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As a furniture maker my work evolves by blending the practical and artistic needs of my clients with my desire to create individual objects with intensity and feeling. My marquetry furniture combines the structural geometry of a man made object with the asymmetry of nature represented in flower and leaf patterns and motifs. In recent years my furniture has won numerous Best of Show and 1st Place Awards in regional and national exhibitions including Best of Show at the 2007 International Design In Wood Exhibition and Best of Show at the 2007 and 2009 Artistry In Wood Exhibitions at the Sonoma County Museum of Art.

I often incorporate imagery in the form of flowers, leaves and animals into select pieces of my furniture, designing subtle floral ornamentations to enhance my furniture with classical marquetry. The addition of decorative marquetry is a doorway into unique and exiting visual forms and more expressive freedom.
In this way I attempt to fill the basic need of a functional object with creative detailed work far exceeding expectations.

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