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Cumbria-based Cartoonist Colin Shelbourn points out that not only has the area recently seen the worse snow storms since 1950, dozens of motorists overnighting in local schools and electricity cables tumbling down, his shed has grown shedicles.
A great post at Tiny House Blog by Benjamin Vine gives the rundown on The Stannexe (studio+annexe), a garage conversion in Hastings to be used as an artist's workspace with accommodation, designed by rpd architects.
Smart Garden Offices is debuting a new range next week called The Suffolk Barn which they call "a unique blend of traditional architecture coupled with high specification construction", available in five different sizes and using the ISIS building system. Saturday posts are sponsored by Warwick Buildings, manufacturers of outstanding quality timber buildings. In an excellent piece about using your ears as well as your eyes when you're on holiday, David Hendy in The Independent talks about making a trip to the Walden location in Massachusetts of Godfather of shedworking, Henry David Thoreau. Wednesday posts are sponsored by The Stable Company®, the UK's premier supplier of garden offices and garden rooms. Although our current business is still run by my wife and I, we wanted to have a cool space to work in. Today is the start of Anywhere Working Week 2013 organised by the fine folk at Anywhere Working to encourage people to try out shedworking, homeworking and any other kind of remote working you can name. While infographics have been flavour of the month for a while, I've not come across (m)any about garden offices and shedworking. Our collective staff eyes were caught by this rather nice Suffolk Barn model from Garden Affairs. We've talked before about when sheds go bad in windy weather and here's another example from the Ely Standard who published a set of photos by engineer Vassilis Papanikolaou who was driving out of Soham towards Newmarket on his way to work (sadly, he's not a shedworker) when a large shed was blown onto the road in front of him, forcing him to undertake an emergency breaking procedure. Arguably the UK's most famous sculptor, Rachel Whiteread’s new show 'Detached' at the Gagosian gallery opening next month follows a familiar pattern, but while she largely made her name 20 years ago by making a full scale cast of the inside of a house, this exhibition will feature casts of empty sheds (including 'Untitled 2012' above) which, according to Ben Luke in the Royal Academy magazine, "radiate everyday poetry".
Interestingly, Whiteread has a dedicated drawing studio which is detached from her sculpture studio. One of the trickiest things about shedworking is making sure that the garden office doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the garden (unless you want it to stick out like a sore thumb of course). Your garden should be seen as an extension of your home, which means erecting a permanent structure in your garden can be a great way to make the most of the space available. June 16, 2014 By Lynn Fotheringham Let’s assume that you have looked around, set a rough budget and are now ready to add a new garden building or room to your property.
We can generally break commercially available garden buildings down into just a handful of core styles. This more modern style is rather more bold and may combine influences from assorted architectural genres into the one garden building, along with embellishments and extra details sprinkled here and there. There are many contemporary garden building variants out there and they tend to be characterised by clean lines, open spaces, lots of light, often deep overhanging flat roofs to give cover and shade for outside seating and all wrapped up in a no-nonsense, modern and attractive design. Of course there are many variants of the core themes above but occasionally we’ll also see garden building styles which are well outside of the norm.
InsideOuts Garden Buildings Guide is an independent guide to garden buildings for people who want a special building for their garden. Lynn's experience in garden buildings comes from 10 years of running a garden office design and build company.
External timber cladding is the perfect natural choice for finishing the outside of a garden building. Many different species of wood are suitable for exterior cladding but the most superior cladding option is Western Red Cedar.
Over the past few decades Western Red Cedar has been the most desirable external timber claddings due to its rich and variable colours, high resistance to decay, durability and natural preservatives. Western Red Cedar timber contains its own natural preservatives that are harmful to decay-causing fungi.
All Oeco garden structures include high quality Western Red Cedar tongue and groove cladding as standard. Product Information…Here at Regency Garden Buildings we have been manufacturing quality buildings for over 20 years and would like your building to be a useful addition to your garden.
UK Garden Building manufacturers including greenhouses from Alton, Elite, Halls, Robinsons. If you work from home or just need an addition to your living space we have the solution with our range of lifestyle Garden Buildings from Forest or a Garden Room from Regency with many styles and variations available.
These principles are as relevant now as they were at the launch of the collection ten years ago.

The Julian Christian Collection is synonymous with products of outstanding quality and style, since design has always been at the heart of our philosophy. This season we have even more to offer our customers with a range of over 10 different buildings.
Bricks come in several different types, lots of different colors, and even different sizes. I had hoped to avoid using partial bricks because the easiest installation is one that needs no fitting.
ColleenF writes: Maybe I can do this as well with a little imagination using one of those stone paver systems where you pour your own concrete! There are events in Norwich today, Bristol tomorrow, Tavistock on Wednesday, Chelmsford on Thursday and London on Friday, all of which they'll be live blogging and tweeting. The folk at Gembuild Garden Offices though have a nice one up at their site which is worth a look (though I think their estimate of the number of homeworkers is on the conservative side). It comes with attractive curved doors and felt shingle roof (which they say gives the appearance of old clay tiles) and while it's being marketed as storage for a ride-on mower or children's garden den, we feel it would be ideal for shedworking too. An interesting post on the Gembuild site includes an interview with RHS Gold medalist Melissa Jolly (left) who talks about what to think about when siting a garden office. The hut pictured above measures 16' x 8 and has fitted bunk beds plus a kind of double bed in the front lounge area.
Whether it’s for extra leisure space, additional accommodation, a gym, workshop, craft studio or even a home office, there are lots of different styles out there so it may be difficult to know where to start.
There are many sub-genres within this one category but they will generally have attractive, traditional features such as hipped roofs, ceramic tiles or cedar roof shingles (or lower cost alternatives which give a similar impression), perhaps oak windows and doors and often dark, stained feather-edge timber cladding to elevations so as to mimic the feeling of farmyard barn conversions.
Gembuild’s Synchro range is a good example and you can see the flat-painted exterior, geometric lines, picked out colour detail and embellishments such as the large modern clock to the top of the front elevation.
This style especially suits when the main residence itself is new or has been updated to incorporate modern twists such as open-plan living, modern finishes and materials such as steel and glass, even if the underlying building design may have originally been traditional. Timber cladding offers the most attractive finish to the exterior and provides the main protective layer against the elements. All timber cladding is supplied in superior tongue and groove (T&G) format to ensure complete water tightness. Western Red Cedar has always been one of natures more versatile, adaptable and attractive species of timber for external timber cladding.
As Western Red Cedar has a natural resistance to rot and decay it requires no additional chemical presevatives. Every detail in our product range has been carefully thought through; from our Welsh slate table insert to our unique pedestal leg system. New this year is a range that combines relaxation, dining and cooking all under one roof, taking enjoyment of your garden to another level!
The raised beds have been returned to their pre-retrofit height by layering 2x2's on top of each board. For years the narrow paths between our wood-framed raised beds had been my weeding headache and backache. The most common designs are basket weave, herringbone, or straight rows laid jack-on-jack or in a running bond. Spread sand over the bricks, then sweep it into the crevices to ensure a path that's firm underfoot. It's well worth a read as it covers issues such as having the building on show or keeping it hidden, aspect, access comfort and views. In the appropriate modern setting, the neo-eclectic style can really work, particularly as colours are not set in stone so can be tailored to match or complement those of the main dwelling.
Contemporary garden buildings also suit a particular style of garden, for example one which is immaculately kept with well-defined borders, paths and planting areas or one incorporating architectural plants such as bamboos, tree ferns and palms. The rich warm brown, red and pink colours and texture of Western Red Cedar gives any building a touch of individuality and can be relied upon to give long and trouble free service under all conditions.
Throughout the year we have many package deals available on Green Houses from Alton, Halls & Robinsons. These classic, elegant designs offer a level of versatility that is unmatched by any Garden Building on the market today. Since the width of all the paths in our vegetable garden varies a little, I decided, as a convenience, to make every path a different pattern.I bought three shades of brick, which my wife and I decided to mix randomly for each path.

To make these cuts, I used a common brick set, or chisel, picked up at the local hardware store.A brick chisel creates a reasonably straight cut. Here's a snippet, Melissa talking about security:"Something else important is to be aware of security because offices and music rooms will contain expensive equipment and could be an easy target for burglars.
A slightly more modern twist on the theme might be to use natural cedar cladding without staining or colouring at all. Gembuild’s Neoteric range of garden rooms are typical of this contemporary style and even include decking to two sides (not shown). If you require we can arrange for your Shed or Greenhouse to be installed by our own team of installers. The paths, on the other hand, were compacted, thick with the roots of determined intruders, and often muddy. To begin, I positioned the brick for size and noted the length I needed with a scratch of the chisel.
All the digging, leveling, and edging associated with this chore were eliminated because the wooden side panels of my raised beds frame the walkways, and my paths were already very compacted.
Then, I set the brick on a slab of steel (any firm, flat surface that can absorb a blow will do) and scored a line all around with firm hammer blows on the chisel. Rustic tree houses are another example and some are truly amazing although are perhaps not as practical as ground level buildings. It was clearly time to act.For some time, I had been eyeing garden-book photographs of old English knot gardens and herb gardens with brick paths running off in all directions.
If I had needed to, I could have rented a portable compactor to thump the paths into a dense surface. Once the line was scored, I continued to go around the brick, tapping the chisel, until the brick fractured cleanly. At the other extreme we occasionally see garden rooms right out of the space age with all glass or mirrored elevations and amazing eco credentials. Since I wanted a tight fit to deter weeds, I set the bricks side by side with no space in between. However all of these tend to be one-off self-builds or more expensive architect-designed creations rather than commercial norms available to the wider market. If the paths settle a little unevenly, that will lend charm and a sense of age to the project.What did matter was a smooth surface and a level carpet of commercial-grade nursery cloth to keep the weeds at bay.
It’s difficult to adjust the soil bed once the cloth is down, but the positioning of the bricks always needs some fine tuning. I asked if I could buy 10 or 20 yards from a nearby nursery that made extensive use of the black weed barrier. I juggled their settings with little handfuls of sand underneath the cloth to level them.I filled in gaps between the bricks by spreading fine sand down the path and sweeping it into the crevices with a broom.
Then I settled the sand by walking back and forth on the bricks for a few minutes as I swept some more.
If your paths edge or end at the lawn, you may need to make a slight adjustment since the bricks will likely be higher than the grass.
I simply lined up a row of bricks, end on end, along a vegetable bed, and that gave me my count of bricks for the length. You can slope the sides or ends so the path grades gradually to lawn level, or you can build a shallow brick step or a curb.
Then I determined the brick count, side by side, for the width of the path, and multiplied. I used this method to calculate the number of bricks needed for the garden’s perimeter path, as well as for each internal path, then added 100 more for good measure. As long as the mason is alive and well, the gardener will soon be back among the zucchini and eggplants.Once the paths were beautiful and buttercup free, we added some finishing touches to make the vegetable garden more decorative. And, so the hardworking gardener can once in a while take a rest or relax with the scent of rustling tomato leaves, we carefully sited a simple bench in the garden.The late spring brick project delayed our usual planting a bit, but next spring the garden will provision the kitchen as always.
At the other end, I just added a thread adapter so I can screw on the hose when I want to water.

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