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Disclaimer: Please note that some images used on our website are property of their respected owners. Designing a small garden can present as many challenges as planning a large space, if not more.
The gutter garden is among popular small garden design ideas mentioned every time people talk about space-saving gardening, and there is good reason for it too. WeeTree wall of plants Designing vertical gardens on a wall is difficult and best left to the pros, right?
Finally, the simplest of urban small garden design ideas is the one-pot or container garden. I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces.
I use this handy guide to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise. These are a few tips from my personal experiences to help you get the most out of plants you grow and cost you less. Be Prepared: Prepare your garden bed or pot before choosing the seeds, seedlings or plants that suit your climate zone. Consider the space you have to work with: I chose shallow rooted edibles like tatsoi, parsley, baby spinach, marigolds and skinny chives and spring onions which could all share this pot comfortably!
6 Tips for Abundant Edible Container Gardens Love to have an abundance of home grown food even from small space container gardens? If you need a little inspiration for your next plant container, the solution might be right at your feet … so to speak!  If you’ve only got space for a micro garden, shoes make easy planters for herbs, shallow rooted leafy vegies and succulents that all do well in small spaces. When your shoes have served their purpose, why not give them a new green life as a planter?  Add a few drainage holes with a screwdriver for soft soled shoes and use a drill for leather ones. Tips for Growing a Garden in Pots Want some low-cost creative ideas to get the most out of growing a garden in pots? Bananas are mineral rich and recycling the peels back into your garden saves money and returns these nutrients to the soil where they can benefit other plants. This garden gate has been used not only for functional vertical growing space with a mounted planter box filled with flower pots but also a handy place to hang some garden art.
Design Tips for a Productive Kitchen Garden Want to minimise pest problems & grow your edible garden in less space? Regardless of where you live, I’m a firm believer you can take advantage of some of the many benefits vertical gardening offers. The advantages of vertical gardens really come into their own in micro garden spaces where options are very limited but as most people live in urban areas, clever design ideas are a key to make the most of the space you have.
Maximise Limited Space:  Increase growing space especially when it is at a premium in a very tiny area. This kitchen garden has effectively used techniques like stacking raised garden beds and growing climbing veggies up trellises.
15 Helpful Design Tips for Vertical Gardens 15 Helpful Tips for Vertical Gardens: Need help with small garden design ideas? A garden makeover doesn't have to be complicated!Take this corner arrangement, which was transformed from a rubble filled building site in only a couple of days, as a diy project.It's amazing what can be done with a few basic materials and a bit of planning. The next example shows a self-contained project, replacing a crazy-paving patio and lawn with split-level decking. It is split into three levels, with many access points from different parts of the garden and house.

A much more pleasurable way to spend time in the garden, next to the sounds of the waterfall and surrounded by colourful plants!You can see other parts of the garden, from a different angle, below.This was taken just after the construction of the secluded patio area was underway, and forms the basis of the free pergola plans. And here is the pergola clothed in the most beautiful climbing plants.The pond can just be seen through the pergola, leading the eye and drawing you on a journey through the garden. Join the 'Love Gardening!' Ezine and receive garden and landscaping tips, exclusive voucher codes and updates to the website. See the 'Fantastic Offers' page for more bargains on pergola kits, tools and all things gardening!
When faced with a sloped garden it can always seem to be a challenge to know where to start, or to envision what can be done with the garden. Sign up to receive the Latest News, Case Studies & Gardening Advice from AGI Landscapes. One of the most practical structures on a small farmstead is a multi-purpose garden structure that can serve as a storage shed or cool pantry above ground, or as a root cellar or storm shelter below ground.
This earthbag shed is 8 feet in diameter inside (about 11 feet outside) and approximately 8 feet high. Built into a hillside, either partially or completely underground (with a swale and French drain to divert water).
String lines: The center string line establishes the circular shape and is lengthened accordingly to measure each course.
Bag filling: You can fill the bags using heavy-duty 2-gallon plastic buckets, which are small enough to handle comfortably. Arch form: We experimented with old tires to form the door arch, because the time and cost of building a curved form with plywood didn't make sense. The top one is my favorite, and I love the rose trelis…reminds me of your Portland driveway. The key parts of this modern trend are the nicely crafted ornaments, that cost a bit, but doesn’t require much maintenance to be in good shape. We have placed source to each and every image so that you can know where image came from originaly.
But, just like working with a larger space, designing a small garden needna€™t be too challenging or costly.
You use about three gutters to build a gutter garden where you grow plants in the sun and off the ground. Not necessarily, especially with options like WeeTree wall of plant created by WeeTree landscape designers of Chicago.
You simply take a single galvanised water trough or large enough pot, drill some drainage holes in it, fill it with soil and pack it with as many veggies and herbs as possible.
It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift. Instead of tossing it all, the kids picked up the bits, decorated them, and piled them along with some unique shoe planters and succulents, by a tree to make a cozy home for the wild lizards that hang around the school.
If your sole already has a hole worn through, the job may be done for you!  Just fill with potting mix and plant away.  See below for boot-iful DIY shoe planter projects. Clever use of vertical structures like a feature window box with colourful flowers or edible herbs is a simple solution. It also has a natural stream running down the far side - a unique and interesting feature, with woodland-style steps, made from sleepers, running beside it.The eye is drawn from the conservatory on the right, through the water feature in front, then to the dining area on the second level, and finally to the corner arbour at the top.
You don't need to do everything at once.Make your garden a place where you can be comfortable, relaxed and surrounded by beautiful things.

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However a sloped garden provides endless opportunities, one option can be to use decking to create terraces, walkways and steps within the garden. You can build this multipurpose structure for about $300 using earthbag construction (bags filled with earth and stacked like bricks). The string line that establishes the vertical dome curvature remains a constant length of 112 inches.
Both can be used for tamping walls, but the long-handled version is easier to apply more force. I attribute this to measuring the contents of each bag and placing them with a bit of care. The plants area is separated from the grass with strict borders, they seem more like an extension to the house that way, than a garden on it’s own. Fancy shrubs planted on stone walls, surrounding the whole house, facing the well-maintained modern lawn that takes a major part of the landscaping view, with some small trees in it.
It’s a modern trend to have a garden with terrain consisting only of decorative rocks and stones, they are pushing aside the classic designs with exotic flowers, full of colors. Also some wild plants, that can sustain longer on such terrain, some of them of exotic nature. Feel free also to browse other images within our very small garden ideas category, as those are best images about small garden ideas that could be found online.This is image source! With a bit of careful thought and planning, you can turn your small-space in to a beautiful garden without costing you the earth. Simply place horizontal planters in between fence posts to create a beautiful vertical garden effect.
If you are careful to grow complementary groups of plants together in your one-pot vegetable garden you definitely will grow enough herbs, fruit and vegetables to feed your whole family all summer, such as jalapenos, chives, basil and tomatoes.
It actually looks better on the photo than it was in reality.Emma loves plants, entertaining and being outdoors, and was determined to have a garden that allowed her to 'potter' to her heart's desire.This is how it looks now!
And the skills you learn by building the dome will serve you well if you plan to build a larger earthbag structure or even an earth home. At the top of a larger dome, the earthbag thickness and cantilever (corbel distance) have to be adjusted slightly so it's more conical.
In some cases, only three buckets of road base are necessary to make a shorter bag to avoid ending a bag above a previous joint.
Here are some small garden design ideas you can implement on a budget and grow enough herbs, fruit and vegetables to feed your whole family all summer. You have total control of watering and can even make gardening greener by using salvaged gutters. The design accomplishes several goals at once: you create shading for a building, hide ugly walls and grow row after row of veggies, herbs and ornamentals even on postage stamp-sized backyards.
Even though shoveling is faster, it's easier to pull the material into a bucket than to lift the material with a shovel. To keep bags open when filling, use a "bucket chute," a funnel made by cutting the bottom inch off of a 4-gallon bucket.

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