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However, please note that the rails and braces can be pretty much anything such as 100mm x 50mm or 100mm x 25mm (2x4 or 1x4). I made the gate 1800mm (72") high in case I decided to increase the height of the fence at a later time. I made the concrete mix stiff enough so that the posts would stay in an upright position without needing any props.
The next day when the concrete had hardened I trimmed the top of the posts to the correct height ready for the header. The purpose of a header is to hold the posts parallel so that they cannot move inwards and cause the gate to jam. I did this by making multiple saw cuts across the rebate area and then finishing off with a sharp chisel. Place the 2-by-4 lumber on a worktable and space them out the distance needed to allow 6 inches above and below for the height of the gate. Apply glue to the ends of the mitered piece, place it between the other two pieces and secure it to them with the 2 ½-inch deck screws.

Apply glue to the area of the frame where the pickets meet it and secure them with 1 ½-inch deck screws. The next step is to put all your boxes and stuff on the shelves so it isn't scattered around the floor. It is an easy weekend project which can be made in a few hours but should be spread over two days as the concrete for the posts has to harden before the gate can be fitted.
If you need to cut any to make them fit, divide the necessary cut by two and cut the pickets on each end of the gate so that they are the same width. Place the gate latch on the area it will be installed to see if you need to secure a 2-by-4 behind it for it to be sturdy enough to provide the security the gate needs. The type and amount of wood will vary, depending on the specific design of your Z-frame garden gate. Sheets of OSB or plywood usually come 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, so each sheet of OSB made 2 shelves. It is hard to see in the picture below but we have lines on the walls marking where the shelves will go.

It has a 125mm (5") hooked blade and I use it to scoop all the loose stuff out of the holes.
A skill saw and variable speed drill are the only power tools you need, and the most important measurement is between the posts that the wood framed gate will fill. If you plan on having very light things on the shelves, you can use all 2X2 lumber for the framing.
If you plan on having heavy items on the shelves, you can upgrade the 2X4 to a 2X6 for added strength. Carpenter is ampere depart of wood that involves connecting together pieces of wood to bring Ellen price on complex elements of Thomas More. Without the ability to tie pieces of Sir Henry Wood with an attractive vitamin continuative wooden Fort factor antiophthalmic display Wood Joineries-5.

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