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If you know you SHOULD be selling your art on your own website, but are not because the technicalities of accepting payment scare you, I am about to rid you of every excuse you’ve got! Though it’s the most intimidating part of building a website, the bulk of the challenge is that there are so.
Assuming you’ve done so, you now have your domain name and web host all ready to go, and WordPress is installed. The shopping cart software allows you to sort and display your products in a slick, organized manner. Shopping cart software of any kind (open source or hosted) will require a payment gateway and a merchant bank account. Many artists fail to put their art for sale online because they are TOO intimidated by the technical processes. If you have had luck with any of the above, I would love it if you would say so in the comments below.
My question is do you feel like it’s necessary to have an etsy account and a way to directly buy from your website?
Also, you said that the Open Source Shopping cart software + SSL certificate is the most professional looking. Preferably, I’d do the full-blown store on your own site and use the Etsy shop link only on Etsy forums and within that community.
I’d put your best into the Etsy shop (items that will also be for sale on your main website), but use every means possible to lure Etsy shoppers interested in those items from there to make the purchase on your main website.
Having a clear focus on which shop is most important (your main one) will keep them from competing for customers’ attention and your own time.
It is easier to make a purchasing decision in-person, but online store owners can make up the difference. Hey Stephanie I’ve re-posted your article with full credits & all the links in this fine work! Do you have music on SoundCloud, videos on YouTube, content on social media and on your website!? Webster says: a one-sheet or one sheet, is a single document that summarizes a product for publicity and sales.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You can start with only $5 and if you can click 10 ads per day, this is definitely a job suitable for you. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. We have been working in the same direction to make an easy to use DIY platform for event organisers and a place to discover experiences for the end users. We are happy to inform you that we have launched a new event ticketing website which surely makes Townscript “India’s Easiest way to Sell Event Tickets Online”. Townscript Blog is the most popular blog for learning event management from industry experts.
Ewisoft Website Builder is a powerful and easy website builder software that you can use to create a website. We found this website builder software to provide easy to use templates that can be easily configured, quick publishing and trouble free interaction. Sharefaith's Website Builder has helped over 8,000 ministries create beautiful church websites. NOTE: Mobile Apps and Website Migrations are included in the COMPLETE membership plan only.
By having a crisp and clean church website design, your congregation will be able to quickly look up activities — and they may even want to share the website with their friends and family.

Your beautiful website includes hosting, up to 3 sub domains, unlimited pages and sub-pages, responsive mobile friendly design and custom support. If you like simple drag-and-drop features that easily take care of your audio, video, photo galleries, blogs, calendars, and tithing, then you'll love our Sidekick Website editor. Regardless of what device your congregation uses to visit your website, it will look great! I recommend following Cory’s guide on How to Build an Artist Website in 10 Minutes with WordPress, because it will be insanely easy (and fun!) for you to maintain this type of site and make updates later. E-Junkie works much the same, except the look of their checkout page can be made more seamless to the look of your site. If you run into trouble, don’t hesitate to search Google or YouTube for more detailed info on how to complete the installation.
Checkout and the actual credit card transaction takes place on your site, within the rest of your site’s layout, which is perceived as the most professional integration possible.
If not, find where on the site you can buy an SSL certificate and follow the instructions to have it installed. As your store grows, however, it’s worthwhile to look into options with fewer restrictions and lower high-volume fees. And thanks to Cory for having the abundant artist website with all this wonderful information! So Etsy browsers who might not have otherwise have found you are re-directed to your website. But they CAN be done more seamlessly with E-Junkie (and I think 1shoppingcart, although I’ve never used it myself), and if you only have a few items, then it might not be worth fussing with a full-blown cart.
The artists who have success online are the ones who have a personal connection with the people who visit their sites. I do a lot of blogging and do the social networking but for future projects, I plan on doing videos to add a more personal edge to my products.
Definitely helped me see there are a lot more complicated ways to explore down the road that don’t apply to me yet. I have been using Blu Domain for my hosting and website and I am wondering what you would suggest for my store. Work with a designer and marketer to create an interactive one-sheet you can attach to any email.
So naturally her one-sheet included a brief bio, with meaningful links, linking to her music, videos, social media pages, and her website! Each of these shares give you a number of advertising credits that you can use to display your ads within the network and drive traffic to your sites or offers. It gives more authority & branding to the organisers with a big banner of event page and a dedicated place for a logo of the organiser.
We have taken great strides in researching and building the best integrated search engine optimization tool to help you achieve success and be found by visitors. I have published my web page without any hassles and am quite proud of it seeing as I am not that computer savvy. At Sharefaith, we have designed some beautiful church website templates , ready for you to customize, edit and publish. You can easily drag and drop graphics from the Sharefaith Worship Media library and use our built-in graphics editor to add content. You can even drag and drop custom graphics from Sharefaith's library and put your own text on it, using our built-in Sidekick designer. Our intelligent responsive design beautifully refines your website to fit on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. With best-in-class for design, product, and support 6 years in a row, you get the best possible website offering at the best possible price!

And today I just want to outline the top three simplest, most effective means for accepting payment on your website.
When I click on this, I see that it gives me OpenCart as an option of something I can auto-install. When any kind of interruption happens, like being thrown to a page that looks different than all the others, customers are skipped out of the flowing funness of online shopping and start to re-think what they’re doing.
I guess a concern I have about keeping both an etsy shop and a website shop open, is that they will compete against each other. They have an email newsletter, they’re active in social networks, they blog, and they have testimonials from past clients on their experiences buying their art.
I’m currently using Weebly, but they will not let me use my own SSL certificate that I purchased with my domain name. You risk quality content being missed, not to mention a less engaging experience for the recipient. The new product will help Townscript in giving a world class experience to the community of more than 1000 active organisers on Townscript.
It is so easy to use, all you have to do to start a website is edit text, insert images, and drag-and-drop. Our website builder generates HTML and CSS pages so that search engines can read your pages effortlessly. I can build a pretty nice web site using my own templates that I have made, but I decided I wanted something quick. Anyway without your website builder program (which has made it look so professional) and especially the support I could not have achieved this. Go even further by activating your Sharefaith Church Mobile App for a full custom app experience.
Start on the Website Plan or upgrade to Complete to include a Mobile Church App and Free Website Migration.
Also, some hosted shopping cart software carries the extra weight of the security burden by providing a built-in SSL certificate from the get-go. And then I would focus less on listing every single item there– just the very best: the bait! I’m therefore debating whether i should just have people contact me directly if they want to buy a print.
For example I can not place the social networking links on each image and it is hard to use I think. You’ll get a massive 10% commission every time when your referral purchases and repurchases shares. Your earnings will depend on the number of your referrals and the number of active shares. You get amazing results when your website is built and maintained by Ewisoft Website Builder.
With the touch of a button, a sitemap of your website is automatically generated so that search engines can find all your website pages.
We proudly host and create websites for Christian churches, ministries, and non-profits only. Is there another store option you would suggest that would allow me to keep my website and not have to start all over?

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