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My kids are already older so I don’t have to worry about their big toys, holiday decorations are stored in the attic, so it looks like my shed will be primarily used for garden equipment, some power tools and bikes. Since I determined shed’s purpose at the beginning it’s time to pick the size and visualize the interior features (shelves, organizers, etc.).
The easiest way to determine shed’s size is to organize all the items that you’re planning to put in the shed on a flat surface.
My backyard’s landscape isn’t going to change in the future, I have my pond, decks, little garden, and the flowerbeds already “strategically” positioned.
My shed has to be easily accessible so I can move all the equipment in and out without destroying anything around it.
It has to comply with local zoning department requirements – distance from the property line, square footage, etc. I’m 30 miles north of Chicago, a four season climate, so my shed needs to withstand heavy winds, snow, rain, cold and heat. My local building department says that I do need a building permit for my shed if its floor area exceeds 40 square feet, which it most likely will. Imagine getting a violation ticket from a local building inspector forcing you to take that brand new shed apart. I know the size of my shed, got the requirements, and looked at my bank account.Sky may be the limit or you may need to go easy on your project, adjust your dreams a little. This is a subject that needs a little more exploration, go to free shed plans to discover what I’m considering to use for my shed project. Frankly, this question can look a little daunting if you haven’t gone in recently to get a permit. Permits come from local governments, of course, and most of us are about as eager to tangle with the government as we are to get an appendectomy. In Virginia, you generally do not need a building permit for any shed that is less than 256 sq. A final caution: if you are living in an HOA-regulated home, then do check the regulations.
If you would like to speak with us about getting a permit, or to find out whether a shed we offer needs one, just contact us, and we’ll be in touch with you.
Service AreaWe deliver storage shed solutions to customers across the state of Virginia and parts of West Virginia.
Top Shed Builders in Harrisonburg, VA St. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community.
With that in mind, I have to submit for a permit, so I wanted to get everyones idea on what your thoughts were. It is one thing for a 10x12, but many localities have different requirements when you are building something the size of a garage.
I spoke with the building permit dept last year and was told, I needed to submit my plans with a copy of my lot diagram to show placement. All I was told was that the building plan had to meet residential building codes, but if I were purchasing from a shed builder, I needed to submit 2 copies of their brochure.
I contacted the Permit department of the county then emailed them a copy of my plans to see if I needed anything additional.
I contacted the permit office yesterday, again, to ask how long it would take to get a permit. When I spoke with Planning and Zoning, I was told, they send back an approval or denial within a couple days. Health kind of made me laugh a bit because if they inspect before a build starts, what good is a site visit for a visual inspection? Assuming both of these departments approve, it then goes back to Permits for their building inspector to review the plans.
BTW, is it normal for someone to wait for HOA approval 1st, or should one submit a permit request while waiting for the HOA?

What I CANNOT believe is that they are letting you install a 13' X 24' building and calling it a "mobile structure"!
One of the neighbors built this really nice looking garage, and this person was complaining about it because they weren't parking their cars in it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced carpenter or still going through the learning curve, it’s always extremely important to have everything ready in place before beginning the project. Those are actually questions that I needed to answer before beginning construction of my shed. There are all kinds of tools, pressure washer, lawn mower, bikes, cardboard boxes from whatever I’ve purchased over the years, and two cars.
That makes finding a place for my shed much easier because I don’t have to worry about my wife asking to move it 1 foot to the left to make room for some new plants. Attaching my shed to the house is one of the options but that would require a full foundation and raise its cost significantly. To get a more exact number you’ll need to find a shed plan that includes material list, go to your local lumber yard or some home improvement store, and determine the total cost of the project. So going in to the county offices to ask for a permit can look like a daunting mess of red tape. But from our experience delivering thousands of sheds across Virginia and West Virginia, it is to your advantage to do a bit of permit homework. There are all kinds of horror stories of people who had to repaint, reroof, or remove a shed because the HOA wagged their finger at the storage building.
Our Design Consultants have years of experience in helping clients get a shed into the backyard.
Interested in a FREE, personalized, professional design consultation to help you design your shed or gazebo?
Show the location in relation to property lines, house, and any other buildings on the lot. Around here, it would be called a detached garage and HAVE to be on an approved foundation. If you want the plans I posted, snatch them now because I'm going to take them off very soon.
If you want to wire your building yourself, you may be able to do that, but it will need to be inspected.
There are some locations in Virginia that have stiffer requirements than the Commonwealth does. They can help you take care of your permit, if you are one of those who actually needs a permit. WE HAVE A MAP TO MAKE THIS EASIER, HERE.Although local governments have different rules and regulations regarding sheds, they all have commonalities. If you want A GREAT SHED THAT WILL LAST, then this is it.With the assembly, everything that could be done for you is. At any rate, if you want to run electrical service to and in your building, call your friendly local county or city office and have a chat with them. Otherwise, simply go to your local county or city office (online or on foot) and ask about requirements. Plastic, Metal, Wood or Fabric?Trying to get to the bottom of buying a shed?Building a shed is a big deal,  and its something you don’t want to have to do twice. And of course, we can answer questions, since we’ve covered this territory many, many times before.
PlacementBuilding sheds on an easement (underground pipes), or too close to a boundary or another building is a No-No.
Won’t it look like a Tupperware container or doll house?The truth is plastic is a great material to make a shed.
Come to find out, the shed was 6 inches (yes, you read right — SIX inches) too close to the property line. With plastic, you can have an economical design that you might find in a big city with a wood style finish that might be found at a country house.Plastic sheds look neat, can be assembled by almost anyone and have little maintenance issues if installed correctly.

They also add value to your home by storing your items, but also looking great in your yard.The mold injection process allows manufacturers to make every part of the shed as they want, and build it thoughtfully.
This thoughtful design can provide you with natural light through windows, a dirt resistant easy to clean floor, or a slight ramp for easy access with the mower.Plastic sheds also come in a wide variety of sizes, from a small utility cupboard for storing smaller items outside, to 15 x 8 ft. In this way plastic sheds can be good to store more specific items like a ride on mower, or long handled garden tools.Plastic sheds are good value sheds that are easy to install and maintain.
Tornado Alley), you may need to get a permit so the city or county know your shed can withstand those weather conditions. The two key ones are that they are affordable, and durable.Metal sheds do the job all year round, and if installed correctly can stand up to some pretty harsh weather conditions. But even in areas that have moderate climates, the City or County may ask you to build the shed to a certain standard, (i.e.
Using metal also means that the shed wont need painting or sanding or any maintenance really.This is why metal is also popular with professional shed, factory and warehouse building firms. But the fun is in the shed raising.Because it’s MOSTLY ALL DONE FOR YOU, it’s a great family project. All you need to do is teach the kids (or wife) how to paint!The barn roof INCLUDES 3FT HIGH LOFT STORAGE, for extra capacity.
The paperwork, added time and extra money required CAN TURN PEOPLE OFF putting up a shed altogether.
You can even paint it to suit your house.Out of the different materials for making sheds, wood sheds are typically the best looking. The instructions are available online so you can see what you’re in for before it arrives.For those who are wary of cheaper purchases, the shed comes with a LIMITED WARRANTY FROM ARROW FOR 12 YEARS. The steel is also galvanized and the paint finish is baked on enamel which is quite hardy.There are accessories available for this shed which are needed for some. The wood acts as an insulator that helps regulate temperature, which the other materials don’t do.More recently wood shed kits have become popular with DIYer’s. They can save time, and with a kit you don’t need a lot of tools on hand to put up a wooden shed.The drawback is that they can take the most time to construct, especially from plans.
But if you do build it yourself, you can save yourself money and have a strong shed that will last you for many years.Wood sheds do require some maintenance such as painting and checking for rot. There are plenty of screws and washers that come included with the shed that need installing.
Here is everything you need.Fabric ShedsYes it may look like a tent, but it’s actually a fabric shed.
We recommend a cordless drill rather than a screwdriver.The siding is vinyl coated to help protect it from the elements. An inexpensive, easy and convenient storage solution, which will protect your items in good or bad weather.Fabric sheds are surprisingly good at keeping the harsh weather out.
The HORIZONTAL SIDING HELPS ADD STRENGTH AND RIGIDITY to the shed which will also extend the sheds life.Like all Arrow sheds, the foundation isn’t included but there is information in the instructions which cover how best to do it. Whether it be frost, snow or the scorching heat of the sun.Although most don’t come with a floor (added extra), they cover all 4 sides and the roof which does keep the majority of weather out. Look and ColorSheds typically have to fit in with the status quo and the look of the residence. Stuff like firewood, your riding mower, outdoor furniture, your motorbike and ATV.Fabric sheds are also popular with market and fete stall owners because of their convenience and mobility. They go up quick and easy, and a folded up fabric shed will fit into the trunk of your car.But one of the biggest advantages is also a disadvantage. This excess movement will eventually cause tears and rips in the shed lining.Some reviewers think they can get 5 years out of their shed, before having to replace the cover. There are really NO BELLS AND WHISTLES HERE just a shed that requires no maintenance to store your stuff in.The look is nice, without being great and the design is functional.

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