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Wood siding is a type of material that is used on the exterior of a home or other building to protect it from the elements.
The exterior walls of a building are typically built with a wood structure that has a layer of plywood installed on the exterior of the framed walls.
Siding is then placed over the house wrap, and it is the outer visible layer or covering of a house. When you are restoring or building a house, choosing the most suitable wood siding is a crucial decision. The design & function of the Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System is considered a best demonstrated practice in sustainable design. Made in the USA from marine grade aluminum and attaches easily to your building's exterior sheathing with stainless steel screws. Our siding installers are professionally trained in wood siding installation, we make sure that the wood we use is properly sealed, is thoroughly protected and inspected upon installation. Wood siding is a natural insulator that keeps the warm air in and the cold air and wind out, therefore lowering your utility bills. Here at Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company we offer wood that can be molded into many different patterns, cut into many different sizes and shapes giving you, the homeowner the ability to choose a product that matches your wants and needs. Call us at Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company to schedule a complimentary in-home consult! We  service and work within Arlington County, Fairfax County, Oakton County, McLean, Clifton, Fairfax Station, Great Falls, Oak Hill, Ashburn, Falls Church, Alexandria, and Burke Virginia.
Among the types of wood that are used to make exterior wood siding are cedar, redwood, and pine.
Another point of consideration when selecting exterior wood siding is the treatments that the siding might have. Choosing the right siding material for your home can be difficult if you are unsure of your options.
After that step, house wrap is installed to protect the exterior walls from weather conditions before the siding is placed. Siding is aesthetically important, and it also protects the exterior sheathing of a house from moisture and the elements. Wood siding is one of the first things that are visible to anyone when approaching the house. By the time you are able to come up with so many samples in hand, once again, you have to take time so you could scrutinize them thoroughly.

Here at Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company we offer a wide variety of different types of wood, to match your expectations and taste. Wood siding is also an eco-friendly option, since wood siding is a renewable and biodegradable resource.
We offer siding types like clapboard, rectangular planking, plywood, solid wood, shakes, shingles and more.
Materials that are used to make siding include wood, wood composites, vinyl, synthetic stucco, and brick veneer.
Each type of wood that is used to make exterior wood siding has different attributes as well as appearance. There are three popular types of siding for a house or other building: aluminum, vinyl and wood. While it stops moisture from getting into a house, it also allows moisture to pass through it from the interior to the exterior of the house.
Although there are several popular siding materials, wood is the most popular option for many builders and homeowners. By becoming familiar with the different types of wood siding available, you can pick the type that best suits your home. You could simply spread them all out across a tabletop so it is kind of possible for you to take a better look at all of them at once. Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company offers wood siding that will last for many years, though it must be properly maintained, like all wood. Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company offers wood siding that is highly durable levels of fire resistance, natural rot resistance and high cracking resistance. For example, cedar is insect resistant, swelling resistant and is a great wood to stain while redwood can require less maintenance than other types of wood and has its characteristic red appearance. Some exterior wood siding is treated with preservatives, which makes the wood non-biodegradable. People who are interested in wood siding with these types of treatments have to balance the additional costs that are tacked onto the siding versus the amount of time that the people will save by avoiding painting or staining the wood themselves. In fact, even as other materials have become increasingly popular, many of those products are made to replicate the appearance of wood material. If you are buying an older home, make sure you pay attention to the wood siding, to ensure that it is in good condition.

While some people may be able to handle smaller repairs and replacement on their own, larger projects should definitely be done by a qualified professional. For you who are doing the decision job with family or friends, it should be crucial for them to come and present during the process so they will be able to bring and share their ideas as well to help you.
While the timeless beauty of wood siding is undeniable, it has other advantages adding to its appeal.
Make your home a part of the landscape, with wood siding, you’ll feel like you really live in the woods. Several factors can come into play when choosing the best exterior wood siding, including choosing the siding based on the style, choosing the siding based on the type of wood, and choosing the siding based on treatments used on the wood.
On the other hand, pine can be less expensive than redwood or cedar and can be the wood of choice when using paint instead of stain.
In addition, a professional can help you determine which style of wood siding will be appropriate for your situation. One of the best benefits of wood siding is that it is available in a wide range of woods, colors, and styles.
In areas where there is a lot of rainfall, siding should be installed horizontally to allow proper drainage and to help prevent the wood from rotting. In addition to characteristics inherent to a given type of wood, availability can factor into choosing a type of exterior wood siding, as woods that are grown in a given area may be more readily available and less expensive in the areas in which the given wood is grown. When deciding on a wood siding installation, your budget, preferences and specific needs, and the architectural style of your home should be taken into consideration. Wood siding is beautiful on its own, but also easily takes stains and paint, giving you the option to color the wood if wanted to your personal taste.
Many people also like the fact that wood is more environmentally friendly than other common siding products. It requires a good amount of work, but you will be able to save the wood siding from replacement. Wood siding is available in different styles such as plywood, clapboard, rectangular plank, and shingles.

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