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This is a standard Parkway entrance sign, made to look different from that for any other roadway. A side view from CR 657 EB, Stone Harbor Blvd., courtesy Scott Colbert, where it meets the Garden State Parkway at Exit 10.
Very thinly drawn sign on Valley Road WB entering the Clark circle at Exit 135, where traffic routinely backs up ? mile onto the Parkway, especially on the SB side.
At the end of Exit 129, cars have this button-copy choice to make upon entering the Turnpike at Interchange 11. Heading toward the southbound Turnpike, I picked a day when all traffic was shunted to the Outer Roadway. I am pleased to serve as the moderator and I hope it will become a useful and informative tool as we deal with the challenges of driving in New Jersey.   The blog will be an interactive give and take and will be updated regularly. The project local lanes will carry four lanes and the express will have just one lane open during peak travel times.
It is the most heavily traveled section of Route 78 and it is sure to affect many many travelers over the next several months–especially if you are driving to or from Newark Liberty Airport.
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Sign up to have exclusive New Jersey Insiders contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. The ongoing Garden State Parkway improvement project between Toms River and Wall is meant to improve safety, but while the work is in progress, some Parkway commuters say they drive in fear every day.

Townsquare Media requested a comparison, from the New Jersey State Police, of accidents during two separate three-month periods, one before and one during the current construction cycle. From December 2011 to February 2012, prior to construction starting in October 2012, there were 88 accidents between mileposts 82 and 98 of the Parkway.
The spike in accidents within the construction zone mirrored an increase on the full 172.4-mile length of the Parkway.
Turnpike Authority officials also provided information indicating that the 16-mile construction area has had fewer accidents since last December than either 16-mile, non-construction span immediately to the north or south.
Examining those two stretches further, and comparing the two time periods studied, there was no increase in the number of crashes from mileposts 66 to 82 between 2011-12 and 2014-15. Matthew Simpson of Brick Township commutes to New York City and said he feels comfortable driving through the construction zone during the daylight hours, but has more difficulty navigating it in the dark, especially with ever-changing lane shifts.
Katie North of Middletown commutes to Toms River and also complained about the lack of lighting in the construction area during the evening rush. The current construction zone is identified as the area of the Parkway with the highest crash rate, though fatalities seem to have gone down. The speed limit sign is a patched-over 55 MPH, and says "CONDITIONS PERMITTING" in the white-on-black band.
Unlike the cool green-on-white Turnpike entrance signs, the Parkway's are found at almost every entrance, from every angle. Exits 9-11 are traffic signals, the only case of such in NJ, though many NY Parkways have numbered exits at signals.

The inner one was not physically closed, so my guess is that there was a lot of congestion on the Inner Roadway ("car lanes"). Officials with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, which operates the Parkway, said one possible explanation could be that there were 12 ice and snow events from December 2011 to February 2012, while there were 32 such events from December 2014 through February 2015. Jeff Flynn said it’s important for motorists to slow down and adhere to reduced speed limits. There was an average of nine fatal crashes a year in a seven-year period before the project began, according to the Turnpike Authority, and there have been three fatal crashes in each of the two full years the project has been ongoing. That's actually how the law in NJ reads on speeding, so kudos to the now-subsumed Highway Authority (now part of the Turnpike Authority). Since NJ 36 turns into (now former) NJ 444R and NJ 444S - both Parkway ramps - this sign is particularly misleading. If you're heading south as in the third photo, beware of the curve, it's mighty vicious, but unlike what the sign implies, there are not 25 curves here. This project will complete the rebuilding of the highway in this area which was started in 2005  .

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