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The Amazon Rising reorganized 16,000 square feet of existing gallery and support spaces in the John G.
Traditional specimen tanks and their small glass windows were removed and replaced with large, full-height acrylic panels providing expanded views into the enlarged tanks and allowing the original back-of-house skylights to bring daylight into previously dark viewing galleries. In addition to the Amazon exhibit, other renovations and expansions of the Shedd Aquarium occurred including the Caribbean Reef & Rotunda Exhibit, the Philippines Exhibit , a water feature on site and miscellaneous infrastructure work and entry modifications.
When you live in Chicago, it’s bound to happen that friends and family will visit you. I’m not much of an architecture nerd, but I can appreciate a well-designed building when I see one. My favorite part of the entire experience is getting to learn about what good work Shedd has done, especially with the animals they’ve rescued and rehabilitated, like these adorable sea otters from the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and Nickel the sea turtle, who suffered injuries from a motor boat accident.
Here’s one of two rescued sea lions, a perfect example of some of the awesome work that Shedd does. I bet seahorses aren’t something you see everyday, but you know you wish you did–they give off this aura of tranquility.

There are tons of amazing places in Chicago that are a must-visit and the Shedd Aquarium is definitely one of them. I read your review on this and think it showed what a great place the Shedd Aquamarine is to take your kids.. I plan to write about Real Estate, MBA Studies, Photography, Travel, Family, Business and much more. One thing you’ll notice about Shedd is that every little detail is part of a theme–aquatic life.
You’ll notice, however, that after a while, you are bound to re-visit the same Chicago tourist attractions time and time again.
With details like octopus lamps, turtle door frames and marble walls that resembles ocean waves, the architecture is amazingly intricate. At the end of the trip, I think every one of my friends had pictures worthy of making screen-savers and desktop wallpapers with. I loved the picture of the subway and would probable be a big kid playing with things in there.

I could try and fit an entire itinerary in this post, but instead, I think the Shedd Aquarium deserves it’s own.
If you’re really looking for a fancy time, you can meet the penguins and belugas and everything for a premium price.
Due to the sheer size of the building, it was difficult to take pictures that would do it justice. If you’re an Instagram enthusiast like I am, I think the jellies takes the cake for the most photogenic creatures at Shedd.
Try to picture what the legendary city of Atlantis might look like, and now imagine it being removed from the sea and painted white.

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