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Note: Click on the sheet music icon next to song titles that have them (on the songs, not the table of contents) for (what else) sheet music. KMR is a kitten milk replacement formula, and Esbilac is a puppy milk replacement formula, that you should be able to purchase at a vet clinic or pet store (both products are made by PetAg). One easy way to do this is to draw up one syringe of KMR or Esbilac (reconstituted according to the directions below) and express it into a coffee mug, then draw up 3 syringes of Pedialyte and express that into the mug. Turn the can over several times to mix powder before measuring out what you need because some nutrients (the heavier solids) may settle to the bottom.
Use very hot water (about 175F), but not boiling because boiling may destroy some nutrients. Add half of the water and stir thoroughly for at least a minute to make a smooth thick liquid, then add the other half of the water and again mix thoroughly. If it is lumpy when you mix it, strain it, but push the lumps through the strainer so you retain all the nutrients. Try not to incorporate air into the formula as you mix it, and always let the reconstituted formula rest for several hours in the fridge (at least 4, preferably overnight) before using it to feed the baby. At feeding time stir the formula again lightly and then remove only what is needed for that feeding. You may add a tiny bit of plain unsweetened full fat yoghurt (or probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus from a drug store) at feeding time to the warmed formula, once or twice a day. Another Option but it must be ordered: Fox Valley Animal Nutrition makes milk replacement formulas specifically for wild orphans, including baby raccoons. If you order the Fox Valley formula, once it arrives it is a good idea to gradually change over from the Esbilac or KMR you have been feeding: Mix 3 parts Esbilac or KMR with 1 part Fox Valley for a few feedings, then mix the formulas half and half for another few feedings, then 1 part Esbilac or KMR with 3 parts Fox Valley for another few feedings, and then go to full strength Fox Valley.
For a lot of folks on both sides of the wolf debate, it’s something they deal with from a safe distance. On October 6, Hill and his hunting group were tracking a bear in Wisconsin—in an area familiar to them—with the use of their hound dogs, when one of the dogs got separated from the group and was brutally killed by a pack of wolves. After nearly three hours of trying to get to the dog, Hill said they began seeing serious amounts of blood splatter, all about 20 yards apart.
The hound dog, valued at $3,000, was the third killed in the same area in 2012, which means that particular area is now listed on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website as one hunters should avoid.
In 2000, the first year of the wolf protection program, there was one hunting dog killed by wolves. Hill and his hunting group say they’re prepared for the 2012 wolf season, which they drew eight tags for. Kevin Hogie, the landowner on whose property the dog was killed, said he’s been meeting with 40 or so other landowners, as well as officials with the DNR, to help address the problem.

With a dozen trail cameras set up on his property, Hogie said there’s an obvious and worrisome trend—most of the pictures are of wolves, not deer. Hogie said he’s talked with the DNR this past week to discuss the latest kill and to apply for a landowner permit to hunt wolves on his property, but that request was denied. Kessler also said the DNR continues to monitor the wolf situation, as they have for decades now, and are keeping a very close eye on deer populations. At any given time Ron Hill and his hunting group will run about 10 or so dogs, which are tracked by GPS or electronic collars. Ron Hill's hounds specialize in tracking and treeing bears, which is a useful way to manage growing populations.
A female wolf appears to be carrying a young pup, as wolves near Kevin Hogie's property continue to multiply. Since the state of Wisconsin introduced a wolf protection program in 1999, the state has spent roughly $1.4 million paying animal owners for wolf attacks. This map shows the pack of wolves that lives near Kevin Hogie's property, generally the same area where Ron Hill conducts bear hunts with his hunting dogs. After you kill all the wolves in Montana and Idaho and Wyoming, I'll bet you were one of the twenty thousand plus, who applied for a wolf permit to come here in Minnesota and Wisconsin so you can kill all our wolves!
Sticks and stones Bruce Hemming, I'm not anti-hunting as I said later, if only done for sustenance and not for sport kill & thrill for the sick and demented cowards!
Mix and then feed with that solution, warmed to body temperature, for the first introduction of formula feeding .
If you have more than one baby raccoon and, if they are very young and will require formula feeding for some time, you might want to look into this option.
He and his group heard wolves howling, and at that point began tracking the dog by its electronic collar.
Since that time the wolf population has grown from 250 to 800 statewide, and with that increase has come the decline of whitetail populations and a steady climb in wolf-inflicted damages.
Since that time, there have been 166 hound dogs killed, with an average of about 15 a year. After purchasing his land years ago for whitetail hunting, Hogie said deer populations don’t leave much to be optimistic about. According to DNR biologist Greg Kessler, because the dog wasn’t near his owner at the time, that makes Hogie ineligible for such a permit. He pointed out that while deer populations have declined, a lot of that was by design—six years ago record numbers of deer were deemed unsustainable, so the state acted by allowing more hunting opportunities at a lower cost to residents. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires proof that your animal was attacked by wolves; these pictures leave no doubt.

As they followed the signals from the collar and drew near to the dog, the wolf pack kept pushing it away from them. The dog put up a fight over a 60 yard length, but was ultimately no match for the pack of skilled predators. There have also been 31 non-hunting dogs killed in that time, not to mention livestock deaths—all of which the DNR tracks and pays for.
Grow up for once in your lonely pathetic life and stop worshiping wolves because your sick death cult told you what to think and what to say. You will save on the cost of formula by ordering it because pet store prices are usually higher. Part of their tactic, Hill said, is to wait until the dog is worn out and then isolate it, preying on the weak.
Hill contacted state officials, who keep records of wolf depredation and assess the financial damages incurred by owners. The state and federal government shell out taxpayer dollars to protect the wolves, then turn around and pay for damages because those same wolves are overpopulated and destructive. This is the first year Wisconsin will host a controversial wolf hunt, which Hill says he’s ready for. They have plenty of defenses and could kill a man as easily with their pack tactics as they do Elk.
Some wildlife rehabilitators advise using plain water instead of Pedialyte to dilute formula in this 4 step gradual introduction.
If anything you insult the nature of the wolf and also fail to acknowledge their ability to avoid humanity.
Again - your baby raccoon's life depends on you getting the right formula - if you get the wrong formula both the baby and you will undoubtedly suffer. The number of wolves harvested in comparison to the number of wolf tags being sold is insignificant. The number of wolves killed this last year in no way justified the use of the word slaughter, if you want slaughter go to a cattle processing plant and then rethink the topic. I grew up in the west and the people who tout the Shoot Shovel Shut up slogan are more talk than action, the people who have poached wolves have the common sense not to brag about it. Crimes of that nature land a person in prison with hefty fines and no one wants their hunting gear confiscated and their hunting privileges suspended.

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