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Lesson 3 provided information on grading roundwood products, such as sawlogs and veneer logs. If you are a member of a group venture or a producer's association, you will have access to current marketing information. Other roundwood products include studwood (8' softwood logs), fence posts, poles, fuel wood, and pallet logs. This category includes roundwood destined for very specific applications, such as musical instruments and turned products. Spool wood was the common industry term for 4-foot white birch bolts, destined to be converted into squares and subsequently turned into spools and bobbins, and other products. Curly and fiddleback maple - this has also been referred to earlier in relation to musical instrument makers. Sporting goods and related products - small industries, producing a variety of sporting goods, require wood with special qualities.
Billiard, pool and snooker cues - are usually made from hard maple from straight-grained blanks.
To sell something as variable as wood, requires specifications that are understandable and consistent.
At the onset of World War II, North American industry began gearing up for a major conflict, requiring an all out effort to produce war materiel. The NLGA was incorporated under the federal Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs in 1971, to deal with all species and grading rules in Canada. The CLS is responsible for establishing policy and control of grade marking Canadian lumber, through a variety of boards or bureaus.
In addition to grades many wood products have parallel specifications such as standards and codes to govern their use.
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) publishes standards for all types of products in Canada. The Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) develops and publishes standards, and specifications for products that relate to fire or accident hazards or crime prevention. There is no human endeavour today that does not come under the scrutiny of the environmental movement. Clear cutting, the use of herbicides and insecticides, and other forestry practices are under fire. There is a trend in Europe, and to a lesser extent, North America, to examine the `forestry' behind each product being sold.
How can owners of woodlots and producers of primary and secondary wood products respond to these forces?
A standards certification agency will be responsible for determining whether your products have originated from a sustainably managed forest.
Wood is one of Canada's major resources, and if not the largest in terms of industrial activity, certainly near the top. There are also world wide movements aimed at reducing the by-products of human activity - garbage. Nonetheless, while it appears the forests of the world will be called upon to produce even greater volumes of wood products, a parallel force suggests that forests and wildlands be used for activities and purposes other than wood production. Even though we may be sorry for industry, we still ask politicians to have these areas set aside.
Click to enlargeHave a hand in completely designing your home decor with a decorative post finial from our assortment of natural wooden finials. To become a Hooks and Lattice email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit. To become a Sign Bracket Store email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit. This provides you with hands-on experience in grading veneer logs which may avoid costly rejection at their yards. Markets are usually small but very rewarding, especially when the product is in short supply. Spruce is used for guitar sounding boards, while sugar maple is used in building fiddles and violins.
Plastics have cut into the market for spools but many other wood turnings are still very much in demand. Small, Canadian type pins are turned from a one-piece blank, while the larger pins are made up from laminated blanks.

There are hundreds of other uses for turned goods from plain, round dowels to complicated cross-sections.
This means selling softwood lumber to (i) a retail yard or (ii) to a user such as a house construction firm.
In the hardwood trade (not including hardwood retailers selling to small cabinet shops, etc.) lumber is always sold rough.
These include hardwood dimension stock, mouldings, trim, window cases, and virtually all the architectural millwork - both softwood and hardwood. This huge effort provided the impetus to standardize grading specifications for most wood products, of which lumber and plywood were major items. Its membership includes all regional lumber inspection agencies such as the Maritime Lumber Bureau. It should be mentioned that the formation of the NLGA, and CLS, was primarily- to ensure safety in the application of softwood lumber.
It is shown to illustrate the concept that the piece is graded with its strength (in this case as a stud or for minor framing) in mind.
The impetus for establishing uniform, national grades for hardwoods came primarily from the United States. Standards are the grading rules just discussed as well as others dealing with safety, strength, etc. Through its laboratory it also provides certification and testing services for fire-retardant treatments and pressure treating facilities for wood products. For the most part this is a good thing because all of our activities impact on the environment. Nova Scotia's economy depends significantly on what the future brings for this huge renewable resource.
These would substitute bio-degradable materials like wood for plastics and metals, especially in `throw-away' items like packaging.
In its place will be wood-based building products including joists and studs, and other structural members, extruded from our composite material feed stock. 1994 Rules for the Measurement and Inspection of Hardwood and Cypress, National Hardwood Lumber Association, Memphis, TN. Each of these finials is handcrafted with gorgeous carvings in exquisite detail - all for your furniture needs. The following provides a brief description of both the round product, and its' converted format. Special grain patterns in sugar maple, such as curly grain, and fiddle-back grain are preferred and command high prices. The staves and headings may be of almost any species, unless food-stuffs are to be packaged. There are a number of hardwood brokers and wholesalers in the yellow pages of the telephone directory. In many cases the grades developed in one region bore little resemblance to those from another region. Eventually these efforts toward standardization led to the formation of national authorities charged with producing and administering grading rules. The NLGA turned over supervision of grading to the Canadian Lumber Standards (CLS) Division of the Canadian Standards Association. The number of units in a clear cutting is found by multiplying width (in inches), by length (in feet). Codes are legal documents that require products to be manufactured according to certain standards.
The CSA authorizes the Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board for monitoring all softwood lumber grade marking in Canada. It began with the environmental movement, but today individual firms - furniture companies, large importers of softwood lumber, and consumer organizations - are taking on this task. Where possible these guidelines should also be practiced on private lands by incorporating these standards in your forest management programs. True wood, as we know it, with its pleasing grain and colour and other attributes, may be reserved for decorative purposes only. And the finials are purely decorative - which means they are perfect for any contemporary or antiquated theme that your home might possess. Please keep in mind, however, that market information - especially prices - can become obsolete very quickly.

Periodically, there is a good export market for pulpwood from Nova Scotia in both hardwoods and softwoods. Shingles are produced from short (18") bolts of spruce, fir, pine, and poplar preferably with no knots and straight grained.
The turning industry itself is largely concentrated in New England, particularly in Maine.
It is especially prized for the manufacture of small wooden containers, furniture such as coffee and end tables, and cabinets. Billiard, pool and snooker cues - are usually made from hard maple from straight-grained blanks. Turnings that are not round in cross-section (axe handle), and which may also depart from a straight long axis (chair legs, French Provincial) are turned on a shaping lathe. 1 Common and Better - and is shipped either in a container or well wrapped and strapped, as break-bulk.
The grading rule then, for softwoods throughout Canada, is the `Standard Grading Rules for Canadian Lumber'. The National Building Code (NBC), for example, sets out minimum standards for construction, and is `legal' to the extent that its provisions are mandatory for all construction financed under the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The guidelines include practical techniques to enhance wildlife habitat and recommendations on forest diversity (age, openings, cutting areas), establishment of wildlife corridors and edges, management of forest adjacent to water courses, protection of cavity trees for birds and small mammals, and other common sense practices.
In addition - you can stain these wooden finials yourself, but their natural color is sleek and smooth for optimum admiration. In these lathes, the wood blank turns very slowly, while a rotating cutter-head is brought to bear against the piece.
The NHLA publish and periodically update the applicable grading rules `Rules for the Measurement and Inspection of Hardwood and Cypress'. Hardwood grades are based on the yield of clear cuttings (yield being expressed as percentage of the area of the board). In actual grading, the total cutting units for all clear cuttings is obtained and compared with the `yield' requirement for the grade. If a province adopts the NBC then it is a legal code for all light frame construction within the province. We do know that in the hardwood trade, the switch from tropical (dark coloured) to temperate (light coloured) hardwoods has been monumental.
Furthermore, forestry practices on remaining lands will be ever more closely scrutinized. On each decorative post finial is a dowel for secure adherence to banisters, railings, posts - and basically anywhere you can dream up. Initially, the blanks or squares are sawn on a bolter to obtain straight grain - the major requirement. The NHLA rules are recognized world wide and, interestingly, have not been converted to metric units.
But the traditional house building material in a large part of the world is masonry and metal. In 1952, the Stanford Research Institute, a world renowned organization, forecast the demand for forest products in the U.
If you can recognize birds eye in the standing tree, and you have enough of it, get in touch with buyers of specialty products such as those listed in the yellow pages of the Halifax directory . They will dry the lumber in their kilns, and do all the paper work required to prove drying (sanitation) took place. Buyers question the practices of all Canadian suppliers, especially those from British Columbia.
8, Further Reading) provides woodlot owners with information on selection, location, and construction of stream crossings to protect fish habitat.
Even feeding a growing world population may have an impact on wood use since cellulose - the basic constituent of wood - can be converted into food for both animals and humans. As it happened, they underestimated demand by 200% for plywood, 50% for pulpwood; and gave no estimate at all for other panel products - which by 1975 was a huge industry. A better way is to contact the Office of Nova Scotia in New England, through the Economic Renewal Agency in Halifax.

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