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Climate Controlled Storage Springfield MO - Eastway Storage 417-864-7867 Menu Skip to contentSERVICESCLIMATE CONTROLLED STORAGEBOAT STORAGERV STORAGEPRICINGABOUTBLOGCONTACT CLIMATE CONTROLLED STORAGE Have you ever stored something in your basement and later find it smelling musty or maybe it’s curled from being too close the furnace or the window?
Storage Climate ControlledWelcome to the most state-of-the-art, self-storage climate controlled storage facility in Southwest Missouri including Springfield, Nixa, Ozark and Republic. SCC is kicking off a Student Special for the next four weeks.  If you have a student ID and pay in advance by credit card, we will give you a free month’s rent for signing a three month lease. Metro Storage LLC is a privately owned, fully integrated, international self-storage operating company specializing in the development, construction, acquisition, and management of self-storage facilities in the USA and Brazil. The existing two-story structure will be repurposed and transformed into a five-story, climate controlled storage facility with 653 storage units.
The new store is located in a highly populated, residential area with close proximity to commercial and retail areas.
Construction of the 805 unit store will begin later this summer and is scheduled to open early in the second quarter of 2016 to serve the storage needs of Mundelein, Libertyville, and Vernon Hills.
Construction is scheduled to begin later this summer and will include raising the roof on the building to create two stories of climate controlled storage. Situated on the border of Chicago and the suburbs of Evanston and Skokie, the new 884 unit store is scheduled to open in Spring 2016 and will be the 19th Metro Self Storage® store in the Chicago area. The second store, a former auto dealership located at 9992 Baltimore Street NE in the Minneapolis suburb of Blaine, Minnesota, is a 627 unit, multi story building with 75,000 RSF of predominantly climate controlled self storage. About Metro Storage LLCMetro Storage LLC is a privately owned, fully integrated, international self-storage operating company specializing in the development, construction, acquisition, and management of self-storage facilities in the USA and Brazil. This new store adds 45,200 rentable square feet and 417 rental units to Metro Storage’s existing New York portfolio. In the first quarter of 2015, Metro is also scheduled to open a newly converted storage facility in the Minneapolis suburb of Blaine. The facilities are well-positioned on or near major retail corridors in strong demographic areas. The property at 6851 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, Minnesota consists of three one and a partial two story storage buildings containing 397 self storage units and 50 post office boxes. The facility at 5300 Shoreline Drive, Mound, Minnesota is part of a light industrial complex that was the former home to Tonka Toys.
The Class A store was built in 2008 and features 100% interior climate controlled storage, RV and truck parking, and state of the art security. In addition to the existing building, two new buildings will be developed on the property for a total of 97,500 gross square feet of single story traditional and climate controlled storage. Jay Harron, who has extensive international commercial real estate expertise and who previously headed up investment activity for Equity International, was named President of MSI. Under this partnership, MSI will be adding five newly developed MetroFit self storage facilities by the end of 2014 in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. LAKE FOREST, IL March, 2012 –Metro Storage LLC, the fifth largest privately held self storage operator recently signed a property management agreement with a local Chicago area self storage developer to provide professional property management services.
Metro Storage LLC, operating under the trademark Metro Self Storage®, is a privately owned, fully integrated real estate operating company specializing in the development, acquisition and management of self-storage facilities nationwide.
Why Great Architecture is Necessary for a Successful Self Storage FacilityThere are a lot of storage facilities that customers can choose from when they need to keep something safe, but what they end up choosing is not necessarily determined by price.
We offer personalized service designed to meet every kind of household and business storage need.
Devon Self Storage purchases existing buildings in order to convert them into climate-controlled self storage units of various sizes for lease.
Project: Renovations and addition to existing building located on a pier overlooking Manhattan.

Adaptive re-use of an existing building with new second story addtion, office, and climate controlled units. Alterations to existing building to provide climate controlled drive through storage facility with mezzanine and office spaces.
Alterations to existing approximately 130,000 square foot building to provide climate controlled drive through storage facility with mezzanine and office spaces.
Renovations of an existing 3 story building to a storage facility including new roof replacement with office and drive aisle. The ideal climate conditions are a rare occurrence in the naturally diverse weather patterns of our area.When deciding where to store your property, there are few things to consider before you go with the climate controlled storage center that is closest to you.
Features of the store include climate and non-climate controlled units, drive up access, an interior drive thru and loading bays, state of the art security, and a large modern retail office. Features of the new store will include multiple loading points around the building, 100% climate controlled units, drive up access, state of the art security and a large, modern business office. The fully fenced property consists of four single-story buildings, plus a 2? story office building and features drive up non-climate units, outdoor parking, and gated access and security cameras. This will bring the total number of Metro Self Storage stores in the Minneapolis market to six. Features include interior climate controlled units, convenient exterior drive-up storage units, post office boxes, wide asphalt driveways, perimeter fencing, automatic gates and doors, and video camera system. Nagel said that MSI seeks to partner with locally based individuals, institutions and capital sources who have a strong commitment to self-storage and who can contribute expertise such as land sourcing, development capabilities and capital to self-storage ventures. Headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, the company is the 11th largest operator of self-storage facilities in the United States with over 90 stores in 11 states. The new self storage development, opened in March 2012, is located at 6500 West Dakin Street, Chicago, serving the Merrimac Park, Portage Park and the surrounding neighborhoods on Irving Park Road. The newly constructed four story self storage facility features more than 670 units within 70,000 square feet of interior and drive-up climate controlled self storage product. While the cost of the unit is certainly a factor, so is the size of the facility, the types of units that are offered and other amenities that the facility has for customers. Metro operates in Brazil under the trade name MetroFit which is one of the fastest growing self-storage companies in Brazil. Demolition and conversion of the former Sears Parts and Repair Center is scheduled to begin in April. The property offers a variety of customer-friendly features including convenient on-site parking, interior and heated loading bay, state-of-the-art security with video surveillance and controlled access.
In order to have a successful storage facility, it's important to make sure there are three key areas covered. Remus Architecture is under contract with Devon Self Storage to evaluate prospective building purchases, expedite state and local submissions, develop the contracted design, and oversee construction.
Extended gate hours and climate controlled storage are just two of the many features available. In a regular storage facility, it’s kind of like putting your furniture or valuables in the back of a parked U-Haul and leaving them to smolder in the heat or cold. What goes on outside of the storage facility is likely to be going on inside of the facility, with the exception of precipitation (hopefully).
Located on Butterfield Road just north of Route 60 in Mundelein, the new state of the art, three-story facility will encompass 80,000 RSF of 100% climate controlled units and will be the company’s 18th store in the Chicagoland area. Located on a major north-south thoroughfare, this highly visible site is located close to retail and residential areas, and will be one of the first self storage facilities constructed in the market since 2000.
While most facilities have regular square units that range from small to large, they seldom have different designs of units that differ from the typical box shape.
With climate controlled storage, the temperature inside the storage unit is regulated and the humidity is controlled.

Features of the new store include: 100% climate controlled interior and drive-up units, two interior loading bays, state of the art security, and a large, modern office area. This is why taking advantage of unique architecture is so important for storage facilities that want to get a longer list of clients.
Facilities aim to keep the temperature between 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 40 degrees in the winter.
Headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, the company is the 11th largest operator of self-storage facilities in the United States with over 75 stores in 11 states.
The humidity is kept below 65% at all times of the year.Having the climate controlled inside of your storage unit can prevent damage to your furniture, electronics, artwork, fabrics, and whatever else you store. Extremely high and low temperatures, along with humidity, are the top factors that bring damage to items kept in storage. Also, bacteria, mold, spores, fungus, and pathogens are far more likely to get into your climate controlled storage unit if you’ve chosen a regular unit over one that is climate controlled.Eastway Storage Center offers climate controlled storage units at a very reasonable price.
Most storage businesses, will turn them away, as they don't have the covered space to offer them. The added expense over a regular unit is a small price to pay to keep your property in great shape. BUT, there are more and more facilities, that are starting to build covered areas that accommodate these types of items. It would be incredibly disappointing to go back to your valuables, furniture, and other property in your storage unit only to find that it is overcome with mold, warped by heat, or disintegrated from bacteria or termites.
Although this will mean new construction and renovations to the existing building, it's an investment that can definitely pay off. In the long run, renting a climate controlled storage unit is a lot less expensive than having to replace property damaged in a regular storage unit.Because climate controlled storage units are made to keep your items protected, you can store more things such as documents, microfilm, tapes, sonogram recordings, electronic devices, art, fabric and other sensitive material that you may not have thought possible to keep in storage units. After all, if just a small number of customers store their cars or other types of vehicles in the units for half of the year, a lot of money will be coming into the business. And, customers who see that these unique offerings are available are going to be more likely to go to the facility just because of that!3.
The climate control will keep your items better protected than any regular storage unit could, and you will be able to store several other types of things in a climate controlled unit than you ever could in a regular unit. AmenitiesPeople like amenities, which is why so many hotels have a long lists of those that they offer. The benefits of a climate controlled storage unit are worth that added cost.For your climate controlled storage, contact Eastway Storage Center at 417-864-7867. Besides having a lot of different sizes of units, a successful storage unit has to have a lot of different amenities that appeal to everyone. This should first include good security because nobody wants to store their belongings in a place that is not safe. While renovations and construction may be ultimately necessary, this should be looked at as an investment that will pay for itself many times over. There is a lot of competition out there, so it's important to set apart from all of the others!

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