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This entry was posted in Furniture, hallways, Home Accents, Lowe's Creative Ideas, Other, pantry, renovation, Roeshel's Projects, Shelving and tagged DIY, industrial, Lowescreator, Pantry, pipe shelving, shelving, Tutorial by Roeshel. I would love to hear more about the lighting in this room – any plans on doing a post about it? Made with medium grade wood with a non-slip rubber ferrule for extra grip when out walking. I love it – and thanks a million for including all the details – I want to build a similar unit and this information will be invaluable! I estimate it came to around $500 for all of the plumbing, stain, spray paint and wood shelving. We were just talking about doing bookshelves in this exact fashion, and here is your super clear, step-by-step on how to get it done, with all of the crucial hardware shown and listed… Perfect! I’d love to make this for our basement and in my home office…oh yeah and my craft room!
We have been considering one of these for our TV room but have had lots of questions, many of which you answered.
I have been wanting to make a long set of plumbing pipe shelves, but hadn’t thought about how, exactly, I would mark all the spots for holes in my wood.
The home bar can be an entertainment place where you can retreat from all the activities you have done.

Not exactly cheap but reasonable for a custom fit 6′ wide by almost 9′ tall unit!
This wasn’t a cheap DIY but it was $300+ less than the manufactured shelving I was pricing (and not the ideal fit).
I like the photo’s you provided of the shelving in a bathroom, while reading this post I thought this would be perfect in my master bathroom and then there was a picture! I read above that to get the pipes custom cut you had to buy 4-10ft lengths so, did the actually cutting and threading cost extra or was it included in the price of the 4-10ft lengths?
It is also a good place for gathering with your friends while sharing stories, laughing and having interesting conversation.
Thanks so much for your help, I SO can’t wait to make some of these in our master bathroom.
I wrote down the lengths I wanted cut, gave them my phone number and continued shopping (even left and returned) because it takes a while. I’m actually looking for something a little taller for this area (those top shelves are still out of reach so looking for a wooden one with 2 steps).
An alternative to cut the budget for adding home bar in your home is by building your own home bar, but some more people are not too handy to build their own home bar.
The pipe for my project totaled around $100…it will differ because for custom cut pieces, I had to buy pipe in four 10 ft.

This is a good way to cut the budget for adding a home bar in your home without having to build by your own.There are many outlets provide home bars for sale in various designs and styles.
You can firstly determine what you need to add since there is also a wide option of home bar furniture, home bar stools and home bar tables. My shelving (linked above) is pine and mine were more expensive because they are 20×72 but the smaller widths and lengths were less expensive.
You can find cabinet set with bar stools, expandable bar cabinet, portable wine bar cabinet and many more. I really, really want a smaller version for my tiny so called pantry, but scared to even try to do the measurements. Watsons and cymax are other options of home bar outlets that also provide a special price for you.The existence of the home bars for sale gives you an ease to buy a home bar inexpensively So, it will allow you to cut the budget without having to build the home bar by your own.

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