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The heels are made of actual ice cream cones which have been stiffened by a special procedure using synthetic resin same as for surf boards!
ScrapHacking is about conceptually seeing and practically seizing potential, about re-shaping and re-purposing, making the old look new - or the boring shine & sparkle from an inspired injection of love and creativity. The output of ScrapHacking is Scrappy Chic - an aesthetic which always favors a clever idea or fun process over a perfect result.
If you, like me, happen to live in a place where spring hasn’t quite arrived yet, why not give the Disco Wedges from DIY Couture a go?
I just gave my very sad pair of grey pumps a neon bump of colour, and they are strutting me down the street like nobody’s business.
I’m not a scrapbooker but I can’t walk past a scrapbook store without getting sucked in every time by all of the gorgeous textures, patterns and colors. I think I’m not alone in feeling that this virtual age, which definitely has its benefits, needs balance. If you’d like to make your 3D Paper Butterfly Art 8.5 x 11 inches, which includes 20 butterflies, click here for a printable grid! If you’d like to make your 3D Paper Butterfly Art 20 x 24, which includes 54 butterflies, click here for a printable grid! Inspiration pic from Stockholm Streetstyle, Studded DIY Tutorial from TransientExpression – HERE! A really great way for a make-over of shoes that you haven’t worn for a long time, because you just have had enough of them! I am still a little old-fashioned when it comes to taking notes and I usually have at least two pocket notebooks in my purse at all times (one for craft ideas and the other for making to do lists). Follow the directions below to make your own personalized, budget-friendly pocket journal out of cereal boxes inspired by my favorite Moleskine notebooks. Clever -yet stylish- ideas on clever re-purposing, upcycling and recycling take centre stage. This post features 11 awesome Party Shoe DIY ideas from the blogosphere that will re-invent and inject instant Wow! Once they’re in my hands I’m instantly like a preschooler; I don’t really care what I make, I just can’t wait to play with pretty things!

Without gluing yet, place your new butterflies on the watercolor paper inside the frame to decide how you want to arrange them.
After the glue is dry gently lift each wing, bending it up and away from the watercolor paper. You can print right on your desired paper, but I recommend printing a test copy on cheap paper first to make sure everything is in working order. With a little trimming this size also fits into 18 x 24 or 16 x 20 inch standard frame sizes. I’ve used them on handmade greeting cards and place cards, I’ve used sticky tack to apply them directly to walls and glued them to the tops of wrapped presents. Get crafty and create your own personalized expression inspired by this Top 10 pick of awesome DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Sneakers, brought to you by from crafty corners of the DIY Blogosphere. I realized that I am also very picky when it comes to choosing the perfect notebook, and for those of you who are like me, I've got a solution for you!
Choose your favorite decorative paper and a stylish button to create the perfect notebook that suits your own style. Your always faithful, Fashion Diva is here today with an outstanding collection of 26 diy ideas how to make bows. You can embellish your old blouse with bows or you can make a headband for your little kid. Today’s post celebrates Ice cream by gathering a bunch of hacky ideas from crafty corners of the DIY blogosphere. I also very much enjoy your witty writing, that doesn’t come natural to all of us you know;-) See you around! It’s therapeutic to just have a handmade object in your space but even more enriching to spend time crafting a tactile, dimensional work of art. Place the glass over your watercolor paper, lining up as many edges as you can to save you cutting time.
I prefer to use scrapbook paper with lots of different prints for a patchwork feel and colors that complement, but don’t exactly match, the room the finished art will go in.
You can put them in a perfect grid, use a ruler and lightly mark with pencil where you want them glued, or scatter them across the page as if they are taking flight.

I prefer to use a low temperature glue gun because it gives me a lot of control and dries quickly and cleanly. You don’t necessarily need to make a crease in your butterfly; just a subtle lift looks great.
You can glue them to bird cages, magnets, hair bows, paper lanterns, mirror frames, the sky is the limit! Embark on a voyage of DIY discovery of studs, polka dot, super sparkly bling, chevron and budget versions of Miu Miu, Missoni and Prada designs! They look great on flats, hair accessories, pillows and are especially great for wrapping presents. The hacks are sure to leave both you and your shoes sparkly & reinvigorated, ready to dance into Saturday nights full of that swirly joy only the pride of self-made can bring. If you feel the same, here’s a fun way to play with paper -and if you are a scrapbooker you can put all of those leftover paper pieces to good use!
If you don’t want to risk ruining your paper in the printer you can print on cheap paper, use a pin to poke holes in the dots, then place your grid on top of your desired paper and mark hole placement with a pencil.
Then use a pin to poke holes in the dots and place your grid on top of your desired paper to mark hole placement with a pencil. The result is a rejuvenated soul and also colorful wall art that would look good in the common areas of your home or child’s bedroom. Put your newly cut watercolor paper into the very front of the frame with the glass behind it, at least for now.
If you want to strengthen the relationship with your daughter, ask her to help you or you can surprise her with a lovely bow hairpiece. If you have some other interesting bow ideas or you have already made some, please leave me a comment below, because I would love to see them.A Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!

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