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For putting away your lawn mower, you might want to read our other selection of the best storage sheds for lawn mowers. However, if the ones we have listed there are not to your liking, then the one below may just be of some interest to you. If you want light in your large shed building, then have a look at this Sunshed Wood Garden Shed. They are built to our very own design which has been developed over many years to improve there strength and pleasing looks.
You can Buy a standard building or have us make one to your requirements like the big sheds you can see in the various photos on this page.
Our Large sheds come with windows down one side and a choice of single door or double doors as standard. We don't have a standard building layout, we leave it up to the customer to decide were they want there windows and doors to suit there needs.
The walls of this unit come in panels of assembled wooden slats which are assembled inside a wooden frame at the factory, these panels need to be bolted together at customer's residence during final assembly.

Yes this item comes with a floor and the roof is made of wooden clapboard style siding with each upper layer overlapping each lower layer to allow water to be drained off.
Now you no longer just have to think about shelves or no shelves, but you have to start thinking about lofts, porches, floor panels and the like. It’s made quite tall for the usual outdoor items like rakes and has a double door for very easy access. This plastic construction from Lifetime  is very durably made with steel reinforcement and double wall.
Made of Spruce solid pine wood, this shed can be easily painted to match your houses’ color or outdoor design. This is so obviously made as a child’s play area, but it can be used as a storage area too – especially when you’re storing outdoor kids toys. This is also made by Outdoor Living Today which is one of the best manufacturers of wood garden sheds. Contact Us for a custom made garden shed and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours!

If you wish to paint the item you can do that, and we suggest using a similar type of finish you can find at a local paint store. The door opening on the Extra Large Storage Shed is approximately 48 inches wide, with both doors open.
Unlike other vertical sheds which is exposed to the elements, this shed has a raised floor which prevents the equipment from getting wet.
They’re always well-designed, use good quality materials, durable and are just plain beautiful.

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