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2mm torch on ashphalt underlay applied roof now watertight thank god it didn't rain for 4 days while waiting for the roofer to arrive!
To make it perfect I would have put a membrane around the outside and battened out to create an inch void behind the cladding, but that aside, this is a super shed. I'm guessing that the walls are spreading at the top, pushed apart by the roof gently saggingt.
Firstly, the ridgeboard in this roof is non-structural, and has no great influence on whether the ridge sags or not. Actually, other than aesthetically, there is no problem with stabilising your building with a sagging roof, so long as you can tolerate not-quite-straight walls, and so long as it doesn't sag any further. Incidentally, you have created a quality building that could easily be converted to a home office.
I mean you do a scale drawing and in your minds eye you know what 8 ft tall looks like But once the wall was up it looked massive far to big, the missus wanted to know if I was building a snooker hall in the garden!

He had the widow in the picture in his shed it had been removed from one off his clients because she did not like it and wanted it replacing with a bay type window, anyway I got it complete with double glazed units for ?80 which seemed a bargin very happy with it.
It is surprising how large these shed builds look when in framework, it's only when you start moving in the machinery that you wish you had built it even bigger! If you do find it's too small, you could always build a second shed and use one as a machine shop! I note from the photos that the only tie seems to be some twisted wire of some sort, which I presume is temporary.
When the framed walls were finished there was a couple of inch bow in the centre, I used the galvanized wire with fence tensioning adjusters to pull the wall into the the correct distance (well spotted Mike). I bet if you measure the distance between the walls at plate level you will find that your shed is wider in the middle than at the ends!
When you come to sell, this can be quite a selling point, depending on the location of your house.

The sag did not occur until the 18mm OSB was put on, I just assumed that the sag was caused by a combination of my poor joinery and the fact I'd used 4x2 for the ridge board (with hindsight I think something more substantial should have been used over such a long span (6m) 6x2 maybe? Total of 20 OSB boards inside and out and the ashphalt roofing material 2mm underlay and the 4mm gritted top sheet (struggled to lift just one roll and my own). When the roof had it's final covering torched on there were 2 of us working up there and if felt rock solid.

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