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Rock Solid Surfacing has completed three projects for Larkburger, the highly acclaimed , rapidly growing burger restaurant. Rock Solid Surfacing has now expanded from their Edwards location near Vail to an additional branch in Denver.
Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Repair Many of our clients throughout Colorado have had their concrete resurfaced with coatings available at the big box home improvement stores. Freestanding cupboards, mix-and-match colors, contrasting textures, individual drawer pulls — kitchens can be as creative as their owners. With all the options available, choosing cabinets for your kitchen or bath can be an overwhelming experience.
Shelves can be installed fixed, or they can be adjustable, with pegs that fit into rows of holes on each side of the cabinet.
Garages often turn into repositories for everything from sports equipment to holiday decorations. Le Blanc says for kids’ items and sports equipment, open shelving is almost always the answer. This narrow stairway features a truly ingenious storage solution: two of the risers are fitted with drawers to make a pile of shoes disappear in a flash. Instead of wrestling the ironing board out of the closet whenever you need to touch up a shirt, get one of these nifty folding versions that fit into — guess what?
To eke out storage in every last corner of your kitchen, utilize the space under the cabinets with kick drawers. Touring Models Road King, Road King Custom, Road King Classic, Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, Electra Glide Classic, and Electra Glide Ultra Classic bikes.
I also suggest integrating a beam into the trusses so you can attach a lift to the ceiling.
If you have available space over the attic have the builder deck it out vs do yourself later. We offer a range of storage solutions designed to improve space, livability and security. Our Garage Cabinets can be placed at the head of a car park, on a balcony, beside the house or shed and in any normally unused area.
Click on the tabs below for more information and be sure to check out the slideshow of images at the base of the page for great examples and ideas on how this storage system can be adapted to your needs. Units can be left mill finished, this is a raw metal finish and may affect The Box Thing standard warranty. If you have another application and would like to know if The Box Thing is suitable, please call us on 1800 017 247. The below will allow you to work out the size and clearance necessary to have one of our units manufactured to your exact needs.

Installation is by one of our professional installers and is delivered and placed in place.
Try seperating your Winter clothes from your Summer clothes and store the ones you are not using. As you can see we grind the surface of the concrete which removes the high spots while exposing flaws. Grinding the surface flat and level prevents imperfections from bleeding through the final coating.  We want to avoid waviness in the surface. After you have made your selection we set up a date to have all the components delivered aligned with dates for coating your concrete floors. If sleek, clean-cut units don’t get you excited, take inspiration from these nine ways to get a more varied look in the kitchen. Aesthetics aside, there are lots of factors that might not be readily apparent that will impact the cabinet’s performance and price. Plywood is made from layers of wood laminated together, and has the benefit of being a fairly stable material that performs well over time and in areas with higher humidity and the chance of contact with water. Made from pressed bits of wood bound together with adhesives, particleboard can be covered with a veneer of wood or melamine, or a paper veneer printed to look like wood. That can be accomplished with a clamping system, or in a custom shop by using individual clamps.
While shelves are typically made from the same material or wood species as the rest of the cabinet box, an exception would be if the cabinet has a glass front or the shelves themselves are glass.
They were filled with a jumble of junk in the kitchen, stocked with sweaters and shirts in the bedroom, and crammed with pens and rubber bands in the office.
Install a power strip in the back of a drawer and let your electronics recharge sight unseen. Keep their bowls off the floor and out of the way with a pet-friendly drawer that slides out at mealtime. Products like our Garage Cabinets, are a fantastic solution for maximising your storage.
The two doors hinge from the outside of the unit and seal arround the perimiter of the unit. Slide-Lok offers a wide variety of garage storage sytems and garage floor finishes to suit any need. Like with all projects, whether a garage floor or large project in a restaurant or warehouse, we spend considerable time and effort on surface preparation. Ideally we want the cabinets and wall storage systems to arrive the day after the floor has been installed and cured. The panels can be glued, nailed or screwed together, and are usually installed (as is the case with most cabinets) by screwing them into the wall.

When the interior of the cabinet is visible, making the shelves and box interior the same wood species as the face, or painting it the same color, is a common practice. Also need enough Electricity for 110v outlets every 8 ft down the walls so you don't always look for an extension cord, several outlets in the ceiling for all the light you will ever need, and more for additional lighting if wanted later, and 30 or 60 amp 220V welder and air compressor plugs in the wall based on your needs. Either spend the bucks for the very high end pull down attic stairs or do a different setup.
The doors are sealed using a special stylus tape to prevent dust, water and vermin penetration. Since the floor is seamless, you could flood the area without water damage.  This feature makes it easy to clean the floor. As you walk in you will find a large office, walk up 2 stairs to large living room with southern exposure and upgraded carpets. It will break up the rigidity of a single-finish kitchen and let your personality shine through. Then there are the contrasts: Bare bricks are mirrored by glossy metro tiles, waist-level units by a taller cabinet. THe load rating on the attic stairs even the so called heavy duty is not made for most people especially if you are carrying something. The most effective option is a Standard Overhead Door for the upper level and either the Sliding Door or Hinged Door option for the lower level.
Just wash the surface with water and small amount of detergent, then remove with a neoprine squeegee.
Matching kitchen pieces in this space could have looked too uniform; these look freed up and innovative.
The kitchen's upgrades include a higher quality appliane package, corian counter tops and upgrade cabinets. After my sister has knocked off the passenger mirror 3 times and they had to sell the SUV and get a Mini Cooper he now understands! Even if not enough to cool or heat to exact inside temps way better than 90's or 30's depending on where you live.
This home has too much to tell you about, so call to set your showing to see this wonderful home.
I will then cut a new spot by a wall and build a straight up 2x4 straight up style ladder that is designed to support 500lbs.

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