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Luxury garden room supplier Westbury Garden Rooms recently wrote a guide to the questions you should ask when buying a garden room, we thought today we would have a look at the varying garden room designs they offer – from the traditional style garden room attached to the house to the contemporary garden room at the bottom of the garden. Garden Rooms and log cabins are in my view a useful way of adding useful living space to a property without having to go down the route of planning, architects, and the often high expense of a house extension.
TThis  cabin is finished in Western Red Cedar, a very durable timber, that is restistant to insects and mould. If your passion is music, whether it be the guitar, piano, saxophone whatever instrument is of choice the music garden room will allow you to be trained or practice well into the night until your heart is content. No more turn that music down, no more time restrictions.  Our garden music rooms are the perfect way to escape to allow music lovers the space, the place and the time to get on with doing what they love most, play music.
Unique, bespoke, customised to meet all of your expectations, everything you would expect from a quality building.
We offer a cradle to grave service from initial consultation through to design and installation.
When it comes to selecting wall and floor building materials, always keep this concept in mind — water and dirt will be everywhere. But because the garden room is designed with the growing of plants as one of its main objectives, providing adequate light will be a major consideration.
If you have a great number of plants, a storage and potting area with a water faucet would be extremely useful.
For those clients who would like to take advantage of their garden all year round, whatever the weather, we have produced a wide range of conservatories and garden rooms. Whether you are looking for a Victorian style conservatory to complement a period home, or a more modern garden room to add to open plan spaces in kitchens and living rooms, at Ponder Construction we can provide every type of solution. We bring a range of skills and services to conservatories and garden rooms that are hard to find elsewhere. Ponder Construction is an established builder and building contractor in West bergholt, Essex. For Wisconsin homeowners with a natural green thumb, choose one of our beautiful garden room conservatories or solariums to create the optimum environment for your plant and flower gardening. With endless options for your garden room, rest assured the professionals at Tundraland have built plenty and have all the answers to your garden room questions. Whether you’re nestled up north in Door County or living the city life in Appleton, you can incorporate the nature of a garden room into any area of your home.

When it comes to the types of plant life and flowering beauty you can expect to nurture in these rooms, the possibilities are nearly endless.
As mass production came along glass became considerably less expensive, and more frequently available. They can offer a fun playroom, therapy room, office space, in fact a very vesatile space for less of the expense. However with careful design and the correct use of acoustic materials, we can come close.  Stopping noise entering or leaving the room involves the use of specialist materials and acoustic solutions in all of the walls, floor, ceilings, doors and windows to control noise. Our Surveying teams will survey your garden area and create a bespoke Garden Room ensuring that your exact requirements are specified to meet your every need. And since it’s part of your house, the garden room must do more than just house plants — it must also provide living space.
Abundant window area and possibly a glass ceiling or skylights will bring in more than ample light for tropical foliage plants.
Most tropical plants grown indoors can get by with levels around 30 to 40 percent, and you can provide this humidity level without sophisticated equipment. For plant containers, potting mix, fertilizers, and the other garden paraphernalia most plant lovers collect, plant storage that will keep everything close at hand. Our work is produced to a high level of quality and craftsmanship ensuring a beautiful addition to your home that is built to last. Our building company offers a wide range of building services serving Colchester, West Bergholt, Braiswick, Fordham, Great Horkesley, Little Horkesley, Langham, Dedham, Nayland, North Essex and Suffolk. Adjust your windows to correlate with the proper UV light allowed through to match with your favorite plant life. Ask us about our Sun Smart Glass for your personal gardening room and get the best plants you’ve ever nurtured in your life.
Our garden rooms are great for really bringing the outdoors inside for any media room, living area or home office. Our professionals can customize the glass for your room today to bring you the perfect environment tomorrow. As our ancestors would travel to and far bringing home collections of nature from their visits, there became a growing increase in the need for a conservatory in the home. Many of their techniques were refined, which opened the door to more delicate structures having the ability to become produced with quality, strength and endurance.

This is how garden rooms became better known as conservatories, and made available to everyone. With endless opportunities in designs, colors and materials, bring your plants to life, and see them in the healthiest state all year round.
The Tundraland spirit drives us to offer special discounts to two very special groups, military service members and seniors. Whatever your sound reductions or noise control requirement are, we can help.  We specialise in supplying and installing all kinds of soundproofing solutions for the domestic and professional market.
Many garden rooms do double duty as breakfast room, dining room, entertaining area, family room, and sitting room.
The best the indoor gardener can do is to group plants around the best-lit windows or install artificial lighting to help the situation. A number of plants grouped together will help provide humidity to each other through transpiration — plants give off moisture through their leaves as a natural process.
We strive to always deliver quality and value and to make it affordable, contact us today to learn more about these discount programs. Below is a picture of the framing showing the good sized beams used to support the roof structure.
Temperature levels between 70? and 75? F during the day and around 65? F at night should please all the occupants. Keep your plant life and flowering gardens blooming all year round with a gorgeous Four Seasons solarium or conservatory. Whether you’re in Brookfield, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Kaukauna, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Sturgeon Bay, Beaver Dam, Chilton, Wausau, Sheboygan, or in between, Tundraland is proud to serve Wisconsin! If the garden room is to be a new addition to your house, be sure to get a building permit.
Most plants need good ventilation — that means doors and windows that can be opened to let stuffy hot air escape.

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