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They’ve had a lot of great press recently, and it’s well deserved, as their design and vision is matched by the their quality of parts and build, and their background in riding proper bikes on track means they don’t compromise when it comes to performance and handling. Their third outing is a street tracker based on a 78 Yamaha XS 650, and this bike is one of the prettiest of them all (although I’m a clip-ons kinda guy). But sadly, they are having to change to stay competitive and to adhere to ever-stricter EU regs on noise & emissions. My Ducati summer play-thing has evolved simultaneously into my custom-lite special AND my practical day to day ride. So, if I liberate the Superduke into the hands of a new admirer, and liberate the cash that’s been sitting on non-rolling wheels for too long, what do I replace it with?
I posted this bike on the Ducati forum and one smart arse (correctly) pointed out that I already have one of these bikes. But the Union 900’s combination of braced box-section swingarm, monoshock rear, solid wheels and 70s style half fairing results in a fantastic mix of old and new that I really love. One part of me says; let my modern retro (the Sport Classic) continue to evolve, but also serve as my practical year round day-to-day bike.
This would allow me to use the ca$h to help me pick up an old 900ss and then get Tim & Kev at Spirit to customise it for me, with our take on what the guys at Union have done.
I know that with plan A I could end up with two bikes that are almost identical, one with and one without a fairing. The best blogpost and online-store on vintage – fashion, retromobilia, vintage-bikes and racing with a great variety of vintage and classic products, which have outlived their time! Custom motorcycles may conjure images of chromed-out Harley-Davidsons and sleeveless denim, but The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is kicking that image to the kerb and promoting a New Wave Custom Scene where professional bike builders, shed-based mechanics and fabricators exhibit their endeavours on equal terms under the philosophy “Built, not bought”. Following two hugely successful exhibitions at Shoreditch Studios in 2013 , BSMC needed a much larger venue for this year’s Event III.
Deus Ex Machina, Krazy Horse Customs, Foundry Motorcycles, Down and Out Cafe Racers, Kevils Speed Shop, Old Empire Motorcycles and many more pro-builders joined forces with shed-builders from all over Europe, cramming 120 stunning bikes into the 200 year old, brick, iron and glass building.
Triumph, Barbour and Moto Legends were on-board as sponsors, helping to quadruple the size of the exhibition and reach out to some of the more mainstream biking fraternity.
Adorning the walls throughout the venue’s various themed rooms was a collection of artwork and photography including pieces by Conrad Leech, all for sale.

There was even a Distinguished Gentlemens Lounge complete with whiskey bar and barbershop offering traditional cut-throat shaves. Over the weekend north of 6000 enthusiasts basked in sunshine, enjoyed great food from the Street Kitchen Airstream caravan and witnessed the largest gathering of Bobbers, Trackers, Brats and Scramblers this side of the Atlantic. The donor is a 1983 R100RS and started with the usual Kevil’s ground-up rebuild, so you get a bike that is as good as new.
The upswept cocktail shaker style exhaust ensures the 1000cc sound track matches the bike’s agressive stance.
When the pics and details were sent to us just yesterday Kev had planned to pop the bike into the Bike Shed Custom Classifieds, but just 24 hours later a deposit has been put down, so the bike has already found its new home, which is testament to the quality of the build.
So, yet again, Kevils smashes another one out of the park, and we’re very pleased to debut the bike here on the Bike Shed.
See more from Kevils Speedshop here on The Bike Shed’s Kevils pages, their Facebook page and Website. By now Kevils Speedshop builds need little introduction, but what some of you will have noticed is that Kev Hill and his crew seem to be upping their game, bike by bike, build by build. This bike was commissioned by Gabe, who is the founder of a very cool new-world coffee shop, with his own hand-picked beans (must take ages to brew a cup) based in the heart of hipsterville; Shoreditch in London.
There are loads of details on this build that mark it out against the flurry of airhead customs out there, what we noticed straight away was the hand stitched tan leather upholstery and grips that were hand made out of leather boot laces.
The handmade headlight cowl also adds a bespoke feel to the build, but matching this with an LED Halo headlight really helps stamp the bike’s identity as modern retro, with shades on the Tron Legacy Ducati. The rest is the usual Kevils quality, such as the Raask rear-sets working with the slightly down-turned bars, and of course the knowledge that this bike has been re-built from the ground up with quality new wiring, finishes and internals.
As usual, you can see more from Kevils Speedshop here on The Bike Shed’s Kevils pages, their Facebook page and Website.
This high quality bicycle storage shed is unbeatable value and made from top quality wood with strong metal hinges. The roof is finished with Cedar Shingles and guttering with down pipes to the ground was fitted.
KTMs make superb all-season bikes with their bullet-proof dirtbike-based finishes and fastenings, but the R version of the Superduke is just too lairy, and compared to my other trellis-framed European litre-twin, it’s fucking hard work to ride.

Biking is now officially my pointless passion and I will do whatever makes me the most happy. Tobacco Docks in Wapping promised the floor space, and with nearly a quarter of a million Facebook followers, social media suggested filling the place wouldn’t be a problem. It seemed fitting that a dock yard built to unload and store tobacco would feature a dedicated smoking lounge, so there was one, offering fine cigars and a wealth of knowledge. Perfect timing as later this year The Bike Shed will morph from website and exhibition, into a permanent London based venue, giving more people a hub to get involved in this New Wave Custom Scene.
The front end features fully adjustable period bars with slimline speedo, Raask rear-set foot controls, Brembo brakes all round and Hagon Shocks. The seat unit is also a peach, with its frenched-in rear lamp and slategrey upholstery It ooozes pure class.
Thanks to Ashley Kent for the apocalyptic photos, taken down at the local dockyards on the Devon coast. Touches like these look really great alongside the brushed raw metal and manages to conjour-up roughness and class all at once. Ben’s heavily modified and blacked-out Triumph Scrambler is lovely, but this kickstart (optional), flickable beauty suited him just a little too well. The FI has been smoothed out with a Power Commander and MotoHooligan Airbox, but it’s still an arse to ride through town, and instead of playing it’s part as my everyday practical bike with attitude, it’s taken a surprise back seat to my pretty Sport Classic. A new 1200 will be out soon, but the journos stopped talking about the SD in group tests two years ago, and although it’s still an amazing machine, it’s set in it’s era, …and in many ways stands for what annoys me about biking now, …It’s approaching it’s bloody sell-by date.
The good news for all of us punters is that there are some awesome Beemers being built out there as a result.

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