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This had been a long-time dream of mine, and I fondly imagined my first harvest, curing my flowers to perfection, and collecting their resin for concentrates. Momentarily discouraged, I quickly scrapped the idea of a dedicated room filled to the brim.
After months pouring over cannabis related text and furrowing my brow at various nooks throughout my home, I saw through the problem.
My sights set, I loaded Google's 3D rendering freeware, Google SketchUp, and got to work.
The first thing to deal with was the Intake and exhaust - a clean environment and fresh air for my plants. Of course I wanted to filter the intake air to keep out dust, pet hair, pollen, mold and the like.
I built a box inside the cabinet to hold the grills, so I could place the filter on the back of the cabinet. Now that my fan room was set up, I allowed the exhaust to escape upward into a carbon filter.
After the initial investment, $1.64 was my total cost per gram when I factored electricity, carbon filter, and nutrients. Affordable medicine is a right, and medicinal Cannabis sets a standard for patient autonomy.
Sirius: This is definitely an advanced method of creating a grow box, but he makes sure to include a lot of things one needs to consider when creating one, such as ventilation and making sure to leave room for everything you need.
And creating the perfect growing environment is just one technique to getting seriously killer harvests in your grow cabinet.
I thought I already knew it all, but after I went through this grow bible, I discovered that there were still lots of easy ways I could increase my yields and grow even more potent buds! Very nice, I have 4 that sprouted just the other day and i am growing them with els and cfl's, Im rather interested to see what they will end up like, I wanna know what I'm looking forward too good luck with the grow, I'm in. The all new G-tools G-kit Bonanza 600w grow box from g-tools improved equipment, improved design and improved look! Tagged best, box, cabinet, chamber, g-tools, grow, growing, hydroponics, indoor, kit, lights, northern, stealth, tent, uk.
You can make your own beautiful homemade grow box for indoors and out easily, many times out of normally throw-away and recyclable materials.

This was followed by the knowledge and urgency that I needed to get some plants in the ground immediately.
I saw myself carefully journaling their progress, and eventually becoming an expert caretaker of myself and my marijuana garden. I began with getting clear about my intentions; I wanted to inconspicuously and autonomously produce my medicine.
Rest assured: some paper, a pencil, a little math, and careful planning will work just as well! In any enclosed grow area such as a tent or grow cabinet, it's important to have a larger opening for intake than for exhaust. Since these produce more light from the side(the long side as opposed to the plug and tip of the bulb), light coverage could be maximized by positioning them front to back.
Take a minute and sign up to enjoy all of the great features and content on the 420 Magazine Forums. Here are 12 grow box plans and ideas to get you thinking about how to make your own DIY homemade grow box.1- Stealth Grow Box on the CheapYou can make an unobtrusive and stealthy grow box out of an old dresser. This will maximize the efficiency of your fan in addition to keeping it working for longer. Some creativity was required to install the Cool Tube to keep my HPS bulb from becoming too hot. I have 2 that have been flowering 30 days, 3 flowering for 2 days, 4 in veg for 4 weeks more, 1 clone hopefully to be a bonsai mother. This is good for the purpose obviously in this article, but you can also make a great stealthy and hidden grow area that fits into the kitchen or living room without being a big, bulky mess like most grow carts.2- A great, diy contained grow box cartIt is another great idea for a grow box. The fan combined with a 400 watt light and Cool Tube from a previous grow gave me something to design around. Good as marijuana grow box, this box can be environmentally controlled easily and makes growing your pot a streamlined process. It can even go in the garage.3- A tool chest repurpose box for seedlingsThis is a super sleek way to make good use of an old tool chest. You can even install it high as a grow-cabinet.4- A PC grow box is super slick!This is a pretty genius way to make your seedling grow box look like your PC tower. Complete with a method of removing scent, this is an ideal starter grow box plan for those who’ve never done anything like this before.

You can skip the carbon filter if you use it for growing something else too of course.5- A basic tote marijuana grow box for 90 bucks!This box’s plans are designed so that you can grow your plants from start to finish and harvest, all in this one contained growing environment. This grow cabinet is designed to be super stealthy and grow your plants from start to finish, all while looking like a large storage cabinet.
Designed to be set in the light cart, and then taken outside with ease, you can start your seedlings in this box and grow them on simply.9- A large yet stealthy box perfect for the serious hobbyistThe box plan on this one calls for a little more spending cash, but the ease of use and years you’ll get out of it would make this a worthwhile investment. Very well thought-out!10- Gorgeous stealth armoire cabinetThis idea would place your grow box right into your home without a second thought from the outside.
The build is incredibly slick, and it’s designed to grow again, from start to finish without having to move plants or have more than one grow apparatus.11- A simple and cheap grow box for finicky plantsFor those of us that live in areas where it gets really dry, this little homemade grow box can make growing humidity loving tropical an easy breeze.
Would also be ideal for propagation- with cuttings and starting difficult to germinate seeds. 12- Another tote becomes an all contained indoor grow boxThis is perfect for needy plants or for starting plants you want to keep hidden. Once you’re finished, you can clean it up and store the whole shebang in it, which easily slides under a bed or into a closet.13- Make a Built-in with this idea!This weed grow box would work well, as the instructions state, for housing properly trained mother plants. If you’re looking for something stealthy, this basic design can be customized easily.16- A basic full grow-out box simple designIt is a another great starting place, but this grow box tutorial is suited for growing anything from seed to harvest without having to relocate or make a larger box after the seedlings outgrow their smaller PC stealth grow box or something similar.
This design incorporates everything you need- ventilation, adjustable lighting, and temperature control. And, like the previous basic box design, this one can also be customized on the outside to look like another furniture piece, or part of a row of cabinets. You can suit it to go anywhere.We hope these grow box designs offer something that you were looking for. From growing plants that you use later like marijuana that needs to be hidden (but not in all states now!), to a simple box you want to grow some culinary herbs or flowers in, these builds will suit all needs. I started my work at the beginning of 2007 by engaging myself with detail reading and exchanging information with others. Since then things and times have changed, but one thing remains the same and that is my passion for helping and educating people, building a successful blog and delivering quality content to the readers.

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