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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Not only are our sheds affordable, they are available in up to 24 colours, steel and plastic and come with up to 30 years warranty. If you live close the beach (which we lucky to have quite a few of in Queensland), you may consider a Plastic Shed, as they won’t rust when exposed to salty costal air (generally speaking within 1000m of the shore). If you live more then 1000m away from the ocean, then you could consider a steel or timber shed. The timber shed however does require a little bit of maintenance such as oiling but they are a great addition to any home. The steel sheds range (available with Colour and Zinc sheets) is the most popular due to their versatility, style and shapes. We would love to give you an exact answer to this question, however you will need to check with your local council to find out for sure if you need a permit or building approval. Every council seem to have different requirements and even ones next to each other could have different rules and regulations. You can find and compare the major brands here on our website easily and purchasing a shed basically has never been easier. Cheap Sheds is based in SE QLD and that means that we have great transport options when it comes to purchasing your shed online. The Operations Manager, Daren, has over 20 years experience in the steel construction industry, with the majority of it undertaken during his time in Darwin.  This experience guarantees customers that their cabins and sheds are not only engineered to cyclonic standards but also constructed accordingly as required for our north Queensland clients. Not only do they manufacture single units, you can join two for that larger building, maybe even a 3 bedroom house with or without covered breezeway! If you struggle to fit your tools in the garage, boxes in the attic, and toys in the bedrooms then you would appreciate the extra space a backyard shed offers to store and organise essential items and eliminate clutter. Even so, once you have your shed there are simple ways to ensure that the items for which you are looking for in your shed can be quickly located. Vintage wine crates from auctions or flea markets can be used in your garden shed to create custom cabinetry. Because tools typically take up a substantial amount of space, try placing your tools on hooks or other devices.
If you have old baskets, such as those that were once attached to bicycle handlebars, they can be used to great advantage to organise essential items such as string, gardening gloves, seed packages and other items that are easily misplaced. If you are looking for a way to preserve paintbrushes, visit a kitchen supply store and invest in a few magnetic knife holders.
If you are looking for extra storage ideas and are still planning to build your outdoor shed have a chat to your Steeline Sheds consultant about storage possibilities.
THE Shed Company Mackay - Garden Sheds, Garages, Awnings, Patios, Prefabricated Houses and Buildings, Farm Sheds, Barns and Stables. THE Shed Company Mackay specialises in custom built sheds that meet your exact requirements. Call our free-call number 1800 821 033 to reach your nearest THE Shed Company sales outlet.

Stronger hold down brackets – At 4mm our brackets are twice the thickness of most of our competitors.
Shed Safe Accredited – Additional piece of mind that any shed supplied by THE Shed Company are well engineered and structurally sound.
Ongoing Service and Support – Comprehensive construction manuals provided free of charge for all kit only sales.
No hidden extras – unlike some of our competitors downpipes are included as standard on all our quotes. THE Shed Company Mackay, representing reliable service, quality products and value for money. THE Shed Company Brisbane South specialises in custom built sheds that meet your exact requirements.
We obtain Council building approval on your behalf, and then lay the concrete slab and erect the building. THE Shed Company Brisbane South, representing reliable service, quality products and value for money. Our sheds are in panel form so a shed has 5 or 6 panels which will lie flat on top of the courtesy trailer.
Order any kit form ABSCO shed from Mackay Garden Sheds and you can borrow our courtesy trailer to take it home. Mackay Garden Sheds are a local company who have been supplying Mackay with a range of Sheds, Aviaries, Pet Enclosures, Carports and Poly Water Tanks for over ten years.
When you buy your product from Mackay Garden Sheds, you'll get the highest quality possible using only high quality materials. Mackay Garden Sheds, Aviaries and Pet Enclosures are engineer designed to maximum strength with 8 rib panels of Hi Tensile Zincalume or Colourguard steel sheeting.
All sheds, aviaries and pet enclosures are available in preassembled panels (not kit form) and have durable hinge doors and lockable pad bolts. Come into our display centre located at 41 Malcomson Street, North Mackay, Queensland and choose from our large range of products. You can use it for storage, a workshop, an office or even as wickets for the game of backyard cricket.
Each is ideal for a certain type of use and of course it also depends on your preference which material you choose. Under the Queensland sun, you should ideally re-stain your shed every second year or so as a general rule. Not to mention that some of the best quality steel sheds are made in Brisbane and as a result they are easily transportable to most location in the State. You can simply place your order here on our website or over the phone (1300 920 219) and we can either arrange for your shed to be home delivered to you, or we also have a free depot delivery option that you can take advantage of.
With the extensive experience and trust reputation in their local region Alex adn Daren are excited about adding sheds and barns into their line up of complimentary products. Rubber coated hooks can be used to hang coiled garden hoses, extension cords, and even larger items such as a ladder or whipper snipper.

Secure the basket in a convenient space, such as at the end of a workbench or on the back of the shed door. These devices can be mounted to the wall of your shed with a few light screws and they will prevent paint brush bristles from being pressed together.
A great way to keep things neat and tidy is to eliminate unnecessary objects on a regular basis. Your shed can be custom made to suit your needs and requirements including our commercial shed solutions. THE Shed Company has been following ‘Shed Safe’ practices since its inception in 2005, hence the phrase ‘Discover THE Shed Company Difference’.
Additional strength holding down your building equals piece of mind knowing your shed is built to last harsh Australian conditions.
Available in multiple colours with loads of add-on features, it’s no wonder you see these in so many backyards. Flat items such as folding chairs can be placed in the space behind the door, and bicycles can be hung by their frames on brackets attached to any unused wall space. Once you have designed the layout, the crates can be connected with wood screws and corner collars.
Hanging tools ensures that they are in plain sight the moment you open your shed door, making it easy to select what you want.
This will keep the bristles in proper alignment and make it easier to use the brushes next time they are needed.
You will probably be surprised at the number of useless items that accumulate in your shed over time. Small items such as scissors, funnels and towels can be hung on small hooks and the system can easily be reconfigured if your storage needs to grow.
After this, screw the bucket to the wall where it can act as a convenient and practical storage area in which to place a recently used sprinkler or garden hose.
Every few months have a thorough clean up and donate or discard any items for which you no longer have use.
Sectioning off a specific area of the wall on which to hang items of this kind is almost always beneficial.
Simply create a space for each tool by drawing an outline of the object on the pegboard above your workbench or in another convenient area.
With each tool in its place, a hammer, saw, screwdriver or any other item you may need is easily found. If you work out the storage system that works for you then your shed will provide convenience and will save you substantial amounts of time and energy when completing your daily chores.

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