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Extra Space Storage is a thirty year old company that has been involved in the self-storage industry since its inception. When I went to move my items out after being in storage there for about 7 months, everything was covered in bird feces and there were live bugs coming out of my furniture. Beginning March 2nd, Stapleton residents and businesses will have another storage option: Extra Space Storage located in Stapleton’s Northfield Business Park. The three story self-storage facility will offer exterior units and state of the art climate-controlled interior units that range from 5’x 5’ to 10’x 35’ in size. Additionally, the facility utilizes a twenty-four hour security system giving Extra Space Storage tenants’ confidence that their belongings are safe.
How to Build a Corner Linen Cabinet - Adding Extra Storage Space - Built-ins, Shelves & Bookcases. The face frame and doors of this cabinet are made of birch plywood and solid poplar that look great when painted. Place all fragile items on top; this minimizes breaking not only from weight of other items, but also from searching hands which tend to break items post-storage. If you find your home storage space is getting too cramped, don’t be afraid to throw out and donate old, tired, or broken holiday decorations.

Lisa Glynn and Tom Razo will be opening their second Stapleton self-storage facility to serve both the commercial and residential needs of the community.
Tenants will also have the ability store their goods long-term or temporarily with a flexible month-to-month leasing agreement. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You might choose to make these parts of oak and matching plywood or of another hardwood with a clear finish.
Oh, how I cringe when I think about keeping all of my precious things stored safely all year long!
You don’t have to go to a big fancy store and spend a load of cash to appropriately store your holiday treasures when not in use.
Meant to keep fragile little eggs protected from all of the big and strong lifters, packers, drivers, stockers, clerks, and well, you.
Wrap holiday lights around the can and use the inside of the can to store extra bulbs or other decor. For larger, oddly-shaped items, place them in unused zippered garment bags and hang them in an extra closet or on a nail in your storage space.
Next time you are out getting a bottle of wine, ask the clerk for any empty liquor boxes with compartments.

Find some extra cardboard (perhaps from an old or broken cardboard box) and cut four or five pieces just smaller than the bottom of your shoebox. Extra Space Storage Northfield Stapleton will be conveniently located just north of I-70 on the Central Park Blvd Exit between 50th and 51st Ave at 5062 North Central Park Blvd, Denver, CO 80238. It's small enough to tuck into a hallway by the bathroom, the bathroom itself, or a corner of a bedroom. The sides and shelves, which won't be visible with the doors closed, are made of lauan plywood, which doesn't take paint quite as smoothly as birch but still looks fine and is a bit less expensive. As soon as Halloween is over, I am ready to pare down for simple Thanksgiving furnishings, which gets me excited for a big old Christmas tree, colorful lights and gingerbread houses.
Egg cartons are sturdy enough to hold all of your small ornaments or to divvy up your baubles and trinkets.
Don't be put off by the handsome doors; there's no fancy joinery involved in building them.
A perfect place for all those items that usually and mysteriously get twisted and tangled during storage.

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