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I filled them with small odds and ends that never seemed to have a place in my office such as my marketing materials (extra business cards, brochures), paper clips, binder clips, whole punch, battery chargers, etc. This next one wasn't as well planned out and I won't bore you with the details of how I created it. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
An excellent packing solution for shipping or storing clothes, these strong wardrobe boxes feature a plastic hanging bar and hand holes so they provide totally portable hanging clothes storage. Made from 100% recyclable premium double wall corrugated board, the wardrobe cartons are flat-packed and easy to assemble.
Wardrobe moving boxes save so much time as they are the simplest way to pack and protect garments when storing clothes or moving premises.
Hanging clothes storage boxes are the solution for various purposes – whether as wardrobe moving boxes, hanging space for extra garments or packing away out-of-season outfits. This question is from Wardrobe Box with Metal Hanging Bar 4 answers can the box be easily moved when fully packed?
The boxes are very easily moved when they are packed; just make sure not to put too many items on the bottom.
You can use the short wardrobes for longer items, too - just hang them on the rod and gently lay the overhang from the items along the bottom of the box. Depending on the thickness of the articles you put in the box, you could fill it with quite a bit of stuff. Yes, the box is one piece; you just unfold it and tape the bottom, then place the metal bar on the two openings. These boxes are made from double walled high quality cardboard so provide very good protection whilst in transit and are designed to be re-used.

To assemble, I glued (with the hottest setting on my glue gun) the bottom piece to the inside bottoms of the front and back piece.
See from the bottom how the bottom piece is glued to the inside of the front and back piece? I need to quit visiting your page because every time I look I want to do a new project…you are sooo talented! I covered some magazine files with scrapbook paper on my blog recently and they turned out super-cute, but I'm loving the fabric.
Secondly, I'm lusting after your craft space…if I promise to help you unpack, can I come borrow it??? Though they're less customizable than your boxes, bankers boxes are very sturdy, have the handle built in, and would work for those of us who just want the boxes, not necessarily the exact fit. Whoa, it was a massive undertaking and I realized that what I really needed was more storage. Now, measure 10 inches up the twine that is coming from the bottom box and make a mark with a sharpie. Wardrobe boxes are easy to handle and if more than one is used in a move we suggest identifying them with a marker pen. You can put some shoes or other items inside underneath the hanging clothes; just be sure to tape the bottom both ways (length and width). You can gauge how many boxes you'll need by measuring the width of the closet rods you'll be packing, then deducting about 2-3".
I have these really odd size cubby holes in my entertainment center and with this I can make them to the exact size I want!
I'm moving soon and I am definitely going to make some of those for my soon-to-be craft area.

I was originally thinking cloth with cardboard inside, but this is a lot easier and just as cute!
Your photos are lovely, the instructions are clear, and I can make cute stuff in no time on the cheap. No need for folding and packing while trying to avoid creases, as garments can simply be transferred from the existing cupboard and hung on the bar in the wardrobe moving box. I wonder if Ikea has some wood or plastic boxes in a similar style and then just cover them with fabric. I also tried this with a diaper wipes box, so that involved no cutting, but I know not everyone has toddlers running around, so thanks for the info on using any cardboard! If you put two 34", 1"x2" posts along the sides to support the weight of the bar, it will be Much sturdier, and support more weight. I was just thinking to myself, "man, my craft room needs some serious re-organizing" and then WHAM!
I can make a dozen of them for super cheap and they will all match.*sigh* I am totally in love with these boxes. And coincidentally, I had been saving all those cardboard boxes that come from my photo lab.

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