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Okay, listen, I will send you the tickets and you just need to come up here for a wee visit and I have a multitude of projects for you!!! Hi Laurie, I wasn't able to respond to your comment via email because of the way you set up your account so I decided to edit the post to answer your questions.
On the list of the many necessary and not always pretty things in life, garage doors rank pretty high. Even though it’s been a few years, I still love this tutorial for adding wood to your garage door to make it look like a carriage door.

The Sunset Lane added new house numbers, and then used a free-or-cheap material to fake the look of carriage door straps — paint stir sticks!
You coudl do this in a solid color or really any color you can dream up — General Splendour used a combination of lightweight wood planks and paint to update her garage door.
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That looks fabulous, I have a trellis almost exactly like this pinned on Pinterest that I want to copy!

I’d put them up there with laundry rooms, although laundry rooms have lots more options to update them! But a boring garage door can still be remedied, and fairly inexpensively with these DIY garage door update ideas.

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