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As for bigger is better I think you want to stay volumetrically efficient, as in stay with the size that will support the cfms your gonna flow. The only thing you get out of a small intercooler is less volume for the turbo to pressurize, but we are talking fractions of a second here. I am kicking around the idea of getting some paint work done on my wheels while they are off for the winter. Reason being there just isnt enough time for them to equalize temperature, so with that in mind you want as much material as you can get to better acomodate the heat.

I have Konig Airstrikes in black and am looking at painting the parts that are cleared aluminum yellow to match the car. If you can get away with a smaller intercooler but still retain the cooling efficiency and flow go with that over a bigger one. As intercooler depth increases there is a diminishing return in terms of cooling because the air going over the last part of the cooler has already been heated by the front part of the intercooler. To fit the intercooler I used you have to unbolt the center grille support and trim off the center tabs so they dont dig into your intercooler.

The grille has plenty of support with the other mounts so no worries about it being loose or anything and besides the mods done to the grille everything is reversible back to stock.
A good intercooler will have very little drop (1-2 psi), whereas a crappy one will have a big drop (8-10psi or more).

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