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Patriotic a?… Victory Garden Poster from Vintage 1943 World War II, Plant a Victory Garden. Our illustrious leader and his squeeze photo-shopped to down home on the organic plantation; funny photo of the Obamas in the White House Victory Garden with a carrot clenched in their teeth. Home gardening during wartime of course was not a new idea for world war two, the "Victory Garden" which is sometimes called a "liberty garden" or "war garden" has ancient roots and was advertised with posters and very popular during WWI but the home gardening and preserving efforts during WWII were truly popular, extraordinary and impressive.
The American Victory Garden, Past & Present; Tracing the history of patriotic gardening efforts at Google Knol. Its a multi-functional, portable (on wheels), AND built from salvaged materials-shed structure. Government were often works of art by notable artists of the 1940s to inspire, inform, and educate the American people about the war efforts and requirements of the United States and the Allied Countries. The goal was to make it as small and simple (to construct) as possible, and as multi- faceted, as I could. A garden will make your rations go further text over an image by an unknown artist of a family working and harvesting from their Victory Garden, in the foreground is a young boy in overalls admiring a large basket of homegrown vegetables including carrots, corn onions, radishes, string beans, tomatoes, lettuce, beats and tomatoes 28 x 22 inch color Office of War Information poster from the American Citizens turn farmers Agriculture Mobilizes while U.S.
The large magazines ran articles on vegetable gardening, canning, food preservation and the Department of Agriculture produced free brochures on home vegatable growing and preservation related subjects; and the poster featured on this page "Plant a Victory Garden. These historic Patriotic WWII poster artworks are public domain images because are vintage posters they are copyright free images, works of art in the public domain, download and use them free and freely.

God Bless America, may it's patriotic ideas and ideals survive forever against any and all enemies; prey for the United States of America and it's protectors which are in harms way. This public domain graphic art is a patriotic World War Two Victory Garden Poster of a family working in their garden and a young boy with a large basket of freshly harvested homegrown Vegetables. A garden will make your rations go further," were all part of the publicity for a brilliantly mounted campaign to encourage the use of homegrown foods in the United States. The military might of the United States of America of course responded with a powerful vengeance but leaders knew that troops could not win the war alone. It is very lightweight, can sleep a single person up to 6' 6" in height, has solar lighting within, and can be lifted up from an end, with a single hand. During WWII fresh produce was in short supply commercially canned goods were rationed in the states and our agricultural crops were needed to feed our troops. The American citizens rallied for the troops and swift mobilization of American citizenry and industry during World War II was an achievement without precedent in speed, scale, complexity and duration. The Victory Garden became an indispensable source of food for the home front; across the nation, home canning and preserving of farm produce flourished so that more supplies would be made available for our troops. This achievement can be partially attributed to the federal government's intensive program to marshal the contributions of people of all ages and from all walks of life.
34, Additional copies may be obtained upon request from the Division of Public Inquiries, Office of War Information, Washington D.

The Victory Garden was a household family bonding and patriotically positive activity during world war 2 and one of the most well received of all home front war contribution missions.
Many Americans were willing to give up all luxuries and devote all spare time to the war effort to achieve victory. At its peak, it is estimated that nearly 20,000,000 gardens were grown and about 40 percent of all vegetables produced in the U.S. The posters in this gallery helped motivate and mobilize private citizens to find non-military support jobs and produce huge amounts of war materials. The public domain images of vintage patriotic posters from this collection like "Plant a Victory Garden. By the end of the war the Department of Agriculture estimated total home front production of over one million tons of vegetables valued at 85 million dollars. A garden will make your rations go further," featured on this page from the American Citizens Turn Farmers, United States Agriculture Mobilizes, U.S. Farms, Orchards and Vegetable Gardens Increase Production to Support the Troops During World War 2 Vintage Patriotic Poster Gallery of this website allow you to own a copyright free piece of WWII history, a historic patriotic public domain artwork poster that is still motivating today.

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