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As a former woodworker and wood shop owner, I appreciate quality equipment that helps get the job done right and on time. I have a overhead pin router that is missing the nut and collets, they are a bit pricey from Interwood.
For example a #7 eccentric chuck could be used with an 18mm cutter to produce a sweep of 23 to 24mm. A wide range of HSS single-flute eccentric profile cutters were also sold and some companies using Interwood routers used to grind their own profile cutters on a precision cutter grinder.
The system also allowed for flat knife chucks and even a miniature Whitehill-pattern cutterblock (both now illegal under current tooling legislation). Thanks Scrit the diagrams are a great help, the collets and nut are very similar to a Raglan brass finishers lathe that I have ----wrong size of course.
Because we get such good deals, we must reserve the right to limit quantities from time to time.
Questions about the General Woodworking Machinery 50-030 Universal Cabinet Saw Mobile Base?

For the past 30 years, Tools-Plus has committed itself to carrying the best hand tools, power tools, woodworking machinery, and accessories like the General Woodworking Machinery 15-200 M1 20" Disc Sander above. Has anyone got a set to sell me, or failing that if anyone has a machine within reasonable distance that I can have a look at to see what the it can do etc. These eccentric chucks are tapered, Morse Taper #2 in fact, and are screwed into the end of the motor spindle directly using an open ended wrench. I've also seen quite a few brazed carbide tools made up specially for the Interwood routers. So the only thing I can suggest is that you ring round a few machinery dealers and see if you can come up with some that way, however the Interwood router is really not very common these days - the onward march of CNC routers and Italian machines in the 1980s and 1990s killed them off. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Helping woodworkers get the right solution at the price that make sense for your company is vitally important.
Interwood routers were often not used with a concentric collet and nut at all, instead Interwood sold the concept of an eccentric chuch used with a single-flute cutter which could be held at various angles to vary the width of cut.

With its heavy duty steel construction, telescoping design, and 500 lb capacity, this is the mobile base that will move machinery without sacrificing your sanity in the process. Let our over 35 years of experience work for you in helping you to select the equipment you need at the price you can afford.
It sports very strong 3'' wheels, and two leveling feet on top of quick action foot operated levers that adjust in 1'' increments. So not only are you able to move your machinery, but stay in complete control as you do it. Move yourself in the right direction, and you will find the General Woodworking Machinery 50-025 Mobile Base.
Specialize in wood and metal machine, such as Band Saw, Milling Machine, Sawmill, Drum Sander and Drill Press etc.3.

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