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From the Flameman from Megaman, to the evil minion from the Pop'n Twinbee series and Nights from Nights into Dreams, there's some serious love for some of the older generations of games! There's also a rather interesting, if rough Aegis on display and even Raijin from Muramasa gets some love (I mean, aside from Fuujin).
Intergration of other design elements like cedar shingle siding for dormers and gables, natural stone siding, artistic metal railings and more.
Please contact us today if you like to arrange a tour of this new EcoLog home, and see yourself why every person passing this house turns their head ! In April 2011 we participated in the Young Life Home Design and Renovation Tour, a fund raiser for Young Life Victoria. I really like your design, I think it is a nice balance of rustic and modern, and includes nice clean lines and brightness.

Hermann was extremely helpful in every aspect of our project; from assisting us source trades people, assessing the lay of our land, discussing foundation options, to working our way through the sometimes onerous task of fulfilling our municipality’s building permit requirements. Vanisle Ecolog Homes supplies custom log home building kits and prefabricated EZLog cabin and cottage kits to customers throughout Canada, including Vancouver Island, Vancouver, British Colombia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.
Please report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community fisters, and flag the user (we will ban users dishing bad karma). The results are great - we achieved an Energuide rating of 79, where typical new frame construction homes built to code are between 65 and 72. In preparation for this event we worked hard in putting finishing touches on the home, getting the landscaping done, and staging the whole house nicely.
At 86 years young, his visit to BC's first Ecolog Home still included calisthenics with the camera, resulting in great photos from new angles, capturing both detail and the big picture in the Van Isle Ecolog Show Home.

Hermann made the whole process not only enjoyable but enlightening, and I would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating building a kit home.
Thanks to Klaus & Bobby coming all the way from Germany to help, to Carmen from New Space Design for staging the home, and to Sandra for her meticulous cleaning and for taking my dog over the weekend ! Notice how Ted works only with natural light to capture the atmosphere of the different spaces.

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