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About the BookBased on his vast experience working with green wood--fresh, unseasoned wood harvested from local woodlands--Ray Tabor' has brought woodworkers a great sourcebook for creating items of beauty while using natural, unadulterated material. Better World Books places cookies on your computer in order to make the website experience better. Spend five days in a beautiful Sussex woodland learning the ancient craft of chair making with Sussex Green Woodworker Danny Harling.
Learn to use the pole lathe and other green woodworking techniques to create a beautiful finished product without the use of power tools or machinery.
During the five days you will make all the components of the chair, and then assemble it ready to take home on the last day. The course is suitable for all woodworking abilities, including novices, but expect to be challenged.
You may camp in the woods for the duration of the course, or contact Danny for details of local B&Bs. You can choose to make a Windsor chair, which has a solid wooden seat and all the components are socketed into the seat. The cost of the weekend is ?150 plus ?35 for materials if you want to make a shaving horse or lathe. The essential course for aspiring green woodworkers where you will make your own shavehorse to take home. You will be taught the bodging skills of cleaving, trimming, shaving and turning using a few simple hand tools such as axes, drawknives, gouges and chisels, learning to use them correctly and safely. Traditional devices such as cleaving breaks, shavehorses and pole lathes will be used throughout. The main focus of these two days will be the making of an English rustic style shavehorse which is yours to take away at the end of the course.
We'll use specialist hand tools such as carving axes, froes, drawknives and turning gouges and chisels from eminent tool makers such as Gransfors Bruks, Hans Karlsson and Svante Djarv. Once you have made the on-line payment for this course, Joining Instructions will be sent via email. I've signed the petition calling on the government to keep the BBC free from government control.

A one-day course is an excellent, relaxing opportunity to get away from it all and do something different for a day, in the peace and tranquillity of our Woodland Workshop. During this course you are introduced to all aspects of a complete 'tree-to-product' process - from selecting and cleaving green wood ready for turning, to making a variety of small items for the kitchen and garden: spatulas, candlesticks, rolling pins, dibbers, string-lines and similar.
The course is suitable for all levels of experience, from complete and utter nervous novice to hardy seasoned woodworker. At the end of the day, it's very satisfying to have made a variety of different things and if you don't need them all, they make great gifts too.
The green wood we supply is locally and personally sourced from sustainable supplies and the finished items should give many decades of service and pleasure.
This one day course is spent learning the techniques, with us overseeing completion of your first kitchen or garden implement, and with a couple of hours having a go on a pole lathe. Essential Information: please bring your own packed lunch, or buy one of the locally produced pies available in our Woodland Kitchen - where they can also be heated through. Whereas on the one-day course you are able to learn the basic techniques, on the two-day version you are able to properly put your newly learned skills to work, selecting from a range of projects that you'd like to develop.
As with the one-day version of this course, to start with you are introduced to all aspects of a complete 'tree-to-product' process - from selecting and cleaving green wood ready for turning, to making a variety of small items for the kitchen and garden: spatulas, candlesticks, rolling pins, dibbers, string-lines and similar. Coming on a two-day course in our Woodland Workshop means you can properly immerse yourself in learning a new skill, in a peaceful, friendly atmosphere.
We think a lot about old skills, renewable resources, making do with what we have and being creative. Thanks everyone, I realise I'm getting a bit behind with responding to comments at the moment. Each of the more than 300 patterns for traditional craft designs is fully annotated with a brief description, historical information, and details about which tools and materials are needed. Everybody seems to respond positively to the combination of treadling and shaping with the turning tools.
By the end of the second day you should expect to feel confident enough to work on a pole lathe on your own and, because of the extra time you'll have had to practice, you should be able to go home with a selection of quite refined items that you have made on your own.
Over the winter break Paul progressed with some of the projects he's planned for green woodworking.

The collection covers a range of objects, from fences and gates to door stops, furniture, even walking sticks and wooden spoons. You can make a spoon or rolling pin or if you feel confident you can make a shaving horse or pole-lathe or a simple chair or stool. It's a gently rhythmical way of working that uses both sides of the brain as you have to look, listen, feel, design and smell all at the same time. I don't often write about this because it's something he does and mostly I don't, except when a bit of weight comes in handy to hold something steady but he did a lot over the holiday and I took some pictures recording it.In the picture above you can see some of the tools of the trade. Simple instructions and diagrams make every project easy, and woodworkers of all levels will have fun exercising their skills while crafting a beautiful--and organic--keepsake.
The experts say it's been shown to have therapeutic effects but, science aside, at the very least it's just a really relaxing and enjoyable thing to do.
Green wood is different because unless you handle it carefully it will split and break as it seasons.
No one is born knowing these old skills and in the absence of a master, the only way to learn the craft is from knowledge recorded by others. Paul's been working using Mike Abbott's Green Woodwork which is pretty much the standard primer for all new woodworkers.
Apart from the use of a chainsaw to cut the trunk of the Ash tree that provided the wood, all the work has been done with hand tools in a traditional manner.
The main beam of wood was split from the log with the aid of an axe, wedges and a sledgehammer. On it, Paul turned the pins that hold the shave horse together, which is a bit confusing really because he could have done with the horse to prepare the wood for the lathe.Now, we have nearly everything we need to start working green wood into useful items. We have apple, cherry and box woods on the farm which will make all sorts of furniture and kitchen tools. My dream is to be able to turn bowls but it's extremely skilled work and I'm not actually able to turn a rolling pin yet!

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