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Debes perforarlos a lo largo, preferentemente utiliza una broca de corona y un taladro, ten mucho cuidado al hacerlo.
Una vez perforados unelos y acomodalos como lo desees, en la imagen tenemos una opcion que requiere de mas tubos, puedes hacerlo asi o intentar con otras formas que se adapten a tu hogar. Tambien puedes sembrar perejil, hierbabuena, manzanilla u otras hierbas para tener tu propio huerto casero.
Practicing this type of gardening is beneficial because you will not have to deal with weeds or insects. Watering is an important aspect that should not be ignored after you have set up a hydroponic garden. Hot sale outdoor living wall, green wall, hydroponics systems, View hydroponic systems, Fragreen Product Details from Shenzhen Greenbar Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

Para convertirlas en macetas puedes colocales algun plastico en el interior, recordando hacerle algunos hoyitos para cuando las riegues. Una nueva forma de acomodar las macetas, con mucho color y re-utilizando estas bases de madera.
For this reason, it is a good idea to build the garden in the basement where the temperatures also tend to be cooler. Some plants may also require more of it than others even though they all need water for their survival. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. El tamano y el diametro de estos dependera del diseno que tengas en mente y el espacio de tu casa.

Even if you choose to set it up elsewhere in the house, always make sure the temperatures are suitable to prevent the plants from suffering damage.
If you are considering this kind of gardening, you should bear in mind that you can grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers in the house.
Apart from being just an activity that can be done for fun, you can also make money from it in lots of ways.
For the gardening lovers, hydroponic gardening is definitely something that you should consider trying out.

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