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The cheapest method I have found is to use Coolglass a powder you mix into a suspension and paint or spray on. The aim is to keep down the heat whilst still getting the light so a thin covering is best.
Automatic blinds can be installed to suit many purses (that are reasonably full to start with).
Water plants at night so they can take up a drink for half the day and are turgid in the morning. XTB black plastic stripe screen for outside shading is located on greenhouses roof, and is used to control the illumination into greenhouses. China Good Quality Curved Tempered Glass, Safety Tempered Glass and Tempered Screen Guard International Trade Site. Shade cloth for the Growing Dome® Greenhouses The shade cloth is very useful in keeping the Growing Dome cool during the heat of the summer by cutting down on the amount of sunlight transmitted into the greenhouse. SunGlo greenhouses feature extremely sturdy construction with a strong riveted aluminum frame.

The acrylic plexiglass walls found in all SunGlo greenhouses are made with a special UV inhibitor, which will resist discoloration and deterioration over time. Cedar Benches -  The elegant and functional benches designed just for SunGlo include the necessary hardware and aluminum to mount the slates so that they are integrated into the greenhouse structure. Metal Shelf Kit - The coated metal shelves are mounted above the cedar benches at a height of 4 feet above the ground. Shade Cloth - The shade cloth for SunGlo is a great way to keep your plants extra cool in the hot summer months.
Product DetailsDescription Sun Shade Sails block up to 90% of harmful UVA and UVB rays with its high density polyethylene fabric. The aluminum cover reduces the sunlight by 50% to help keep your greenhouse a comfortable temperature during hotter times of the year, especially the summer months.
The shade cloth reduces the amount of summer sunlight without depriving the plants of too much light. To get to know us, receive regular gardening hints and informative and inspirational offerings, sign up for our newsletter.
A detailed instruction manual and installation video is included, and your greenhouse can be ready for use in just a day depending on how much help you have.

We find that many customers spend more time simply creating a level ground surface for the greenhouse rather than actual assembly.
This will also enhance your plants growth by preventing excess UV exposure, particularly in the summer months.
All the necessary hardware needed to integrate the shelves into the greenhouse structure is included. The UV stabilized shade sail is durable, yet breathable, allowing rain to pass through without collecting or pooling on top of the sail. It is sized to specifically fit each size of Growing Dome and comes with strings and screw eyes to connect it to the outside. An optional soil mixing tray is also available that fits in place of one of the cedar slats. The heavy gauge DR acrylic plexiglass has 100 times the impact strength of regular single pane glass.

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