is more expensive but provides extra safety and durability. You can also opt for bricks or concrete pavers which are a more colorful and lively choice, and also very comfortable.
Either way, you need to study this aspect and make a little sketch to organize your thoughts.

It’s a big element that influences both exterior and interior attributes of your house.
If it is positioned somewhere in the back of the yard then it becomes an independent element that can take any shape and focus the activity of a family around it.
The most expensive finish is the ceramic tile which demands minimal maintenance and it looks better, more elegant than the other two.
More expensive but better looking choices are fieldstone, slate, flagstone, and marble, which are also able to make your swimming pool look more natural and will probably resemble a scenery like a lake in the woods or a Mediterranean landscape. Will it be irregular and curvy or maybe straight, taking the shape of a rectangle or maybe just a square? Mainly there are two large categories of swimming pool shapes: rectangular ones which are the most common and are characterized by straight lines but not necessarily but 90 degree angles and curved pools which can take any shape you like and can easily mold after the rest of your yard, following for example the access paths or other amenities (most popular curved shapes are the kidney shape, the figure-8 and the freeform). You can also go for wood which will enhance the rusticity of your backyard but will require frequent refinishing, rubber (easy to clean up and can take almost any shape you want) or for a spray-on coating which is basically a cement based material that doesn’t heat up and is easy to maintain.
Will you have enough time for maintenance or you’ll have to have someone paid to do it for you?
Size and shape can vary but they are always in a permanent relationship with the pools purpose.
When deciding upon the shape of your pool, always bear in mind that pathways are more important than the pool itself and that you don’t want it to become an inconvenient. If you want to exercise and swim instead of going to the gym then it should probably have a great length so that you would have enough space to swim.
Think about the other activities that might take place in your backyard and try to imagine how they will relate to your swimming pool.
What other materials can be found in your backyard and how is the swimming pool going to relate to them? To sum up, before rushing into acquiring a pool, try to foresee all the aspects of owning one so that you wouldn’t end up with a lot of money spent for something that nobody uses, likes or takes care of. The end result should satisfy every need and every activity should be able to be performed independently.
Naturally, this decision varies from site to site because each backyard has its own specifics like size, proportions and the position of the house.
All these questions must of course be answered while considering all the other aspects like size, placement and overall design.
For example, any material you choose will be in contact with the chemicals that the water has in its composition which can alter the surface of your pool.
However, they will also be in contact with the swimmers so try to find non-slippery materials that also provide your pool with a nice and welcoming appearance.

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