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Last week, I posted a photo and description of the Suncast Wood and Resin Playset from our local Costco in Oak Brook Illinois and commented that I was pleased that we purchased the Cedar Summit version last year because I preferred the looks of all-wood version over this year's edition that has a lot of plastic panels and elements. The majority of the Costco Clubs in the US will be featuring the Mountainview Resort by Cedar Summit.
If I was in the market for a swingset, I wouldn't go any further than Costco and get the Cedar Summit Mountainview Resort. If you find yourself in a Costco market (midwest+Texas) that only carries the Suncast version, go find the manager of the store and see if they'll help you buy one from a different region.
I was just at Costco Laval and they had the cedar mansion playhouse on clearance as well at $349.97. Costco Candiac finally lowered their price on the doll house to 199.97 - I managed to pick up the last one that was in stock. But I must say, someone must have had some inside information at this location of when the price was going to drop.

I noticed at Heartland today that they had the Cedarvalley Lodge play set on clearance for $899.98.
If you are still looking for the playhouse I have a brand new in sealed box one available for sale.
Return it and let someone know so they can go buy it from Coscto at the cheaper 139.97 clearance. I'm bringing this thread back up - for those that have the playhouse, how did it survive the winter?
The 2012 Suncast structure is made up of both wood and a lot of plastic parts - unlike the Cedar Summit.
The slide isn't set up on this one in the store, but it is billed as being 'configurable', so you can put the slide, ladder, and climbing wall in any one of three spots. I'm (obviously) biased because I bought the playset last year, but I'm pleased with that decision.

Being Costco, I'm guessing that they fully vetted this vendor and they'll stand behind it, so if you are in the market for a playset, you can buy with confidence. I'm a 38 year old father of three (2 beautiful girls and one bouncing baby boy).We live out in Elmhurst - in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I had been going for the past 2 weeks almost daily and it was always regular price with 6 boxes in stock.

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