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February 21, 2014 by Trisha 13 Comments There are lots of themes and ideas to get out of Frozen. Don’t forget to check out the intro post with ideas for your camp kick-off or Day #2, Day #3, Day #4 or the Wrap-up with FREE PRINTABLES! Today we want to focus on that idea of being a true friend to those around us, especially our fellow young women in our ward. The Facebook Project: In this world of technology and social media, this would be a great idea to talk to your girls about. Good Works Value Experiences: There are several Personal Progress value experiences that the girls could work on at camp that involve giving service to people outside their family. This activity is all about making friends, getting to know each other better, and (of course!) building a snowman!
Unwrapped Game: Grab one pair of gloves, a pair of dice, and a king size candy bar that has been wrapped in newspaper, saran wrap, other paper many, many times. One final note – a great way to create friendships and bonding at girls camp is have the individual tents really get into it.
Just wet a mens t-shirt and put it in a plastic bag(small garbage) and freeze it for a couple of days. From big holiday traditions to the little pieces of daily living, we think life is better together!
The night before the party I made some last minute party favors, a Build Your Own Snowman kit of sorts. Hello, I really want to do this for my daughters preschool class but yet i havent seen on any of these kits how the kids are to put them together??

We just pushed ours into the marshmallows, the kids loved it…they just ate it right afterwards so no one was really worried about them sticking.
Olaf was a dedicated friend to Anna while she was on that wild journey to find her sister and then return to the kingdom. This article talks about a girl that chose to send positive messages to 5 friends each day.
When a girl earns all her 8 parts (feet, lower body, upper body, head, mouth, nose, hair, and arms) then she can cut all the parts out and glue them on the cardstock (half sheet) to build her snowman.
Have some markers to make the eyes, buttons, color the hair and to personalize their snowman. For a little extra motivation, have the girls show their completed snowman to a leader for a frozen treat (blue popsicle).
Split up into 2 groups (or more if you need to) and have a relay where the girls have to take turns putting on winter gear (boots, coat, gloves, hat, scarf) and then run to the other end and take it off before the next girl puts it all on. A fun idea is to have each tent be a different part from the movie, such as the reindeer, the snowmen, the trolls, etc. Since she is in a major Frozen phase we just couldn’t NOT have a Frozen birthday party for her!
When the kids saw these they were all, YAY were building Olaf! The kit includes 3 large marshmallow for the body, a couple of pretzel sticks for arms, an orange Mike & Ike candy for the carrot nose, and two googly candy eyes…for the eyes, duh!
If you want them to stick for posterity’s sake you could brink some melted white chocolate in a ziploc and pipe it onto the pieces.
With that in mind, each day of camp will be focused on a relationship the girls can learn more about.

She’s 4 years older than me, which some people thought was a little weird, but it was through her that I learned so much about the power of a great friend. So, two girls will approach each other (WITHOUT TELLING THE OTHER ONE WHAT SNOWMAN PART SHE HAS) and they will take turns asking each other two questions each.
Beat it on the ground, stretch it, dump a water bottle on it… First team with the shirt on wins. It really is a great movie to coordinate with and if you might be contemplating throwing one I highly recommend doing so, she really loved it as did everyone else! When you print the PDF this will make the printable saying fit nicely inside those dimensions once cut. After they have done that, they can give each other the snowman part they have in the envelope.
Each girl rolls the dice and passes it on unless she rolls doubles – then she gets to put on the gloves (ski gloves make it challenging but fun!) and starts to try to unwrap the big wrapped thing to get to the candy bar. If doing stake girls camp you could have each ward be a different kingdom, such as Arendelle, Emmaria, Genovia and so on.
If the girl already has that snowman part, she just moves on to another girl and begins asking questions.  So, part of the fun is that you don’t know if you will get the part you need, and in the process of the activity you get to know lots of girls better and make new friends!
That is until someone else gets doubles and steals it away to put on the gloves and start opening it.

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