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Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Garages renovated into living space - Garages are increasingly being renovated into studies, bedrooms and utility rooms instead of storing cars as is tradition. Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Homeowners 'can turn garages into another room of the house' - With a modest financial outlay and some creative thinking homeowners can turn their garage into a comfy room for them to spend some time in. Metal Sheds Online Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane, Sutton Green, Guildford, Surrey.
Glorious lifting roof for easy access, delightful hinges supporting a fully opening door.

Santander Mortgages revealed on May 21st that at least 1.1 million outdoor buildings have been converted into a living space and that most British homeowners believe this will add value to their homes. Lou Ann Schafer, senior marketing manager for Gladiator GarageWorks, told the Chicago Tribune that there are two main steps people can take to make their garage more than a place to store clutter. You can keep your bikes locked away securely and out of sight and uses just a tiny area in your garden. Your bike can be accessed from the end so the width taken up by the bike shed is minimal so can slip easily down the side of the house or flat.Secure Steel Twin Bike Locker ShedThis SafeStore unique Twin bike locker is the perfect way to protect two bicycles away from thieves.

Designed for a small space with the steel door on the end for easy access and can be situated in a small gap. Make your bikes highly secure ensuring that your bicycles are sitting waiting for you when you want your bikes.

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