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At Contur, we have worked very hard to achieve one objective: to build a better looking and better functioning all-metal modular cabinet system at an affordable price. These images posted under: Metal Garage Storage Cabinets Offer The Durability and Sturdy Protection. This entry was posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 12:38 pmand is filed under Metal Garage Storage Cabinets Offer The Durability and Sturdy Protection. Mirror is an accessory that typically needed in some rooms in the house included bathroom whether it is used to help cleaning activity or just for decoration.
Modern living room lighting is the one of the example for the contemporary living room decoration.
A storage garage provides home owners with an inexpensive and effective way to shield valuable property from the harsh elements.
All of our metal structures come in several attractive color options and can be built in a variety of styles.
A-Frame Metal Storage Garage : 18' x 21' x 9'This A-frame style metal carport is fully enclosed with an 9' leg height. Tall One-Car Metal Storage Garage : 18' x 21' x 11'This is a fully enclosed standard garage style metal building.

Traditional A-Frame Metal Storage Garage : 12' x 26' x 9'This A-frame style metal building gets everyone's attention. Single Car Storage Garage with Carport : 22' x 31' x 9'This A-frame carport and utility shed combo is one of our biggest sellers!
When designing our European-inspired cabinet line, we set out to prove to the world that the old adage, Form before Function is merely a statement uttered by traditionalists who cannot perceive the simple fact that both product styling and innovative engineering can work harmoniously together. All image in this gallery hopefully can give you an ideas to improve your home become more beautiful especially on interior design.
It is not only able offer you durability but also provides the place for store many things with extra protection storing. Those multiple functions could be taken in the same time if you apply kind of decorative bathroom mirror.
Owning a metal storage garage is not only an affordable option, but also an earth friendly one since metal is highly recyclable and needs less maintenance. Some popular styles include the barn style garage, the A-frame, and the standard style with rounded corners and no eaves.
We teamed our engineers together with our stylist to come up with a timeless design loaded with advanced engineering features never before seen on a mass-produced metal storage cabinet.

Set of metal garage storage cabinets and all other images, photo or designs in this blog are copyright of their respective owners. Everyone at MBMI was extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the sale and delivery process. Metal garages are very multi-purpose in nature and can serve as both storage for a vehicle as well as for lawnmowers, garden tools, seasonal items, outdoor toys and much more. For example, one such unique feature is our aerospace-inspired swing-up contoured door which swings upwards and out of the way, allowing for an unobstructed workspace.
We collect from various website and blog to use as home decoration and inspiration for home interior designs.
Another innovative feature is our full-face handle-less doors and drawers that deliver an aesthetically-pleasing contoured design and hide the unsightly cabinet frames that are commonly seen in typical garage storage cabinets.

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