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September 8, 2014 By Jenn Lifford 14 Comments This post is part of my Behr DIY Expert series and I did receive paint products to use for this post. Organizing our garage has been on my official to-do list for over two years now and, in reality, it has been in need of a good re-organizing for much, much longer than that.
Well, this year, The Household Organization Diet moved into the garage and I was determined to get the space cleaned and organized! It took us a couple of weekends to finish, but we now have a pretty and {most importantly!} organized garage space! The saddest part about all of these photos, is that we had actually already hauled a ton of stuff out onto the driveway. There was A LOT of stuff in this garage so we had to actually organize it in sections so we had somewhere to put all of the stuff while we were painting.
I had originally wanted to paint the door a fun color, but since it opens up onto our laundry room, I decided to keep it white and paint the stairs instead.
I picked up some new recycling bins from Ikea and used some Martha Stewart chalkboard labels to keep everything organized.
Another project that made a big difference but did not take a lot of time, was trimming out the door. We have quite a small pantry in our kitchen so I keep some of our extra pantry items and bulk items out in the garage. When we planned out our garage organization, we organized everything into zones so each type of equipment or item gets a specific section of the wall or floor space. I also made a pallet sports organizer from an old pallet that I had to hold our hockey sticks and baseball bats.
Since most of our yard and garden equipment was previously on this wall, we had to move all of that over to the other side of the garage.
We had these wooden shelving units built about seven years ago when we finished our basement {to hold all of our stuff that was previously down there!}. This was definitely not a quick or easy project to do; however, now that it is done, I am SO glad that we did it!
Yes – it is so much easier to organize {and get rid of!} stuff when you physically take it all out rather than just trying to move it around!
I have never ever left a comment on ANYTHING in my life, but I had to tell you that this is so awesome, and really straight forward.
The Rubbermaid FastTrack definitely keeps everything in its place using an easy attach and lock system. Some of the goodies I brought home were a multi-purpose + utility hook, cooler, bike + ladder hooks, plus a hardware pack and a 48″ rail to hang it all.
Lolly JaneAuthor at Lolly Jane BlogMeet Kelli & Kristi, twin sisters and authors of Lolly Jane. For every home owner that comes with problem of garage organization, garage organization ideas are definitely needed to help you organize your stuff efficiently so that you can save more space to put many more things. Some of those ideas are available below with the best idea to help you store stuff in your garage in more creative way. The inspiration of garage organization ideas will help you get the best idea to store things in your garage in more efficient way. You may get inspiration to create a workbench for garage here because it is very important for any shop. Aside from parking cars, more than 90% of homeowners relegate their garages to dumping grounds for keeping misplaced objects, less-needed implements and miscellaneous tools.
You can also check out the rest of our Rubbermaid FastTrack series to find out any further information you may need.
Use those empty walls to create storage space for your power tools, garden tools, ladders and bikes. You only need a drill, a level and ideally a stud finder and you’ll have your garage organized in no time. You no longer need to worry about only being able to hang things on the wall studs in your garage.
The number of arrangements you can come up with for all the accessories and shelves is unlimited. Having a dedicated space for each item of sports equipment also encourages kids to put things away rather than dumping them on the garage floor.
FastTrack is completely modular so you can buy one rail and a few hooks to start with and add to it over the next few months and years as you can afford it.
One piece of 48″ Rubbermaid FastTrack rail, which will hold 3-4 accessories, costs around $13. As well as possibly increasing the sale price of your house, an organized garage can be a selling point and help shorten the time your property is on the market. Check out the 5 ways the Rubbermaid vertical shed can help you as well as the pros and cons and pointers when assembling.
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Learn how to get the organizing habit and spend just 15 minutes per day staying on top of your clutter.
My aim for this website is to bring you "simple steps that work" to help with all your organizing needs. Rubbermaid Closet SystemsEverything you need to knowGet the answers to every question you have about Rubbermaid closet organizers.

Rubbermaid ShelvingDouble your closet spaceGet the complete story on Rubbermaid wire shelving with our 4 part series. Rubbermaid Shelves8 ways wire shelving can helpGet the complete story on Rubbermaid wire shelving with our 4 part series. Rubbermaid Closet ShelvingA complete reviewGet the complete story on Rubbermaid wire shelving with our 4 part series.
Rubbermaid Storage ShelvesStand along shelving kitsGet the complete story on Rubbermaid wire shelving with our 4 part series. Rubbermaid Fast Track9 ways it can help youFind out everything you need to know about Rubbermaid FastTrack with our 5 part series. Rubbermaid Large Vertical Storage ShedA complete reviewThis vertical shed can make your life easier in 5 different ways. Regardless of what the groundhog said, spring is well on its way and being prepared is our only chance at staying on top of things. Guest Post Written By Madison Aki in support of Garage Solutions of St Louis, a Monkey Bars Authorized Dealer. Once you have an idea of how you plan to organize the area, measure the available space in your garage. If you're like most homeowners, you keep lots of stuff on the garage floor and ignore the opportunities of all the vertical space near the ceiling. Get your bike up off the ground where the floor may ruin your tires during the winter months, and hang it from the ceiling instead. If you have long, thin items like ladders or skis taking up space in your garage, consider using a ceiling rack made just for them.
Once the bulky items are off the floor and you have some room to get around, take a look at a few ways to store lower profile tools and garden implements on the walls.
Pegboards work similarly to slat walls, but instead of panels, they feature one solid piece with multiple holes drilled for "pegs". If you have items that need to be locked up, multiple small objects that could get lost in bins or slats or you just want your belongings kept out of sight, consider using wall cabinets. Garage cabinets can be expensive, as most are built to fit the size and shape of your garage. The garage has always been our dumping ground, and we have not even thought of actually parking our car in there for years. It is needed since you need also to make your garage look neat in the way you store your stuff in the garage. Bringing magnetic tool holder is the first idea that you can use to help you with storing things in the garage.
Those are only some of more ideas that will be very helpful for you to organize your garage neatly. These figures are worrying considering that vast majority of these homeowners do not know how to reclaim this vital space. With this system you will have 10 TIMES the storage space than you would have by just screwing hooks into studs. You can add more rails or accessories as and when you need them and then rearrange your hooks, shelves or racks by quickly unclipping them and positioning them elsewhere.
The average price of each accessory is then around $17 – the cheapest being the Compact Hook for around $5 and with more expensive mesh baskets costing around $27.
It can also gain you brownie points when an assessor comes to appraise your home for a refinance. Check out our complete rundown on all garage shelving units as well as 5 questions you MUST ask yourself. Get Some Help: Recruit your kids, family members, or friends to help you work on the space. Label: Don’t be afraid to print out some labels and stick them on drawers, shelves, and boxes. Different Size Boxes: Find the right size boxes or containers that’s appropriate for the item.
Invest in Shelving: You’ll be surprised at how much space is revealed when you find some good, sturdy shelving to install. Take Breaks: I know the key may be to get it done as fast as possible, but if you need a break, take it! By Season: If your equipment is out of season, you can store it high above using overhead racks to get it out of the way until next year. Be Charitable: Instead of throwing things in the garbage, make a pile to give to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other thrift store. Reward Yourself: Once that garage is looking spiffy, treat yourself to a nice meal or a new manicure, or something that you love! With these 10 spring garage organization tips, a little help and a bit of motivation, your garage will be looking spotless in no time! The space in your garage is large, is close to your vehicles and yard for easy access and can store oversized items and things you use infrequently. After that, your lifestyle and needs will help to determine the way the extra space will be used. Having accurate measurements on hand will help you get a realistic sense of what types of organization will fit best.
Overhead storage units can get items like sporting equipment, bicycles and pool equipment off the floor, freeing up walkways.

Racks can be made of wood or metal and mostly consist of supports that are mounted to the ceiling, supporting a platform between them.
Bicycle trollies are simple lift systems that hook onto the handlebars and seats of your bike. Rather than standard racks that support a platform, these simple and unobtrusive racks are merely brackets that attach to the ceiling. In addition to bins, there are several other solutions for organizing your items that keep them in full view or in easy reach. Depending on the hooks and accessories you use with them, you can store anything from tools to skis to wheelbarrows without issue. Special clips allow you to hang tools and other items without nails, which means they can be moved and rearranged at any time.
Shop for sports equipment storage, starting under $20 or for garden equipment storage solutions starting under $15. Sliding systems enable you to access the interior of the cabinets without needing to move cars out of the way.
Combine overhead systems and hooks for tight fits, or build-in cabinets and workbenches for larger spaces.
I love all things crafty and creative and have created this blog to share my ideas and favorite finds.
From signs to home decor and holiday crafts or redoing furniture in between soccer practices, we do it all all while armed with an ice cold Diet Coke. There are more that you need to prepare so that you can store those things simply and efficiently. This kind of organization solution will help you put those tools without having to digging through a drawer. You can find more garage organization ideas that will definitely assist you to organize your garage neatly. Therefore, you really have to arrange the garage workbench plans first before you decided to take any design. With proper design and a little ingenuity however, the garage space can become a living quarter, man cave, workstation or even a workshop for all those DIY projects you have. By the easy clicks, taps or touches on the touch screen gadget, your work can be easily done. But with FastTrack from Rubbermaid storage, you get a wall mounted rail system to keep your items up off the floor. With hooks designed specially to hold bikes, baseball bats, balls, fishing gear and winter sports equipment, getting out to your sports fixture on time, will never be a problem again. So you could start with a rail, a multi purpose hook, a hose hook and a wheelbarrow hook for around $60. You’ve got your gardening tools, bikes, and other equipment that are vital for spring weather.
Garden tools go in the back left corner, while snowboard equipment goes in the front left, etc. Not only will you be able to store your things off the ground, but you can hang things too! When you start getting tired, things start getting harder and the work will seem aggravating. If those roller blades have been sitting in your garage for the past 10 years without being touched, it’s probably time to get rid of them. Evaluate your lifestyle and storage needs to help you decide how best to organize your garage space efficiently and take full advantage of the garage storage ideas you have in mind.
You can add overhead bins and shelves that can handle the weight of lumber and ladders, or cabinets that can safely house your Christmas ornaments or camping equipment.
Simply slide your ladder between the brackets, supporting it on either end to get it up off the ground. Whichever system you choose, you will be sure to have your garage organized safely and efficiently in a short time.
Following examples of the best to store you stuff will really help you organize your garage easily. Here are 10 spring garage organization tips for tackling and organizing that often ignored space. Heights are adjustable, and some systems lower down to chest height for easy access at the push of a button.
When you're ready to ride again, just release the cord to safely lower your bike back down.
Consider adding storage to your garage today and get more use out of your garage space than ever before. Once they are up you can hang whatever you would like and could do something similar to the pegboard wall or just have plain hooks if you would like. I would just head down to your local home supply store like Home Depot and ask an associate for assistance.

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