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Like recycling, re-utilizing or even reinventing storage solutions for Spices. And building our own DIY Spice Racks. Just wanted to let you know this was the most popular post from last week's Fun In Functional party! 18 Jan Christmas has come and gone, and I’m sure Santa spoiled your little ones with everything they had on their wish list. I ended up choosing two sets of white storage cube shelves (like these) and fabric drawers (like these) from Target.
I first went through their toys and purged anything that was broken, missing pieces, or no longer played with. The Bey Blade craze hit my first grader this year, so those got their own drawer after Christmas. I left three cubes open on one side of the unit for some of the bigger trucks the boys have. The drawers have held up nicely over the past year or so we’ve had them, and it makes putting toys away so easy! I have two boys, we just moved and I’ve been looking for a solution to organize the toys!
Thanks so much for partying with me last week at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! The best ways to organize books include bookcases, bookshelves and racks to store and display books. Looks like a bookcase made with wooden boards (as frame), dowels and bead board (for background texture).
Finding a good place to store your bicycles can be tough, especially if you live in a residence with no garage or basement as is the case for many city-dwellers. Below are our recommendations for which types of bicycle storage racks are best suited for different applications, such as the best looking racks, the best bike racks for limiting damage to the wall, the cheapest bike racks and the best type of bike rack for organizing your garage.
When your storing bikes in the garage, finding the most efficient storage system is paramount. If you don't want to mount to your garage wall, tension mount or free-standing bike racks also work well in the garage to stack multiple bikes. Another great option is the Cycloc, which can adjust to any bike frame or hanging angle and is a good value at around $60.00. We find the ceiling mounted racks a bit impractical, but if you have bikes that you don’t use regularly, a ceiling mount like the Ceiling Mount Bike Lift from the Container Store can be a fantastic way to free up both floor and wall space. In the end, the best way to store your bicycle really depends on your personal needs and preferences. Roomations has a network of freelancing interior designers ready to provide you with personalized room designs and product recommendations. Best Shoe Storage Cabinet And Shoe Storage BasketSizes: Thumbnail, Medium, Medium_large, Large, Full.

The glamorous Best Shoe Storage Cabinet And Shoe Storage Basket digital images above, is part of More Aesthetic Value with Unique Shoe Storage Solutions publishing, which is arranged within Storage & Organization. Organizing Spices in a way that it can be conveniently reached while cooking is very important. We wanted to let you know that we featured this today at the party and pinned it on pinterest! The electronics bin holds toy cameras, computers, and phones (did you have all that high-tech stuff when you were little?). This would also be a good place for books if you don’t have extra room for a separate book shelf!
We have some similar (but smaller) fabric boxes that my boys have managed to break already by sitting on them! Makes it easier to find the toys they want to play with when they’re organised like that.
It’s super affordable, and there are several size bins so the system is completely customizable depending on what your kid has. The plus point about this idea is you can use these bookcases in various settings for different purposes around the house later on! To help just about everyone dealing with more bikes than storage space, we looked at different indoor bicycle racks that can be used in your main living space, in a storage room or in a crowded garage. However, some bicycle storage solutions are better suited to bikes with a horizontal bar as part of the frame as opposed to a diagonal one.
The Schulte Bike Rack With Basket can attached to a slatted wall finish that works with other organizing attachments to hold sports equipment, garden tools, and more -- offering a complete solution to organizing your garage.
A simple, purely functional wall-mount like the Racor 1-Bike Folding Rack can cost as little as twenty bucks. Check out instructions posted by  Kyle Wilson and Shelterness for these awesome DIY bike racks! I hope this overview has helped you decide which kind of bike storage rack, mount or hook is right for you, your bike and your home.
We combine breathtaking visual inspiration with practical design advice, product finds and 'tricks of the trade' you can use to transform your own home. I made a magnetic board that we hung inside a cabinet door, and all the spices are in little magnetic tins, it works great! Works for me, since my drawers are deep, but I also like the spices in drawers that you showed.
Another bin holds my son’s Leapster Explorer and Tag Reader and all the games that go with them.
I have a daughter who LOVES barbies, so there are a few shallow drawers that fit about 6 Barbies per drawer lined up in a single layer, and a deeper one below that for all the clothes and accessories. We don’t live anywhere close to an IKEA, so I don’t get over there much, but I LOVE all the storage solutions you found for your little one!

I have been trying to use all the available space in a way that it’s easy for the kids to play.
Whether it’s in the adult or child spaces of your home, either way, purging, sorting and tossing are the three ways to make room for new organization and free up hidden storage space.If your child is old enough, go through and purge or determine what they have outgrown, what can be donated or is broken and should be thrown away. We got rid of our play kitchen last year to make more space, but we kept the play food and dishes since they liked playing with them so much. We thought it would look good in the living room and it would be easy for her to pull out the toys and them put them back. Then she has bins for art supplies, stuffed animals, baby dolls, baby clothes and accessories, wooden cars and train tracks set (the Lillabo set that I also got from IKEA), and her electronic toys and game cartridges.
For items that will be kept, sort toys and personal belongings into piles so you can evaluate them separately.
Delta Cycle has several affordable options as well with an intentional industrial design aesthetic.
Most other wall-mounted bike hangers are designed only for a horizontal cross bar, but the Cycloc can be rotated to accommodate any angle of bar. Books go on top of the shelf and I took pictures of everything and pasted the pictures of each category on to the corresponding bins, along with a written label.
As far as free-standing bike racks, the SPORTRACK BSR12 UNIVERSAL BIKE STACKER (pictured above with a silver mountain bike, just below the Schulte Bike Rack with Basket) has adjustable arms though I can't attest to how well it works in practice. Applying proper shoe storage solutions would be a way to make your room pretty cool as you wish. The more organized your stuff, the […]More Aesthetic Value with Unique Shoe Storage SolutionsFashion is one of the needs of everyone. I love that this toy box will grow with her, and I can keep it til she’s done with toys or re-purpose it for my own craft room storage. When bringing in new organization, ensure that color, patterns, textures and other visually appealing design elements are part of the organization system. Built-ins or custom wall units are a favorite of many parents because they don’t take up a lot of space and they can be painted to match the interiors of your child’s room or playroom. Shoes are the things […]Single Wall Side Kids Closet OrganizerHaving kid’s means that you need to be ready to have more cluttered home space. Seeing they playing every day is such happiness, however keeping and organizing all the stuff after their play should also be done with a happy.
Best kids closet organizer might help you in deciding the most appropriate way of storing […]Best Way of Making DIY Shelving UnitsShelves are the basic home utilities that everyone is needed to make their rooms are well organized. All Rights Reserved.We provide extensive information about modern home decor ideas as well as modern and contemporary interior design ideas.

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