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If you are having trouble placing your order on our website, please feel free to place a telephone order. Overlap timber is very weather resistant and the traditional apex roof which is made from sheet material and covered with black sand felt ensures that the inside of the shed is perfectly dry. This nationwide service is conducted by our skilled Forest installation teams at an agreed time which is convenient for you. All orders are acknowledged with a receipt of purchase and you will be contacted prior to delivery. 100% of the Forest range now features the FSC logo the timber used is sourced in a responsible way. The shed has been made very well so it is not something that is style over substance, far from it.
On the top of the shed we have this very attractive apex roof which is made from solid sheet boarding and then covered with some green sand felt.
Those rustic looking walls are made with 8 mm thick overlap cladding that is joined together so well that rain cannot get inside the shed. Inside the shed they have used a thick and solid 28 mm x 28 mm frame that is well made so that the shed has a very robust design that will last for a long time.
The floor is one of the strongest and most impressive parts of the shed, so impressive that we are still scratching our heads trying to figure out how for this price they could have a floor like this. As we said earlier the wood does go through a pressure treatment process which makes it very strong and also far more resistant to rot. The door certainly has an eye catching look thanks to its vertical cladding and two large black hinges. The shed is very well made and on the door there is a hasp and staple which will keep it tightly closed, but this does not actually lock the door so you will need to have a padlock or take a look at one of their security options if you do intend to keep expensive things in the shed.
The window will let in natural light, but it is not so large that people walking past will be able to have a sneaky look and see what items you have inside. The shed we feel would look fantastic in many different colours so if you do want to flex those creative muscles then have a think about giving the shed a coating of paint.
It’s March 20th and you know what that means!  Finally, spring is well and truly here!  Are you as excited as we are?  This winter seems to have just dragged on and on.  We are ready for some temperate air, pretty flowers and sunshine!
With the arrival of spring comes a bevy of household tasks, and invariably something always gets overlooked.  We hope this quick list helps you plan and prioritize your spring chores! Traditional Exterior by West Hartford Siding & Exterior Contractors Bartlett Brainard Products Co.
Move on to examining the siding, gutters, fascia and trim work.  Again, you are looking for any signs of damage, water or wildlife infiltration, missing fasteners or areas that may need some paint. Next, look at the chimney.  Look for any missing mortar, cracks, moss growth or efflorescence (powdery white discoloration, pictured below) and make note of anything that needs to be addressed. Go over your foundation looking for cracks or other concerns.  Does it need a new coat of sealant? Now take a look at your drive way.  Does your gravel need to be redistributed?  Does the asphalt need to be resurfaced?  Are there any areas damaged by erosion? Look over your decks, porches and patios.  They may need repairs, cleaning, painting or a fresh coat of stain and sealant. Pull your patio furniture out of storage and survey it for maintenance needs.  Does it need cleaned?  How about a coat of paint?  If you have cushions be especially vigilant about seeking out mold and cleaning it off with an appropriate bleach solution. Assess the state of your post winter lawn.  Do you need to rake, aerate, seed or fertilize?  Check out the landscaping and take note of places that could use more mulch, etc. Make sure the 4x4's are pressure treated, you can set the 4x4's on concrete blocks like in the first picture or if you set the 4x4's directly on the ground make sure the joist are pressure treated as well.

Use 2x6 for joist and you can set those 4x4's anywhere from flush to the outside ( which is no longer cantilevered ) to at the most 12" in. Use 8' 2x4's sitting on the top plates and nailed securely to the side of the rafters, these will be your collar ties and will hold the whole thing together. I have worked with 4x4 pressure treated before making a pergola and they warp a good amount. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. How many concrete piers do I need to support a 10 x 10 wooden floor supporting a 1600 lb shed? As you've probably noticed from my prior post, I'm in the process of building a foundation for a garden shed.
How many concrete piers would you suggest I use in order to support a floor of this size and an empty distributed building weight of 1600 lbs (without people standing on it).
As with any advice you get here, keep in mind that you must stay within the bounds of IRC building codes adopted by your local municipality. NOTE: Any specific sizes I use are merely examples of how one can increase the strength of a structure. If you were to support serious weight in this shed and you wanted to support the structure on rows of posts on concrete pillars, then you would run beams across the posts, then floor joists across the beams perpendicular and the floor would sit on top of the joists. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged concrete exterior foundation shed or ask your own question. What do I need to consider when enlarging a basement apartment by opening up an attached garden shed? Delivery times are subject to stock and busy periods and should be taken as an estimate. Any problems relating to the product must be reported within 7 days from receipt and must be supported by your receipt of purchase.
This is one very well made and impressive looking shed that thanks to its special little window on one of the sides has a very charming personality. You see this shed has been constructed with wood that has undergone a pressure treatment process to ensure it can handle anything the weather can throw its way.
The actual boards are very strong and even if we get many inches of snow and a whole bunch of the neighbourhood cats want to use your shed roof as their meeting spot, it can handle the weight. They really have done an amazing job with this cladding and we are not just talking about how good it looks either.
With a frame like this inside the shed, you will have no worries about the shed getting a bit flimsy as time goes by.
While the solid sheet boarding used for the floor boards may not be the most impressive kind of flooring out there the fact that they have used pressure treated floor joists really makes this one of the strongest floors we have seen on a sub ?200 shed. This takes away the need for annual treatment, but a coating every now and again is not going to hurt and if anything it will give you that piece of mind that your awesome looking shed is well protected from rot.
This is a single door, but we feel that it is wide and high enough so that it can easily handle you getting larger items inside the shed.
This window is made from anti shatter polycarbonate so you have no worries about smashed glass being in or around the shed so if you do have a couple of kids running around the garden this is another thing that would make this a good shed for you. Also you do actually get wood treatment in a variety of colours these days so if you do want to really look after that wood then this would be one way to do that and also give the shed a different colour.
One of the best things about this shed is that it does not actually require a whole lot of care from your either. The wood being pressure treated makes this a very low maintenance shed as well as being practically resistant to rot.

I'm also going to use simpson ties on the rafters to connect the top ridge board and the top plates. This is a shed that has been designed so that it has a very old school type of look that is going to go great in your garden. The shed is also very robust thanks to some very clever design which has linked up some very impressive 8 mm thick overlap cladding and a solid frame.
One of the things that is sure to surprise many people with this shed is that the size is actually far more generous than you would think.
The felt covering the boards is able to stand up against rain, hail and anything else the weather dares to throw down on it. This is more than thick enough to take the kids kicking a ball off it, you throwing stuff inside it and even the weather giving it a real beating as well. Heavy things like a lawn mower, kids summer toys like a slide and heavy tools will be no problem for this floor. The door is also very well made in that there are those two large hinges and also the braces on the back of the door to make certain the door stays strong, even if you have kids who like to slam it after being told to put their toys away.
This window also will allow plenty of natural light into the shed, but as it is fixed it does not open which is a bit of a shame. If you plan on keeping more expensive things like a mower or bike, then you may be interested in the shed alarm kit which adds an electronic alarm to your shed at a price of ?29.99.
The size of the shed makes it ideal for gardens of all sizes as smaller gardens would be able to use this and even larger gardens that already have a shed would be able to comfortably handle this if you wanted a little extra storage space.
I will use 2x4 collar ties across the 8' ceiling so the roof ridge beam should not bow down too much. I plan on building my shed at less than $1000 and make it a little bit better in terms of build quality. Ideally I'd like to have the piers away from the edges of the perimeter so they're not as visible. Home delivery and assembly is excluded in the following postcodes: BT, GY, HS, IM, IV, JE, KA, KW PA, PH, PO, TR and ZE.
This is not just a shed that is here too look pretty it is also going to last you many, many years. The depth is 6 feet and the width is 4 feet 3 inches so while not the largest shed on offer, we feel that this is still a good amount of space to make use of. If you are not too happy about the surface on which you will be installing the shed, then there is a plastic shed base available for ?69.99.
We are very pleased with this shed and highly recommend it to you if you want a compact sized shed that has a lot of style. For the floor I'm thinking of using six deck pier blocks from Lowes or two pieces of 4x4x12 redwood. Looking inside, I could see where they kind of cut corners with materials and wood spacing. The reason I was thinking redwood was that i couldn't find 4x4x12 pressure treated at the time when i was price shopping.
Installation will not happen on the day of delivery, a separate date for installation will be arranged.
Being inside the shed will not result in you having to hunch over so that you resemble a Hobbit as there is a fair amount of headroom inside the shed.

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