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While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. September 10, 2012 By Michelle Barneck 13 Comments I can’t believe it’s finally time! You can see in this desk pic that I even snuck some storage and a laser printer (thus the random cord) under the desk.
On the wall I have cork boards for inspiration pics, a whiteboard to keep track of accounting. But in my book, the piece de resistance is this hutch (separate post) that she purchased for 75$ and painted a gorgeous shade of jade green.
For more deets you can go to her craft room on a budget post, and the hutch post on Older & Wisor.
I have seen this craft room before and was so impressed with how she really did keep to a budget and got a fabulous room. If you love these how to be organized tutorials ?then you'?ll find THOUSANDS more just as creative over on the Tip Junkie Creative Community! The flooring, electrical outlets, and lighting were replaced, and the walls were patched and painted.
I have a built-in desk that goes from one end of the room to the other and then into an L-shape.
Now, for some organization… some of these ideas have evolved since the original photos of the room were taken, so you may see a few details that look slightly different than in the pics above.
All of my buttons and bulky embellishments are stored in baby food jars that I begged my friends to save for me. In the center of the embellishments are ribbon shelves made from upside down crown molding. If you’d like to have your craft room featured at Craftaholics Anonymous, send an email to [email protected]!
Thanks so much for allowing us into your creative space, you’ve been an inspiration to me today!

Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. Then, comes my L-shaped desk made with Ikea items (mixture of Galant tops with Vika Alex drawer and storage units). I have literally used it more in the time I set it there than in the whole time I owned it previous.
It is fairly deep and I decided it was the perfect place to store non-seasonal home decor not currently in use.
Love all the Ikea and Target stuff (that regular people like me could possibly get) and the big desk with so much space… gorgeous and so fun! It is perfect because all of the pieces were created by her and makes her room completely unique! I love how her own style is expressed, yet she ends up with a cute room that’s also functional. Coupons Below!Click on any coupon below to SAVE BIG on crafting organization & storage products! Its been a long week for me, so I’m excited to hand the reins over to Amy to give us a tour of her gorgeous craft room! Above, my favorite part of the craft room, is a gorgeous shelf with paper storage on the bottom and ribbon and embellishment storage on the top. They cut it in half, so that I could keep our pets (and their shedding hair) out but still have the door open if I choose. I can use it to plug in my laptop, glue gun, Gypsy, anything I need, without having to crawl under the desk to reach an outlet.
Their lids were spray-painted silver and they fit on the shelves above the paper shelf perfectly. The photo above shows a $5 cabinet we got at Goodwill, which now houses my printer and paper on top, and cleaning supplies inside. I am in love with so many of the styling of rooms you had in this line up WOW, oh and totally copying that garage dresser! I measured and shopped and shopped and mapped out the room and finally got all the puzzle pieces to work with some great Ikea items.
As cute as it is (and it is VERY cute!) the best part is when she says she’s working on a budget-she really means a real budget, and not thousands of dollars. The post includes a DIY craft room desk built from stock white cabinets purchased from Lowe's and countertops made from laminate flooring and plywood. A fabulous post to look through and get inspiration to create or re-create a space for your family to do craft projects.

I had my dad build me a sawhorse craft desk and then things started coming together from there.
If so, check out this way to not only store and organize your twine but do it in a cute way!
If so, check out this way to not only store and organize your tape but do it in a cute way! If so, check out this way to not only store and organize your thread but do it in a cute way! All of my solid color scraps are within reach, so I tend to use them before going for a full sheet of card stock. I also use 3-ring binders with clear page protectors for flat embellishments such as sheets of bling or stickers.
The other areas behind the curtains also house my Cricut mats, mailing supplies, a garbage can, and a file cabinet. It has a huge round diffuser (like 2 ft) and makes me feel like I am in a casino because I can never tell what time it is.
I upcycled two existing bookcases to have it out in the open where I could easily see what I have to swap out on occasion. Using this step by step tutorial you?ll be able to create a holder that suits your style and needs perfectly and you don't need any power tools. Using this step by step tutorial and you'?ll be able to create a holder that suits your style and needs perfectly and you don't need any power tools.
Using this step by step tutorial you?ll be able to create a holder that suits your style and needs perfectly! My blog is all about getting crafting items free or super cheap, so keeping in that spirit, last year I bartered with my incredible neighbors. It always seems like the middle of the day. I usually have the blinds open to let what little natural light there is in, but opted to shut them for pics because really who needs a view of the window well?
I just noticed that in some of the pics some of the labels are missing and then they magically appear in another. Rebecca from Older and Wisor takes old and discarded items and paints them fun fresh colors to make her craft room sing with a super hip and fun vibe. A FABULOUS custom-built craft room of my own for only $22 out of my pocket…yes, $22!!

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