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Despite its discreet size, the Garden Hutch is roomy enough to store all of your garden tools and supplies. For an even more uniformed look, we can match your home's siding and paint color so it looks original. Due to strong interest in this shed we are offering a greater selection of sizes to choose from. Large enough to accommodate lawn and garden equipment yet small enough to fit in virtually any back yard.

The Standard Ranch shed is built to satisfy most all CCR and HOA requirements, featuring a gable style roof and end wall door placement.
The practical design of the Standard Ranch is why this style has become one of the valleys best selling sheds.
Best Built Sheds 'Standard Barn' features an upgraded roof design to add uniqueness to any back yard. This roof design has increased head height throughout the shed for greater movement and storage capability, such as small lofts and extra shelving.

Additional shelving or workbench can easily be installed for ones who enjoy hobbies or garden work stations.

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