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Treated Pine cladding is budget shed cladding will maintain good looks and serviceability as long as the cladding is kept stained or painted as required. Western Red Cedar Cladding is recognised as a quality cladding and will maintain good looks and serviceability as long as the cladding is kept stained or painted as required. PVC Vinyl Cladding is a premium produce, splinter free and available in 8 attractive colours. The PVC Vinyl Clad sheds are lined between the framing and the cladding with high gloss white plywood lining board for a beautiful finish.
Treated Pine and western Red Cedar Sheds should be stained or painted before installation to maintain good appearance and reduce splitting cracking and weathering of the cladding boards. The colour samples shown on the net at this page is a photograph, You must choose colours at our office to be sure of the colour range if colour is a major issue in the purchase. The only painting required is the barge boards and the doors and this should be done before the installation process by the purchaser. The COLORBOND® sheeting ensured an attractive and stylish finish, that compliments the sheds surroundings.
If you are considering erecting a shed of any size or scale, contact your local team at Sheds n Homes Sydney. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

As we ship direct from the factory to you, this means we can offer these products at a lower price.
Cheap Sheds Garages are made in Australia using the highest quality metals which are designed to endure our climates- which includes rain, winds and extreme heat. However, depending on your exact location, you may consider insulation to make it a more comfortable experience inside the garage. IMPORTANT it is highly recommend you check with your council as well as your wind rating before buying a garage.
Once you find the garage that you are after, we can ship your product direct to your home for a competitive delivery price.
When adding a structure to your property or extending your home, you’ll generally need to first seek approval from your local council. The perfect time to get some essential maintenance done to the hardworking areas around the house and garden.
By ticking off these 6 to-do’s, you’ll have your house and surrounds prepared and ready for months of summer fun to come! The typical Aussie family barbecue is one of the hardest workers at any family gathering, especially over the Christmas and New Year period. When people ask what you do for a living or as a hobby, creating music is probably met with a decent amount of intrigue.

Now that most of the holiday-mode entertaining is over, be sure to give your barbecue a good clean to get it ready for the Summer evenings to come.
Not just for tools – the Garden Shed or Cabana is the new go-to for adding storage space to your property. As your children grow into teens it is a well known fact that their needs, requirements and tastes will change.
Anyone with a creative spirit, a knack for DIYs and crafting, or simply a hobby that requires a bit of extra space can tell you they too have felt the desire for their own “grown-up play room” before.
Having a shed in Australia means it needs to be tough, to not buckle under the harsh sun or have the paint fade. Schooling demands a larger portion of their time, taste in music and television will differ from the rest of the family and as they mature they will begin to crave independence from the family unit. Thankfully, there’s a way you can make that space a reality without having to expand your home or convert your garage. You can hire a pressure washer and do it yourself, or, contact the professionals so you can sit back and watch.

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