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A Buy Sheds Online garden shed is unlike any garden shed and is engineered to meet (cyclonic) standards. Your new shed comes complete with all components for the shed you ordered and is delivered within 7-14 days of placing order. The Buy Sheds Online Carport Series are a fully engineered product designed for the Australian environment. The Carport Series has a range of flexible options in overall heights, and colour combinations. All components are cut to length and we provide all flashings and gutters at a longer than required length so they can be cut back on site which suit all kinds of cutting in. We don't do the big custom stuff like some others do, we stick to what we are good at, and what we are good at is garages around the 6x6 mark.

It's important to know you're good at, and it's also important to know what you should stay away from! 3) Import Cheap #&!% - as an Australian family owned business, we always try to support other quality Australian brands. We're a family owned business that wants to help other Australians buy quality Australian made sheds. Timber Floor Kits are designed as a cost effective alternative to laying a concrete slab for small garden sheds. Each Timber Floor Kit is made from 100% renewable plantation grown timber and ispre-treated to provide protection from insects and moisture. All other Garden Shed sizes not listed above can make use of the Timber Floor Kits however the flooring may be exposed outside the dimensions of the shed walls.

Please Note: If purchased without a garden shed this item will be shipped to your nearest free collection depot for collection. We have specifically designed this product to endure whatever mother nature wants to throw our way.
We also provide the option in wind rating depending on your requirements and the area you live in. We specialise in aviaries that are under the 3m mark, and you'll find quite a large selection to choose from.

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